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  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for the help you have given me on the topics. It is very interesting/informative dealing with some of the topics you cover.

    I have been through an auto accident with a resulting closed head injury with a long recovery time. I took an interest in spiritual matters after the accident and my recovery. I was blessed that I recovered and am doing so well. Because of the auto accident and my double vision I have a lot of problems just seeing one of anything.

    Do you have the site organized where I could just download one overall list? I have a text to speech program.

    I wish you luck with the site.

    Thank you,

  • Dear Dave,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    For a full list of sections on the SSRF site, you could try the sitemap:

    For the blog we do not have an overall list but you can access all the articles via the monthly archives, via categories, or via author.

    Our portfolio of audio recordings accessible via the SSRF homepage, under the section «How Spiritual Practice Helped Me», as well as the SSRF Classroom audio-visual tutorials at: may also be of interest to you.

    If you have any queries about undertaking spiritual practice, you can use our Login facility to ask a question at:

    All the best,

  • What an infomative website and thank you for sharing this information.

    I am termed a British Medium and feel its my duty as a medium to help scientist investigators, who are investigating psychic research. I am more then willing to offer my help in any form.


  • Hello SSRF family,

    I think this is one of the best websites which is serving mankind.

    I am a Radio Jockey in one of central India’s most popular towns – Indore (Madhya Pradesh). Although I myself keep practicing spiritual science and conduct seminars in my town, I would like to invite you to conduct some seminars of SSRF in Indore. I would also be able to help you in media coverage.

    Thanking you

    Rj Abhijit

  • Your site has been very informative and a great educational experience for me so far.

    I think one of the biggest problems with our society today is our delusioned attraction to the wrong types of power. Many people who are truly manipulative present themselves as confident, happy and even followers of God. Those people then influence and hurt others.

    I would love to see a more detailed article on how people feign righteousness and put on a mask to manipulate others. Maybe you could discuss the subtle red flags to look for in manipulative people, so that we don’t allow them to wrongly influence us.

    I’m in my early twenties, and with my generation, people are extremely concerned with worldly desires. It seems that not associating with worldly things (money, material items, status, etc) would cause one to be a social outcast. Any tips on dealing with this, and even influencing others to be less ego focused would be great!

    Thank you.

  • Sir,

    I would be grateful if you could guide me regarding remedies for counteracting vastu defect in my house – underground water tank in my backyard in the SSW direction and kitchen in the NE direction. Also kindly let me know whether these things really matter.

    Thanking you,


  • Dear Vikas,

    It may be best you consult an expert on the science of premises (vastu) regarding this matter. More importantly, it is best to perform regular spiritual practice as per the basic principles of Spirituality, to increase our own spiritual state, protect ourselves from negative energies, and thus improve the state of the premise (vastu) we inhabit.

    In fact the state of a premise depends on its residents to an extent of 50%. The actual premises contribute to only 10% of distress experienced in a premise. However it is better to altogether avoid premises that may have been built on e.g. graveyards etc. Please read this link for a detailed breakdown of the factors contributing to the state of a premise and how to spiritually cleanse it.

  • Thank you for your work. My blog at is my vehicle to try to help.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Dettman

  • SSRF,

    I have been on a troubled spirtual path for over a decade and am in need of guidence. I have been attempting to heal from a spirit possession (I just became aware of the physical symptoms, but had incubus come to me several years ago). I attempt to follow the eight fold path/yoga, but the symptoms of possession remain. At times I feel it is a channel (human maybe), but possible possession is in question…please guide me. Where do I begin to remove the spirit/human that is troubling me?

    Thank you for your kind attention,

    Levina Rose

  • Hello. I’m not sure if this is still and active contact as the last posts are months old.

    I am very new to this realm of spirituality. I just read a book titled: Between Death and Life. This spoke to me. Not necessarily every tidbit, but the basic premise connected with me.

    I feel people. I don’t know how to explain it but i know about people just by watching or meeting them. I can’t give you the life history or anything but it’s like I can read their feelings. What is this? I’ve always done it.

    I think i’m somehow linked to a spiritual world but I’m trying to find out where I am and where I’m going. Can you reccomend any further resources?

    Thank you,

  • Dear Levina, we recommend you complement your yoga practice with chanting. In addition, you can start with simple spiritual healing like the salt water treatment. Please do study the Spiritual healing section and write to us with any questions. If you write via the login facility on our website, you will get a prompt response (usually within 48 hours).

    Wishing you perseverance on the spiritual path

  • Dear Tara,

    We recommend you explore the ‘Start your spiritual journey’ section. In addition, study of Spirituality is the best way to develop conviction about the importance of undertaking spiritual practice in this very life. The SSRF site is an excellent resource for studying the basics of Spirituality. Questions on any of the subjects can be posted to the ‘Ask a question’ facility. Clarifying doubts and asking questions on the subject of Spirituality help us undertake spiritual practice and expedite our spiritual growth. Sincerely hope you will experience the benefit of further studying and practicing Spirituality.

    Best wishes

  • Spirituality has the power to remorph the status of mankind.
    A very helpful website; a ray of hope in the dwindling times.

  • What looks back at you as you gaze in the mirror? Who were you before you were born? You are not this gross body of flesh and bone. You are Spirit, temporarily inhabiting this survival suit on this earthly plane.
    You have chosen to be here again. You have been here many times before, but you have forgotten what you really are; you are Spirit eternal.
    We exist here and now to Re-member, Re-join that from whence we came. Everything in your life is perfectly designed to guide you on your journey Home. We are all trying to go Home. All paths lead to God and Home.
    Nothing in this realm is constant, all things must change; but you may choose how you change. Each day you may choose the path you walk. You may choose any path you like. All things are permitted, but not all things are advised. So choose wisely. Search your soul each day and ask yourself, “does this path I am on have a heart?” If you conclude that it does not, then change your direction. It doesn’t matter what path you choose, since all paths eventually lead to God. However, if you choose a heart-less path you will learn through suffering and pain. If you choose a path “with a heart”, you will learn through joy and compassion and Love.
    So choose what garment you will wear today, and know that you are on the path Home.
    Nay, but as when one layeth
    His worn-out robes away,
    And, taking new ones, sayeth,
    “These will I wear to-day!”
    So putteth by the spirit
    Lightly its garb of flesh,
    And passeth to inherit
    A resident afresh.
    The Song Celestial of Bhagavad-Gita

    Namaste’ to all my brothers and sisters in Spirit

  • Hello,
    I too am a spiritual seeker. I practise meditation on a regular basis. There is one phenomenon that happened in my room 2-3 months back that has found no explanation. One lady who was a vaastu consultant (it seems she also has a developed sixth sense), entered my room in my home and asked me whether I get scary dreams, whether I could sense someone’s presence in my room and whether I used to face phases of depression in life. She was absolutely right at that. Then she told me to stop sleeping in my room for 45 days. I agreed. The same day, I had stayed overnight at my friend’s place. And the next day when I entered my room, it was completely wet!! There were puddles of water in my room and my bed was so completely drenched in water. Me and my family members thought of all possible reasons for the water to enter my room, but found no valid explanation. Can you please throw light on this?

  • Dear Parinda, have you asked your vaastu consultant about this? Since she has advised you in this situation, maybe she will be able to explain your experience too.

  • A really very informative site for people like me who undergo training from a most prominent “Guru” to attain Wisdom.

  • Lakshmi Manjunath

    Jaya Guru Datta, could you please let us know whether you have any active spiritual gatherings, workshops or lectures in Melbourne. I live in Melbourne for 11 years and would like to know more details.


  • Dear Lakshmi, yes, please keep a watch out on our Events page.

  • I’m a regular reader of this site, it’s a very good site for everybody who seeks spiritual improvement. It would be really great if I could see you people come to Chennai, India.

  • Greetings,

    “Healing By Spiritual Doctors” is a book written by T.S which is now available at Apple stores for only $6.99. This book talks about women role throughout the history of creation and the fact that how powerful or known men have tried to bury their influence throughout history so that their clear voice would not be heard.

    After 30 years of research in the science of universe, the writer of this book is trying to show the true role of women in the universe and find their roles in healing! In this book you will see how women as Mediums, can heal themselves or others like spiritual doctors. This is a gift from god and the pure spirit that is the guidance of our women Mediums. This is a book that needs to be read by all women so they learn their inner ability and are able to help our society and humanity!

    Hope you too support us and will be our guidance in this matter.

    Sincerely with love,
    Taghi Salahshour

  • I am a teacher of Psychic Self Defense. I am also a Universal Point of contact for Mystery Monitors and spiritually searching for other Jesusonians like myself. As a Spirit Scientist I am glad to become part of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation’s great effort to educate human beings into receiving full spirit status and helping others become part of this Heavenly family (Spiritual Kingdom) and to receive Divine Son-ship (full spirit status, universe recognition as part of it, spiritual baptism the realization of being holy).

    I also teach the Urantia Book which I recommend to all of you to get familiar as it explains human history from a spiritual point of view – literally!!!!!

    I am available for questions, research etc etc etc

    Marcos Adjuster
    Spirit Scientist

  • It is great to see so many people keeping an open mind. That’s what I think it’s all about.

  • 您好,我一直在观注这个网站。当然在中国上这个网站也是有一定的困难度的。我一直有些疑惑,应该可以说是精神层面上的。看了网站之后,我的疑惑更我。第1个疑惑,我是个没有宗教信仰的人,但是我又相信这些,因为我曾经经历过一些事,那么没有宗教信仰的人是否可以修灵?第2个疑惑,我从小 一直很容易做梦,虽然我是学心理学的,但是有些梦我很困惑,可能会影响我的生活。我想也许我的一些问题可以在这里找到答案!

  • Dear Vane Rui, we appreciate your effort to write to us in Chinese. We have tried to understand your questions via Google Translator. About your question on dreams, it is likely that we will publish an article on the topic of dreams soon. If you give more specific details on how you feel dreams affect you at: (Ask a question) we may be able to give you a more complete answer. Also, if you can explain your first question a little bit more it will help us reply. We will also see if anyone can help us in understanding Chinese.

  • Hua Shao wrote:
    I have been visiting this website: Of course in China there are certainly some difficulties to get access to this website. I frankly have some doubts, maybe I directly should say mostly at the mental level. After browsing through the website, I have been having some more doubts.
    The first doubt is that I’m a person without religion (atheist), but then I also believe about these things because I have experienced some few things…but can someone without religion get effective (spiritual) healing?
    The second uncertainty (that I have) is since my childhood I always dream very easily. Although I learnt psychology, I am still confused about some dreams which may have some influence/impact on my life. I hope, also wish to get a promise that, I can find some answers to my problems here!
    Dear Hua Shao,
    It’s very good that you are curious enough to ask about your doubts.
    The answer to the first question is: Yes, even an atheist can get benefit from spiritual healing. This is because spiritual healing principles are eternally true, regardless of whether we believe in them or not. For example, if we start to chant (repeat God’s Name), even if we just repeat it mechanically, the Divinity in God’s Name will have an effect on us. However faith can increase the effectiveness of spiritual healing.
    Regarding dreams, yes as we mentioned, we are planning to publish an article on this subject soon.
    We hope to hear back from you again

  • I went through your website and i read the link on spiritual journey.
    First, I thought everything was fine with the site, but after I read your ways to commence spiritual journey…I am forced to say that you have also not understood what is True Spiritualism./

    God is love and he does not want us to contribute to him except by way of love that too selfless love to fellow living being and forget and forgive attitude in life.
    Merely building temples or chanting names of Gods is not spiritualism. One can rise higher only through selfless love to all and that can be by helping people who need love and resources .
    If a sick poor child is crying for milk, I serve God by giving that milk to that child, even if that milk was originally meant for some temple or worship of a deity.

    Let us understand God as Love, for God loves those who love their fellowmen. YOu may love God , but God need not love you, if you dont love your fellow beings.


    subramaniam iyer from Chennai , India

  • Dear Subramaniam, yes it’s true – love and sacrifice are important steps on the spiritual path. Please have a look through all the steps of spiritual practice advised by SSRF.

  • I have come to learn there is so much more than what meets the eye. Too many visions have come to me… many of which are via series of photos. Some are too profound to share at this point however, I am just now getting ready to kick of a crowd funding campaign to bring a series of photos to life with the help of various artists around the world. The funding will be going to bringing these photos to life and then putting them in a spiritual journey to help others connect with the message.

    I recently started a facebook page to share these messages… as well as i put a rough draft video up on youtube to share. If you’d like to keep posted on the progress and series of events that take place with the spirit of the angel message please visit the FB page, youtube video or contact me on my website page. These messages came for a reason thus need to be shared. The campaign will kick off on 10-23-2012

    Facebook page:

    Youtube video: (Rough, rough, rough)


  • I read a piece some time ago about a study where researchers took multiple year old medical records from a number of patients (cancer I think). The records described pre-treatment diagnosis and prognosis which were reviewed but the outcome of each patient remained unknown.

    Half were given to a group of spiritual healers (or possibly lay people, I forget) so they could heal the patient. The other half of the files were left undisturbed. Remember this data was old so the treatments were in the past and many of the patients were either healed or had died by the time this test was run.

    Then the post intervention records were reviewed and compared to the control group and the healing group.

    The results showed a significantly improved outcome on the patients who received the retrospective healing.

    Can anyone help me find this amazing study so I can get more specifics?


  • Tēnā koe e te hunga wairua e ora nei,

    I am Māori, indigenous to the land of Aotearoa New Zealand. I believe I am spiritually open and as a culture Māori people are well connected to higher spiritual awareness. My daughter is 15 years old and in all 3 homes we have lived in, strange small scratches (no bigger than my thumb) have appeared on her wall closest to her bed. She raised this with me last night and I prayed for a fair while. I commanded the black energy in the name of my ancestors and of God, to leave through a window I had opened. It took a while but the house felt lighter afterwards. I am aufait with this kind of thing, as I have challenged bad energies most of my life. I have traditional Māori weaponry that I use in this process. I chant, I pray, I visualize white light and positive energy and I hope and pray that this suffices.

    As for these scratches – they are only small. But what are they? All I know is that they are demonic. Secondly, how can I further protect my family?

    Thank you for your time,
    Ngā manaakitanga o Te Runga Rawa,

  • Dear Teraania,

    Have you had a chance to read through our section on attacks of negative energies through scratches? In fact scratches are just one possible form of attack by negative energies on inanimate objects.

    For long-term and sustained protection, we recommend the steps described on our Start your spiritual journey page, especially chanting the Name of Lord Datta.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us through the Ask a question tab within our Log in facility on the SSRF website.

  • I’m sure you have the best of intentions for helping all people and animals. I would just like to say that all we need to do to find answers, get help, seek protection and guidance, etc., for ourselves, loved ones or anyone person or animal, in any situation, is to ask God and He will answer us. We don’t need Gurus, priests, Imans, Rabbis, etc. Sorry for any mis-spellings here! : ) When a soul doesn’t make it to the eternal life, it’s because he/she hasn’t learned what they needed to in this life. If we make the same mistakes in this mortal life, we’ll cause the same problems & troubles in the eternal life. We used our God given free will here to make many wrong choices. When we learn God’s way is the only way, we’ll all, every human, animal, creature and thing live in the perfection, peace, and total happiness that we were created for in God’s unconditional love that is equal to all.
    Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.
    Thanks for taking out time to read this
    Trust in God for all things!
    Love, Peace and Happiness to All! ♥
    : )

  • Great website!!!
    Spirituality although impossible to define and restrict to any dimension, yet the on-going discussions on site are truly wonderful.
    Ultimately things in such discussions are left to God, ethics and promotion of a humanitarian mindset. Although such notions are a right base to uphold the day to day life, but the actual journey starts beyond them. As a living entity we are subjected to an endless series of sensations either ‘pleasant’ or ‘painful’, but beyond these sensations is the realm of Happiness. This realm is seen, felt,reached and possible to inhabit by seekers, according to their degree of their will and austerities.
    C Singh

  • Dear Ana,

    While doing research on the Vaitarna River, Wikipedia had many conventional explanations, and, “another explanation ” which came from your organization. I find the alternative your SSRF presented to be extremely interesting. If you only knew how many great mythologists and historians have struggled, and failed, to make the connection you did! Well done.

    Would you please ask the person who wrote that entry for Wikipedia to suggest some source material/books that would expand on their idea?


    C. Martin

  • Dear C. Martin,

    Thanks for your kind words, and indeed for letting us know that our material has been quoted on the Wikipedia entry for Vaitarna.

    We will try to find out if any of our volunteers has posted this so that they can expand on the sources in the Wikipedia article itself.

    In fact much of our spiritual research does not rely on external sources (material/books), but on gaining answers through advanced sixth sense.

    However a couple of books that are related to the subject of death, post-death rites and rituals that protect one in the after-life are available in SSRF’s online shop:

    Death and post-death rites

    They do not speak about Vaitarna but do offer insights about the afterlife.

    We hope that is of some help.

    Kind regards

  • I wish to know whether SSRF can help us to awaken our Kundalini without any harm. A lot of misleading/contrasting contents are being spread about Kundalini awakening, the best route is under a Guru only.

  • Dear Ajit, have you read our section on Kundalini? As you will see from the article on Kundalini awakening, this process occurs as a part of our spiritual growth. Therefore unless one is following the Path of Kundalini (Kundaliniyoga), it is not necessary to put additional efforts to awaken one’s Kundalini.

  • سلام ووقتتون با خیروخوشی،سپاسگزارم ازمطالب جالبی که درسایتتون گذشتیددرضمن ازاینکه موضوعات به زمان فارسی هم ترجمه میشودمتشکرم خواهش میکنم درصورت امکان کلیه بخشا به فارسی ترجمه شود درضمن برای خرید ازمحصولاتتان راهنمایی لازم رامبذول نماییید باتشکرfateema

  • Dear SSRF,

    I happened by your website researching various forms of possession. My interest was health balance, bio-psychology, bio-neurology, right along with intangible factors.

    There are so many factors that can imbalance body, mind, psyche, and soul. Sometimes, after reading so many different stories, I envision descriptions of people’s stories describing a painting of an imaginary timeline trail, that looks like a perfectly constructed, imaginary ladder to their present (might actually look like a scribble). Who knows, an imaginary ladder might be their envisioned life line, a spiritual way, or their genealogy tree. That sort of thing might attract souls outside of their long gone DNA relatives, or even live sleeping ones…that might just want to climb that “ladder” or G-Tree.

    Entities, souls, or forces might not always be good, backing souls. There are many things we as humans, don’t understand or comprehend. We don’t know what there is outside of what we are, even then, from what stories of those who have been near those dimensions, worlds or intangible forces, don’t have language to describe. There aren’t too many live people that formally monitor those types of spiritual gaps, holes, doors and windows that we can or should trust – except medical or psyche. personnel, that can help bring a person back to their own lives, and some sort of balance to function again.

    I’m grateful you have a website that presents many different facets that describe such things. Your website shows like a fore-runner in darkness. Some say, that might romanticize the content, but it’s true. More and more people describe some need and want to learn how, or how not to navigate their lives, feelings, emotions and health. Many describe that necessity to do such, right along with intangible events that might waft into their lives meaning mischief. Not everyone’s intent is to attract bad ghosts, or to create a possession event forcing fate to react like white blood cells to an infection site.

    Thank you! RJ

  • Dear RJ, what you have written is very interesting. We appreciate your good intention and hope that you will get a chance to continue studying our website and refer others to it too. Do let us know if we can be of any help. Warm regards from the SSRF team

  • Dear Sir / Madam,

    Undoubtedly, it is one of the most interesting & informative sites on spirituality & understanding them. The Blogs, Articles etc explained in a very simple clear manner & absorbing too. Let me thank the organisers & all those who have contributed immensely for this site & still taking it forward.

    As more & more, the social system is adopting the technology, everything is getting globalised so faster, there have been a paradigm shift in the outlook and mindset of people ( common man). At the same, there have been many new challenges, demands as well as complexities, all are facing on a day to day life. Thus everyone is looking for an outlet/vent. Moreover, of late there have been greater demand to learn & understand about spiritual science. This site is the most ideal site which answers most of the querries of common man and as well as sets a foundation to grow in the spiritual path.

    Warm regards,
    SK Panda
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha

  • Dear SK Panda,

    We are grateful to God that you are finding our site helpful.

    Since modern science does not include spiritual aspect, many things and many problems cannot be understood nor solved. Please see here:

    Spiritual practice is the best possible solution for all the people that is not only helping us in removing many problems but it is bringing us closer to God i.e. our real nature.

    For any assistance and help, you can write to us at any time on our login facility at:


  • Hello. I just wanted to thank everybody involved in the SSRF foundation. I have always been a seeker. It is for this reason that I embraced Islam 3 years ago. Much of the information on this website supports and provides a different perspective into the beliefs of my own religion. The information I have learnt from the SSRF provides me with many reasons to become more inclined towards spiritual practice, rather than just being a ‘believer’ in God in the most superficial sense.

    • Dear Amanda,

      We are grateful to God that out site helped you. It is very nice to see broadness in your thinking and that you wish to do spiritual practice.

      You can write to us at any time over login facility and we will gladly assist you regarding spiritual practice at any time.

      SSRF team

  • باتشکرواحترام ازسایت زیبایتان متشکرم لطفا تشکر مرا برای زحماتتان بپذیرید

  • Hello, I recently found this website and am very much impressed with the contents. After going through the website, it is felt that now i will get the solutions for the problems, for which i have been searching since long.
    But there is no contact details through which one can get advise in case of emergency.Can SSRF Hermitage be approached without any prior appointment ? In case it is required.
    Please advise.

  • I started my personal Blog since 2 years ago, with more than 140 articles, mostly on Religion (especially Hindu) and Spiritual. I am very interested on your WHERE DO WE GO AFTER DEATH Article.
    If possible I would like to ask your permission to put the translation of that article on my Bog.
    Thank you for your kindness

    • Dear reader,

      It is very nice that you are spreading spirituality.

      Yes, you can put the article on your Blog. Please just mention SSRF as a source.

      Kind regards,
      SSRF team


    hi everyone in SSRF team..very very vey heartfull thanks for all your informations and guidlines provided by SSRF blog and website.I’m from Kerala India where worlds largest black magics going on.I’m also a victim of these things which lead me to some bad ways.there is a particular black magic thing using by black magicians(poojari) in kerala called kai visham(hand poison-or food poison) made with poojas and other black magic things with help of durmoorthis(devils demons evil etc)which can used to change a person negatively to mind and physical body.The kai visham is giving in the form of food.when it inside the body it will make a lot of badly negative effect in person who is affected by kai visham.According to hindu religion there in only one temple in world which can cure this kai visham by omitting meditated water.The temple called Thiruvizha mahadeva temple in allepey dist kerala.I;m putting these information for just making awarness to make solution for curing this kaivisham simply by treatmentlik salt water treatment etc…once again thanks for your all information…

    • Dear Gopal,

      Gratitude for those information’s. Yes, you are right. Black magic is widespread and can give people a lot of trouble.

      If it is not possible to go to such temple and in general, it is possible to overcome such influence with proper spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies. Regular spiritual practice not only help us with such problems, but one can grow spiritually and go closer to God.

      If you are interested to start your spiritual practice or complement your existing spiritual practice, please write to our seekers over login facility on the following link:

      SSRF team

        • Dear Shivam, A warm welcome to SSRF site. We are happy to read that you wish to do Seva. Would it be possible to share more about you? On the SSRF website, We have a more private section where curious shares their questions and sends queries. This is the ‘Log-in’ section. Will you please send your details, like if you are doing any spiritual practice, your location, your skills etc in that section it will help us to connect you to concerned seekers.
          Warm Regards
          SSRF Team

  • Bonjour à tous,

    J’ai pris connaissance de votre blog; malheureusement je ne connais pas suffisamment l’anglais pour pouvoir comprendre ce qui est écrit dans celui-ci. A quand un blog à différentes langues? Merci, cordialement.

  • I have many questions in my mind which comes in my mind time to time depending on situation. I try to find out the answer of these question in Geeta , Vedanta darshan ,and other spiritual books. But till now I can not get satisfactory answer. So I communicate to you to answer my these philosophical question.

    • My first question is what is the aim of this life? If moksha is the aim of this life then why we people doing this non important work?
    • My second question is when I see any poor and any person in bad condition and our Ministers & rich person do hashes behaviour to them. I feel very bad but I can not do anything for them. What should I do for mankind?
    • My third question is -I wanted to devote my whole life for serving this world. But my parents are not interested in that. They wanted that I do marriage and live normal life. But I am not interested in marriage and spend my whole life to fulfil our desires. What should I do in this condition?
    • My fourth question is -I have great interest in Indian & western Philosophy. Dhiyan is my daily routine. But I never reach to Samadhi. I wanted to feel the experience of Samadhi. What should I do in this condition?
    • My fifth question is –How I feel fully calm in my life. There should be no any type of bondage in my life.
    • My sixth question is – I wanted to become a Sanyasin.But how I do not know. Please give suggestions.
    • My seventh question is – I am not interested in wearing new and fashionable cloths, eating different different type food and I am not interested to any type of show off. That’s why my parents are suffering by my acts. But I really don’t like these things What should I do in this situation?
    • And at last one thing I wanted to tell you- I will change the whole world by positive thinking. Every person have power to change their circumstances by own. But they wanted positive thinking by which they can do work which they really wanted to do. This positive thinking break all type of bondage and give you a power to feel liberty and give power to work independently. And we use our power to create a positive world. I should give this positive thinking to the whole world.
    This is really a social work. This is a serving of god.
    This is really serving of mankind.

    “Thank you for reading it”


    • Dear Anshul,

      It is very nice to see your thinking process and your spiritual inclination through your questions.

      Since there are many questions you have asked, it would not be possible to answer them in this blog. We would suggest you to write those questions through our login facility and our seekers will answer you in more details. Please write on the following link:

      SSRF team

  • dear sir,
    iam living in india state karnataka iwanted to purchace spritual incense sticks but in your web site indian ruppes is not mentioned kindly provid prices in ,indian ruppes. My Mail id is [email protected]

    • Dear Rajesh,

      You can calculate (convert) dollars into rupees and see the amount. If you have some of the mentioned cards to buy products, then there should be no problems.

      SSRF team

  • ThanksSSRF. Aup ke notes se sare prashn hal ho rahe hai .thanks Ssrf. Hindi me aupka research is best.

  • Syed Shafiullah

    Respected Sir
    I suffering from depression last 20 years I used many Medicine but I not ok. Now I searched you thru net I am so happy to look your site. whole family have problem my tongue becom black and pan over body help me about this please I will be very thankful for your kind response.

    • Dear Syed.

      Welcome to our site. Do not worry, there is a solution.

      Please share this question through our login facility as then we will give detailed answer to you. You can register and write here.

      SSRF team

  • رویا ایمن زاده

    سلام خسته نباشید سایتتون رو خوندم فقط بعضی نوشته هاتون ترجمه نیست منم متاسفانه زبان انگلیسیم ضعیفه. درهر حال مرسی از زحماتتون.رویا

    • رویای عزیز

      خیلی خوشحالیم که سایت ما را خواندید و از آن بهره مند شدید :). در واقع سالکان ما در حال ترجمه ی مقالات هستند. امیدواریم بزودی مقالات فارسی بیشتری منتشر شود.

      با احترام
      گروه اس اس آر اف

  • سلام. اينجانب به علت ژنتيك خانوادگي هم از طرف مادري وهم از طرف پدري استرس واضطراب شديد داريم متاسسفانه استرس واضطراب من خيلي شديده كه الان نزديك 6 ماه من افسردگي گرفتم خوشبختانه تقريبا آدم منطقي ومذهبي هستم با ذكر درماني افسردگيم غلبه كردم اما بعضي موقع فكرهاي منفي مشغولم ميكنه وعذابم مي دهد وپسرم هم كه 8سالش هست استرس شديد ترس از تاريكي حتي نمي تونه تنهايي شب بره دستشويي تنهايي نمي تونه بخوابي حتما بايد با من بخوابه استرسي پسرم هم رو حيه من تاثير گذاشته در ضمن من در اينترنت جستجو مي كردم با سايت شما آشنا شدم مي خواستمبرنامه آموزشي وتمرين ذكر را مي خواستم لطف كنيد راهنمايي كنيد با تشكر

  • dauda musideen ayinde

    I don’t know where to start from, but first I thank God I found this site. The information there is very helpful, it explains a lot of things in a clear and lucid style. I tried one of the salt cleansing solutions and voila, I felt better. For years, negative energies have been troubling my life. I was told by some prophet that, someone in my father purposefully spelled me, but all solutions I got worked temporarily. Though I felt better with practising the info on this site but I will still write your support, cos I have a lot of personal things to share. Thanks once again SSRF, may continue to bless your good healing work.

    • Dear Ayinde,

      Welcome to SSRF.
      We are very glad and grateful to see that you are benefiting from our site.
      Indeed, regular spiritual practice and self-healing remedies are the only permanent solution to overcome any problems spiritual in nature. If you need any help in your spiritual practice, please write to our login facility and seekers will surely be glad to assist you.

      Warm regards,
      SSRF team

  • Chanting lord datta mantra has vanished my mouth ulcer. Secondly when I started chanting lord datta mantra during night sleep at bed time, I experienced somebody came to me and awake me during deep sleep. Can u explain me what is this who awakened me in my deep sleep.

  • Let the world know that Yoga-Meditation- Ayurveda started from Nepal. Long later, Hindus of India learned the Vedic culture from Nepal.
    TUSHITA NEPAL (The School of Life)

  • Namaste

    In the past 1-3 years household fly (makkhi) has increased in many parts of our country as much as I have noticed. Is my observation right ? And if yes, any special reason for this ?


  • your place to send questions in your pag web dont work¡ me have a question for yours
    catolic mass (misa in spanish) work to fix ancestral problems? thanks for tour response

    • Dear Frank, For you to send questions to Log in section, you may first register yourself with two simple steps then you can post your questions on the section for ‘asking questions’ About your question about Catholic mass, SSRF will not be able to comment on it, in case you wish to consider working on ancestral problem we recommend chanting the specific name which is a spiritual prescription chant of Sree Gurudev Datta, you can download it from this link on the website,
      If you have a question like I am Christian how can I chant this name, we have shared the science in below article,
      Hope this helps.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Hi! Kudos SSRF team! I am very glad to be connected with you! May SSRF gt more worldwide recognition! Stay blessed!

    • Dear Tasneem, We are happy and grateful that you find the SSRF website and knowledge beneficial. The aim of the website and SSRF is to help seekers in their spiritual journey and increase understanding of subtle dimension. If you wish, you may share the links to the articles with your friends and colleagues. When you will experience changes in self due to starting spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies you can share them with is on log in section.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Dear Sir/Mam,
    I came across this site after much search but still could not locate your official address & contact details , kindly provide if any.l tried to login but could not as your site was not accepting my official password kindly guide how to login.
    I am spiritually inclined from quite sometime but just could not make the right kind of elevation I would have wanted to. Now after seeing your site I want to get in touch with you in person, as I& my family are suffering from the problem that had been mentioned in this site of yours & I am sure you can cure us out of it.
    With Regards,
    Baldevkrishan Rig Nayar.

    • Dear Baldevkrishan, A warm welcome to SSRF site. The main intention behind providing knowledge about various aspects of Spirituality is to helps seekers in their spiritual practice and their efforts to overcome spiritual root causes of problems. SSRF advocates self-healing and spiritual practice that brings long-lasting protection. You may want to start spiritual practice with these three simple steps given in the article,
      We would suggest to focus presently more on the chant regarding departed ancestors and to do it as per your capacity, with the intention to increase slowly within a month or two to 2-4 hours of daily chanting. Since chanting is done in the mind, it can be done any time and everywhere, so it is manageable.
      In case you are not attached to your religion of birth, we suggest that you do a Universal chant of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya as this chant is most conducive for seekers until the year 2023. This chant also helps with all types of negative energies as protection and fighting force.
      Along with chanting, please also do spiritual healing remedies such as the salt water remedy, sleeping in the east-west direction, and also box treatment for the beginning. These remedies remove negative black energy and clean us on a subtle level. Here is the link to Salt-water remedy,
      The other remedies you will find on the spiritual healing section of the Website.
      About the obstacle to creating the login, we will ask the tech team and come back to you.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • sir hum ghar ka sahbhi 6 log bhut preat bhadha sa pidit hai ghar ke neach se kida aur chiti demak nekalte hai ghar ke sabhi sadasy pat ki bimariyo se grasit rahte hai sharire main alas bana rahta hai khana khane ka maan nai karta aur sharir ki eanergy nikal li jati hai paiso ka nuksan bahut hota hai rishtadar bhi hum logo se bhaut nafrat karta hai aur raat ko need nahi ati hai krapya hama iska upaye jarur bataye .

  • Hello SSRF Family
    I have a question. One of my ancestors, whose name and generation is not known, but seems, as told, to be in around 10 generations, is said to practice Yantra, Mantra, Tantra and with these things, he used to treat the people oppressed by unseen forces. He is also said and believed to use Masani to treat the patients of severe problems.
    My this ancestral fellow died unnatural death or to say Akal Mrityu.
    Now, under his bloodline, there are many known incidents of unnatural death, miscarriage, accidents, mental disturbances and other similar problems and on queries done from exorcists from here & there, these so many problems coming in the descendants’ lives are told to be due to this guy. And this fellow does not come in front of anyone to let know what he wants.
    One of the exorcist, who is a muslim medium, when contacted on account of the above problems being faced by myself, has told that he has talked with this ancestor and this ancestor says he is annoyed because we are not honouring him. When asked how to honour him, then he told to honour him by worshiping our kuldevi. Further action/instructions will be given lateron, when we ask for further queries from him.
    Whether he is in certain bondage due to the occult activities, as is said that an occult practicer, especially the one who has died unnatural death, has to face bondage and consequences in the shape of unnatural death, miscarriage, accidents, mental disturbances and other similar problems to his descendants.
    Now, the question is this that –
    Whether he gives pain to his descendants due to himself being in bondage because of his misdeeds and he wants us to do something to get out of bondage or this is the problem with such ancestral spirits that they give pain to their descendants, being ghosts.
    Why does he want to adopt a specific belief system or worship pattern. How, one can do this because every person has a choice of his own and especially in the case when one finds on research a better belief pattern for his spiritual upliftment.
    On reading one of your articles- spiritual help we can provide them for their relief and ourselves also, I have come to know that we can be relieved from distress caused by our ancestors by chanting Lord Deity Datta’s Name. If with this, one will be only relieved and he would not have complete remedy, then what is its benefit of this chanting when one cannot find complete resolution. Is there not any permanent remedy for the annoyed ancestors i.e the remedy with which they may be released from bondage permanently and we may also be relieved from the pains/consequences we are facing. I want to let you know that in our family, we have faced so many accidents, certain miscarriages, loss of money, mental disturbance etc. Further, I want to know, how one can chant other deity’s name when he has adopted certain belief pattern. I have adopted a Christian belief and I have also observed/known that one is not supposed to adopt different religious/worship patterns at a time, because it does not give any result to anyone, as one would have no complete reliance on a certain deity. And when there is not found any infirmity/misunderstanding/delusion/fallasy in the adopted belief pattern or in the deity and on so much research, it is found to be of superlative degree and with reliance on this deity, I have corrected myself in so many things and on prayer requests, I have found so many things/reliefs from the Lord Christ Jesus and in his name with his grace & mercy, I am content in trying my best in living an honest life in his name. You may say on this, as certain other persons say when talking on the issue – when the belief pattern/deity adopted by me is OK, then why I am facing so much problems and with this they intend to say that the belief pattern/deity adopted itself is not OK and I should leave it.
    With my above narrations, you would have known my problem and give me your answer.
    Though, as told above, I believe in Lord Christ, still I am optimist in anticipation of any good reply/instruction/remedy of my problem coming from your side, so that I may be able to do something to relieve my ancestors, who are my bloodline. I will be much happier in relieving my ancestors first and then myself.

    Thanking you.

    With Regards

    (Hari Nand)

  • Dear Friends,

    Further to our previous communications and cooperation, I am to inform you that recently thee was break trough in scientific research that was of our interest, so it was like a missing link that we were waiting for, and it helped us to wrap up and present almost complete theoretical presentation of Bio-energy Therapy/ Healing, therefore previously discussed gut feeling/ sixth sense, and meditation, together with so called mystical phenomena like astral projection, multidimensional interactions, therefore NDE and many others….

    Here under is link to Global Dialogue Foundation/ Bio-energy science Pres Release regarding the same

    Good Luck
    May Peace Prevail on Earth

    Yours Sincerely


    Dr. Vasko M. Najodvski
    GDF Founder

    • Dear Dr Vasko M. Najodvski, We are happy to receive the updates. We will share these with SSRF research team.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Hello
    I need to have a meeting over skype or any other software possible with one of ssrf seekers with high spiritual knowledge to see our family problems which is causing lots of problems to us.I sent and e-mail about 5 years ago to ssf and you suggested me and my family must chant the Shri gurudev data for 6 hours a day which none o us can’t do that unfortunately.And unfortunately i can not travel to india to meet ssrf team,so i am asking you dearly please make a meeting to us ,i am one of ssrf seekers and believers.

    • Dear Keivan, Welcome to SSRF once again. We can understand your situation. When we face problems due to distress from ancestors, the remedy of Chanting Shree Gurudev Datta is very helpful and most important that we, the family members need to do the chanting. If not 6 hours, you can consider chanting as much as possible. You can download the chant from this link, and keep it running on the computer in low volume day and night,
      Seekers have an option to come for satsangs, spiritual meetings held on a weekly basis to clarify their questions about spirituality and get direction to spiritual practice. As such one on one meeting is not held in SSRF. You can register for the orientation Satsang on this link,
      Along with the chanting of Shree Gurudev Datta, what can help is also to start a regular spiritual practice that helps increase spiritual strength and helps reduce the impact of destiny in our lives. If you can attend the weekly satsangs it will help you sustain these efforts in spiritual practice. Please read more about the importance of Satsang here,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • I would like a psychic reading for me, thanks.

    • Dear Ransome Reuben, In SSRF this is not done, instead if you wish to know about spiritual practice that is benefecial in current times, do let us know.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • I have been suffering from disc degenerate from past 5 years and the pain is not going ,along with that I am not able to sleep at night and whenever I sleep for second I see horrible dreams .I want your help to get out if this I stay in allahabad.

    • Dear Neha,
      Welcome to SSRF. We can understand your situation. You will read more in the article, that in case of all our life’s suffering spiritual root cause is 80% responsible. Our regular spiritual practice based on spiritual principles helps reduce the influence of these spiritual factors. You can read more here,
      It is nice that you have sent your question to blog. There is also a facility to register the website and ask questions in the login section. we have a dedicated team of seekers ready to answer all your questions on our Ask a question facility. They will answer within 48 hours of you posting your question.
      To use this facility, you can register on the site here:
      Once you register and login you can ask your questions here:

      Please let us know if you have any problems registering or with using our Ask a question facility. We look forward to being in touch with you :).
      In gratitude,
      SSRF Team

  • Priestess Capricious

    My boyfriend has a dark entity attached to him. I know now, it’s a subtle sorcerer….its escalating…can it be trapped in a bottle? Help.

  • SIR. I WANT A LECHER ANTENNA Can u plz try to contact me

    • Dear Vikas,
      It is good to hear from you. SSRF Center will not be the right place to enquire about this antenna. There surely will be other places you can enquire. In case you have any questions about the spiritual practice or spiritual research, you have an option to post it in ‘Log in section’.
      We have a dedicated team of seekers ready to answer all your questions on our Ask a question facility. They will answer within 48 hours of you posting your question.
      To use this facility, you can register on the site here:
      Once you register and login you can ask your questions here:
      Please let us know if you have any problems registering or with using our Ask a question facility. We look forward to being in touch with you :).
      In gratitude,

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