In the month of September 2006, we had close to 10,000 visitors. 20% of our visitors came through emails forwarded by other readers. We wish to thank all our readers for spreading the awareness of the website and the article on Armageddon. We sincerely hope you have studied the article on what you can do to help. _______________________ Read more: […]

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User management functionality

Yesterday we introduced functionality on the SSRF website that allows our readers to maintain their own profiles by having a username and password. What does this mean for you as our reader? You can subscribe to our newsletters and be notified of our events You can ask questions on Spiritual science and have a central place to maintain a history […]

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It has been close to 9 months since we launched this website. It has been a very fulfilling and gratifying project for all the seekers of SSRF involved with the website. We would also like to thank our readers for all the kind words they have emailed us over the past months about the difference the information on this website […]

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