User management functionality

Yesterday we introduced functionality on the SSRF website that allows our readers to maintain their own profiles by having a username and password.

What does this mean for you as our reader?

  • You can subscribe to our newsletters and be notified of our events
  • You can ask questions on Spiritual science and have a central place to maintain a history of all correspondence with us. This will especially help all our readers who are earnestly seeking spiritual growth and have practical questions around their spiritual practice.
  • Posting comments (functionality coming soon)
  • Rating an article (functionality coming soon)

The functionality around SSRF member accounts is still in the external test phase. All pages marked with ‘Beta’ indicate that the pages are still under testing. This stage of software deployment is also known as external test. We have introduced functionality into external test after it has undergone some internal testing. We request you to help us uncover any bugs or inadequacies in the functionality. This can be reported via the ‘report a bug’ link which is located in your profile.

Thank you for your support.

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