World War 3 is coming – are you prepared?

World War 3 is coming - are you prepared?

Blog updated on 22 March, 2016

World Wars have begun when there has been some instability among nations and we never know which incident can set off a chain of events culminating in many nations going to war. For example, when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated in Jun 1914, it became the catalyst for World War 1. Hitler invading Poland pushed the world into World War 2. Millions of people lost their lives and humanity saw its barbaric side with levels of genocide that was hitherto unthinkable in the modern era.

Once again, history repeats itself, the instability in the environment around the world is on the rise with many regions on edge. Yet this time around there are many countries with nuclear weapons capability and so the stakes are much higher. In recent months we have been witness to a rise in random terrorist attacks and conflicts all over the world like the ones given below.

There have been approximately 256 terror attacks reported in 2014 and 386 terror attacks in 2015. In 2016 we are again off to a flying ominous start with 219 terror attacks being reported in just 3 months up to the Brussels airport bombing on 22 Mar 2016.

When Event


Many dead in Brussels airport terror attack


Ankara Bombing 37 dead 125 injured


Paris shootings and bombings, 153 dead, over 350 injured


Ankara bombings, 102 dead over 400 injured


Gunmen stormed the Garissa University College in Garissa, Kenya, killing 147 people and injuring 79 or more


Increase in European migrant crisis


2015 Sana’a mosque bombings, Sana’a, Yemen


Bardo National Museum attack, Tunis, Tunisia


Mass shooting, spree shooting, at the “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression”, Copenhagen, Denmark


Charlie Hebdo shooting, Paris France


Baga massacre, Baga, Borno State, Nigeria


Peshawar school massacre, Peshawar, Pakistan


Sydney cafe siege, Sydney, Australia


Bombing and stabbing, crowded market place, Xinjiang, China


Hatchet attack on policemen, Queens, New York, USA


Shootings at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Apr 2013 – Current

Rise of ISIS and the conflict in Iraq

Nov 2013 –  Current

The Ukraine Crisis and Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation

May 2011- Current

Syrian Crisis

The writing is on the wall, that these terrible events show no sign of lessening but are in fact increasing. With some sort of attack being reported everyday on innocent civilians, women and children included, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that something is terribly amiss in the world. Higher level Saints in India have said that things will get far worse before they get better. Such terror will find its way into our streets, our shopping centres, affect our families, our communities and our way of life. All of us will be affected in some way or the other. These seemingly random events are linked and are but the warning signs heralding the onset of World War 3. The stage is now set; any one of these incidents could become the tipping point for the start of next World War, where weapons of mass destruction will most likely be used.

What most people don’t know is that this behaviour is not entirely our own, but that some of us are controlled by powerful negative energies. These subtle forces of evil will possess men and make them commit the worst of crimes against their fellow men.

If this were not bad enough, forces of nature will unleash unprecedented destruction in the form of natural disasters. Pandemics such as the Ebola virus outbreak and swine flu will be widespread. Needless to say there will be extreme shortages of the basics, such as food, medical supplies and clean water. This blog has not been written to instil fear but to warn people of the imminent danger so that they can do something about it.

If one really wants to survive these terrible times, it is important that God should feel like saving you, because in truth it is only the grace of God that can save us. The purpose of life is to grow spiritually, and when one makes earnest efforts to do so, he or she is known as a seeker and comes under the benevolent gaze of the Divine. God feels that the seeker is His and accordingly removes obstacles so that he or she may make the best use of their life, which is, to grow spiritually. If there is to be a terrorist attack nearby, then God himself gives the thought to the seeker to stay away from that place thus protecting and shielding him from the terrible event. Spiritual growth can only be achieved through regular spiritual practice. However for it to be effective it needs to conform to the six basic principles of spiritual practice. For seekers, and those sitting on the fence thinking about whether they should start spiritual practice, the message from Saints is, “It is now or never, practice Spirituality and live to see the Divine Kingdom unfold from 2023 onwards.”

If you want to know more about predictions of the coming times do read through our section on global issues, our article on World War 3 and our article on what we can do about the the coming World War:

The world has been experiencing an unprecedented increase in the severity of global issues.

A global issue of utmost importance for all humanity, World War 3 is approaching at a fast pace.

Here is some practical information on what each of you can do to help the situation.

If you have any questions about World War 3 or in general, please contact us using our Live chat facility.

Blog Post by Sean Clarke

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  • Very need full information for spiritual seeker.

  • rajan ramakrishna

    Thanks for your warning. I remember to have read something abut negative forces being released into our spiritual environment in “Search in Secret Egypt” authored by Dr. Paul Brunton who happened to meet many spiritual Masters in his time. In the Yoga Vasishta also, Lord Rama asks how can the world be protected from evil continually. Vasishta Muni states that the Almighty expresses his Divine Will through the Great Ones (a couple of them) who inhabit the earth at any point of time whose actions are inscrutable and protect Nature and all creatures. I bow down to Dr.Athavale who has followed in the footsteps of the saints such as Sri Ramakrishna Parahamsaha, Sri Sri Trailinga Swami , Sri Ramana Maharshi to name a few. I too am worried but my efforts are puny and I sincerely hope that Divine Energy fills the heart and mind of all mankind to save Mother Earth at the earliest.

  • rajan ramakrishna

    I bow down to Dr.Athavale who does immense good to all fellow beings on earth through his relentless efforts to protect God’s creation. The Spiritual Giants of yore who carry out God’s Will are closer now to earth but how to access their Love and Light to save us all from the ruthless might of the negative forces. I feel people should stir themselves up from their torpor and more than ever before seek protection from the Divine because only God Almighty can listen to our prayers to make the earth a better place to live.

  • All Glories to God, also HH. Dr Athavale and the saints! Thank you very much for warning us all of the tribulation in this world to come. Thank you for giving us all a chance to attract Gods divine protection by chanting his holy names.

  • Rather than spreading negative energy, let’s join hands to work unitedly to conserve this beautiful earth and make it a better place to live for ourself and the future generations.
    “Make Love No War”.

  • I totally believe in the coming bad times. And it is the blessings of Shri. P.P. Dr. Baba that he has fore-casted the coming WW3 and thus helped us to prepare for the worst.
    1. If the nuclear war is going to happen, when is it wise to leave (permanently) Mumbai along with my family for safety? (I work in bank. I can thus apply for transfer!)
    2. Will Pune be targeted by nuke?
    3. Will there be droughts?
    4. How will be Maharashtra affected by WW3?

    waiting for your kind reply

    -Vaibhav S

    • Dear Vaibhav,

      We do not know the details about what will happen in certain regions or city, this may vary due to different reasons. In the last paragraph of this blog is the answer to your question and direction about the what to do for the coming bad times. Spiritual practice is the solution.

      For any further questions on how to start or improve your spiritual practice, please see with some of our seekers (if you are in touch with them) or you can write to us over login facility and get help on the following link:

      SSRF team

    • Mr Vaibhav Sathe

      Arabian ocean is nereby,so you can exit safely in WW3.The predictions are based on some socio-political pattern aided by economic scenario witnessed by the experts.

      • Dear Jyoti,

        We cannot know what will be possible or not in the coming times, since it is not only WW3 but also natural catastrophes involved. Beside this individual destiny is there, which is different for each one of us. The safest thing is that we do spiritual practice like it is shared with Vainbhav. God is the only one that can help us.

        If both of you need help regarding spiritual practice, SSRF is open to help at any time. You can write to us over login facility.

        SSRF team

    • Its not about Pune city and Maharashtra…its about mankind in whole and try to be holistic in approach.The entire mankind, including families, societies and continents will be cleansed. Dont worry about transfer and other trivial things . Chant the name of your God!!!

  • Was the prediction in world war 3 article really written and only updated in 2013? Nato are now saying that there are in summer, I hope it isn’t

    • Dear reader,

      Yes, article about WW3 was written earlier and updated in 2013. In a way war has already started and its proportions will only grow.

      Are you maybe doing spiritual practice like it is shared in this blog?

      For any questions related to the articles from our site, blogs and spiritual practice you can write to use over login facility at any time on the following link:

      SSRF team

  • For a divine kingdom to be formed, cleansing is a must. Believe it or not World war3 will be one out of that.

  • “Babaji was telling that we are living in a Kali Yuga or Dark Age and he prophesized that times will come more and more difficult, there will be the End of Times or great destruction both in nature around and most people will die in wars and catastrophes and only spiritually strong and advanced will survive. He said Om Namaḥ Śivāya is that very mantra which will benefit people the most in the difficult times that will come soon and everyone should be prepared.

    Babaji urged spiritual people to be strong, courageous and brave. Only strong people can carry on and spread humanity in the world and go ahead on the path of spiritual and material perfection. To be religious doesn’t mean to be weak.”

  • I’m a Buddhist and I’ve heard of similar prophecies of impending disasters (WW3, severe earth quakes) from more than one Buddhist masters. However, all these masters withhold the details of the disasters and do not share the prophecy widely, as to not violate the “law of heaven”. SSRF however shares the prophecy widely on its website and gives a lot of details of the prophecy. Can doing so create karmic consequences? How accurate and truthful is SSRF’s prophecy? How can information like this be shared widely and publicly?

    • Dear Zengen,
      Very nice questions you asked.
      It is out of scope of SSRF to comment other religions and their masters.
      From our side, we have shared all those information’s since that is a truth and as an appeal to humankind to try to do something on individual and collective level like it is shared in this blog and in the article. This cannot create Karmic consequences. In general, if someones genuine intention and act is in the direction of reaching God (growing spiritually), then this does not create Karmic account since it is in the line with the purpose of our God given life. Please see on the following link:

      What we suggest here is that everyone start or intensify spiritual practice and grow spiritually because, beside of that being a purpose of our life, this connection to God will help us in times to come.
      If you have additional questions, please write to us over login facility on the following link:
      SSRF team

  • Namaste: Your website is giving valuable information for spiritual seekers regardless of their caste or nationality. It is very encouraging. However, I am wondering as how you are able to boldly predict a WW3 right on the horizon in the next few years. What is your basis for such a prediction? The Hindu scriptures have got the span of Kali Yuga as 4,32,000 years out of which 5000-6000 years are over. There is a long way to go. Also, end of Kali yuga is not Pralaya but only destruction of evil and protection of virtuous. Again, the cycle of four yugas begin within the larger Manu’s rule of 71 cycles of Chatur yuga. Also, in the long histories narrated in the Puranas about the rule in India, we have not had a history of Saint ruling any part of India. Maharajas who ruled always practised warfare. So, I am not able to see how a Saint will become a ruler of India. Saints are renunciants focussed on inner light and/or guiding society to pursue spirituality. Jai Hind.

  • What about all the evil deeds Israel has done? What is Israel’s role in all of this? Villain or victim?

    • Dear Ramon,

      Every country will be included in the ww3 and will experience destruction as per the collective destiny of that country.

      SSRF team

  • Francisco Martin

    I’ll be honest, I like everyone else can feel some kind of culmination of events. But nothing seems certain. Everything is hazy. Nothing seems to materialize with any reality. All seems “talk” of the end times yet everything goes on as normal. In some ways I hope for the end, in others I want things to go on as they are. I don’t know what to say other than that I don’t see what anyone would be so willing to fight and die for in these times. Unless leaders present themselves with REAL ideals and REAL goals I don’t see how a WW3 would even be possible.

    • Dear Francisco,

      Many things are happening behind curtain today, once it is open we will get an experience. Even that you may not be able to accept that this may happen, still it is good to start with spiritual practice such as chanting the name of God (like it is shared in this blog). Doing spiritual practice is beneficial in many ways that you can see by clicking here and it is also leading us towards the purpose of our life.

      For any further queries you may have, please share with us at any time over login facility.

      SSRF team

  • Thanks for warning!
    I some how feel this war and warfare against ghosts and ssrf essays help me much.
    And i start practices!
    I tried to warn my family but all of them laugh at me and they said:who said that stupid things there will be no war nothing gonna happen!
    Now are you sure about ww3 and its date?if you sure how can i prove it to other?

    • Dear reader,

      It is very nice that you have started spiritual practice. If you need help regarding it or you have some questions, please write to our site over login facility.

      Problems and wars are already there in the world and many things are on the edge, it will just culminate to great extent (like show ball effect). We cannot prove it to others and we cannot even change others. We would suggest to focus on your spiritual practice as it can help in many different ways. We are here to assist you at any times.

      SSRF team

  • Bapurao Kulkarni.

    SSRF has given searchlight findings to peoples on earth.

  • Dear Vdada, thank you so much for letting humanity know about this impending danger. I had a couple of quedtions:

    1. The article was written 2 years ago. Is there a change in timeline in the last 2 years

    2. Is there a possibility that this catastrophe does not happen, or nukes are not used. Can we do something to prevent it apart from spiritual practice

    • Dear King,

      This what is shared is inevitable. Intensity and time can vary up to 10% that you can see in this article. Spiritual practice is the most important, but there are also few things that we can do mentioned in this article.

      For further questions, please write to us over login facility.


  • Great article, and right to the point. The more time passes the more we see that the difficult times are coming. I will surely continue with my spirituality, with God’s blessings!

  • The potential is here for what this person predicts. Humanity are asleep in a dream-state fiction of reality. If you expect Americans to come out of it, you are wasting your time. Their central nervous systems have been saturated with electronically-generated, false images of reality since early childhood. They are so used to media manipulation of their thoughts, feelings and actions, they cannot tell the difference. They are transfixed. Only the shock of mass destruction can shake them loose from the grip of lies that has hijacked their minds. If this catastrophe does happen, it would not be the first, and what have civilizations mainly been doing since the beginning of World War i other than stumbling from one catastrophic massacre to another? I do not want to see it. I hope it does not happen. I know what I want and do not want do not matter to this world.

  • Lets hope the world war 3 ll not happen if anyway the cruel war mongers wrong doers enemy’s of humanity may be killed first with an example for the next generation.Lets love

  • Things put on web since 1999 by SSRF are coming in practical sinceParis attack. No doubt things will happen 110% correct.Only spirituality may save from distruction.selfishnesh has killed the humanity.Ego problems burning world.Nobody can save these idiots.

  • Nuclear war is about to happen. We should all pray against it.

  • SSRF has exercisied hard job to guide peoples.Everybody has to take benefit.l myself is experiencing benefits of spiritality.World has to be converted into heaven and not to hell.Bud bad thing is that all are behaving like five foolish peoples in a story of Isapniti.

  • After few years…The big fight will start and finish within 14 days……India will play a big part in it…..the saints of India will rule the world….mostly it would be religious war ……one religion will win …..wait and watch…… I 100%agree that who chant the name of God only he or she can survive….short period of SATYUG around 14000 years will come in KALYUG

  • I posted a comment in June of this year. I revisited this webpage today because intuitively, I feel something major is going to happen to the world. I first encountered SSRF’s prediction about three years ago, and had kept revisiting the website for updates. I didn’t believe the prediction at first, but I now think it will actually happen, and it will happen sooner than many people might expect. Apart from SSRF’s prediction, I have also heard similar predictions from people of various religious backgrounds who have the spiritual capacity to see into the future. It is bound to happen. It’s only a matter of time. However, it may not be totally a bad thing because this last war will cleanse this planet of demonic people, allowing sincere seekers to practice spirituality openly. It will be a good world after the war. There is a good side to this.

    • Its same with me, so many highly spiritual people i know of who have the capacity to see future have confirmed it.. So im totally expecting a world war.

      • Dear Naman and Zengen,

        By God’s grace we can understand that ww3 will happen. Only thing is that we need not to forget to put efforts in doing spiritual practice and progress spiritually. Then God’s grace will be more with us, as He only can save us.

        Are you maybe doing some spiritual practice?

        SSRF team

        • Yeah, i have been engaged in spiritual practice all along

          • Dear Naman,

            This is very nice to see 🙂

            If you need some help or assistance on your spiritual journey, we are here to assist at any step. For that you can write to us through login facility on our website.

            SSRF team

        • L’écriture est sur le mur: ” Méné, méné, tekel, upharsin.” A cause de cela, en un même jour, ses fléaux arriveront, la mort, le deuil et la famine et elle sera consumée par le feu. Car il est puissant, le Seigneur Dieu qui la jugée.” Apocalypse 18.8

    • There’s too much evil for good to win the fight the first time.In1000 years evil will be a part of history, because goodness is never ending.It is healing and that takes time to get out of killing.

  • According to nostrdamus, A great chyren who has taken birth at place of isles of five rivers(punjab) in India, will save the god loving humans on earth.

  • I personally believe that WW3 should happen very soon, otherwise nothing is going to change in this world. It is not wise to pray to postpone this event rather to pray this has to happen in faster pace and save the good people immediately, actually it will be a blessing for the seeker of God.

  • Namaskar dear children of God

    With great enjoyment we read about what glorious things have happened in the past, and with even more enthusiasm we look forward to what we believe will happen in the future. However, let the focus of our minds be on what is important for this present moment. Our bodies are already occupied with karmic destiny, let our minds not also become engrossed in matters which are only of theoretical importance at best.

    Right now is the opportunity which you have, by God’s grace, to worship, chant, meditate, create spiritual emotion, and finally have divine love.

    Peace – peace – peace

    • Dear reader,

      It is God’s grace (like name you have put) that we can do spiritual practice and it is true that we have only present moment to use it maximally.

      This about WW3 is not theoretical information, but more a practical one. We are sharing this so that people know what is coming, when it will happen and to help them to start or to increase spiritual practice since this is the only solution. We have also one article in regards to this, so please see ‘As a citizen of the world, what can i do?‘.

      If you need help in your spiritual journey, please feel free to write to us.

      SSRF team

    • the negative energies is just the evil forces of the devil. Pride impede a man to believe in the spritual powers. A man believes in evil more than righteousness. Let us repent, surrender our life to our saviour , do what is right , pray day and night in truth and spirit. Time is now.AMEN.

  • I think it wouldn’t be in 10 decades or sooner. The leaders of the world today still remembered the pain of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Despite that the China, India, North Korea, US, NATO.. own thousands of nuclear bom. No one dare to start because the memory is still fresh. One hydrogen bom is way more powerful than the one that hit on Japan.

    If there is a WW3, it will be the young world leaders who have forgotten the history, and they perhaps has newer technology and think that they thought they can out-win the nuclear attacks. And who venture into Artifical Intelligence (AI).

    Artifical intelligence that created by human that planned to wipe out humanity, it is not just mere movie plot. Elon Musk and John Hawking, did warn the world this lately, that Artificial Intelligence is like inviting the devil.. That would be the fall of humanity.

    Just another probability of how WW3 might be coming.

    • Dear Ong,

      Gratitude for you insights and it would be good that it is like that.

      Problem is that negative energies can easily influence or possess people, so even that intellectually they may not want to do something, under their influence they cannot control self. Due to spiritual downfall of the humanity in this era, negative energies are easily taking charge.

      This is one more reason why spiritual practice is the key.

      SSRF team

    • Hiroshima or Nagasaki was just carpet bombing napalm bombing , nuclear weapons are hoax.
      concrete walls and metals poles were standing after hiroshima bombing.

  • good article.

    i have question is this war some how connected to to antichrist and jesus return?how about twelve imam?

    • Dear reader,

      Many have predicted what will generally happen. Even in different religions can be shared in different ways. It is out of scope of SSRF to comment religions as such.

      Negative energies are on the rise and they are main cause of the problems on individual and global level. More about it you can find in different articles on our website.

      The best possible solution for present moment and for the times to come is spiritual practice like it is shared in this blog.

      SSRF team

  • Namaste,

    Any updates about WW3, whether it will be stopped or approaching or delayed

  • Bapurao kulkarni.

    Day by day things are becoming clear.Nobody has time to overview problems.Rulers are thinking that they are always correct about their decisions.Any one wrong movement will cause big deficit.Who will save those peoples unknown comming destuctive period.This will be will of god to keep them in darkness.

  • The warning about third world war has been given by the saints long time ago. I myself have seen some visions and I have read extensively in this subject. I have been doing sadhana to my capacity. But, one thing is not clear to me, predictions about India is few and far between and they doesn’t give clear picture about what will happen to us during the period of war. I will be happy you could give me some answer about this subject.

    • Dear Indian,

      What is there on the website/blog is what we are sharing and what is important presently. Intensity and time can vary depending on different things, so things can be slightly changed like it is shared in the article/blog.

      It is great that you are doing spiritual practice, just keep on going with it and if you wish we can assist you at any time.

      SSRF team

      • Also the bombings in Pakistan has killed a lot and injured many others, please do update the articles as well thanks 🙂

  • Sukhminder Singh Bahia

    All religions tell about the final day of kalyuga or qayamat ka din or dicision day of God But under influence of negative energy man does not want to understand. May God help humanity to survive

  • Bapurao Kulkarni

    world is going through unknown phase of great changes.Two poles good and bad are seperating fast .One side will be truth other false and fake.Nodoubt truth will win.But in this trnsition period good and bad both have to face.god will take ultimate care of his followers.Opponannts will be punished severly.what lord Krishna says is ultimate true that war between good and bad will come upto time to time uptill end of universe.hence Geeta is ultimate last and first truth of universe.No changfes will happen in the knoeledge of Bhagwan.I love lord Krishna.

  • sarabjit singh

    Great service to humanity…

  • Bapurao Kulkarni

    Day by day living conditions are becoming panic.Still civilians are unknown about happennins.even conditions are becomming difficult to do spiritual practices.Even spiritual followers are suffering then what will happen in comming period?

  • Bapurao Kulkarni.

    World is going through difficult phase.Changjng weather conditions,shortage of food stuffs, water,collapsing of economies is vital signs.Feeling sad to spiritual persons.Really time is changing.

    • Yes, no doubt time is changing. 50 dead after Orlando Florida’s massacre which is known to be the biggest mass murder in the usa. 45 dead in Turkey Istanbul bombings, 20 casualties in Bengladesh and lastly 115 people dead and around 200 people injured in Baghdad bomb blasts yesterday, With the death toll and number of injuries keep proliferating as well. These are just signs, there will be much more destruction until the imminent ww3 etc comes which will kill off half the population. I am just as nervous as you are, so we need to urge brothers to continously practice spirituality and to not give a rise to Raja-tama. The worst is yet to come and we have to brace for impact.

      • Now I am scared

      • The third world war will start soon. My sixth sense is telling me that it will start within 1 year. The tensions between India and Pakistan are fast reaching their peak. We live in troubled waters. There’s tension in South China Sea and between North and South Korea. Then we have tensions between USA and RUSSIA. The main war will be between USA and RUSSIA. They are using syria as a proxy for their selfish motives.
        Pakistan and Russia are fast increasing their nuclear capabilities. Its not surprising if some of the densely populated cities get hit by Atom Bombs.

        • The main war as per me will be USA vs China, Russia vs NATO, India vs Pakistan & Israel vs Arabs.
          World will witness WW3 after April 2018, i guess.

        • @balaji dodda @vaibhav sathe I’m confused, do you agree with each other’s reasoning on ww3 of how it’s going to happen? It all boils down to which 6th sense is stronger than the other (via spiritual practice etc) May I ask why your reasonings differ from each other? I believe it’s supposed to happen according to the ssrf ww3 predictions page just curious please provide your insights thanks.

          • Dear Balaji, Vaibhav and Sohail,

            Feel we all agree that this WW3 is inevitable to happen on gross level and it is actually going on already (just not so visible to people). Whichever countries will be involved it will have repercussions on other countries in surrounding and on the whole world.

            Like Sohail shared in his first comment, more important is that we focus on spiritual practice. If more people would do spiritual practice, consequences of disasters would be less since positivity in the atmosphere will increase, so we can try to use this valuable time for that. We can help you in regards to spiritual practice if you wish, please feel free to contact us through login facility at any point of time. Also one article can be helpful in regards to WW3 that you can see here.

            SSRF team

          • @ Sohail
            My thoughts don’t differ from others. In fact,just like everyone visiting this website,I too agree that there will be a war within 1-2 years at best 3 years. Some of the things I’ve mentioned in my earlier comments were educated guesses but there are things I’ve seen clearly and distinctly. This comments section is not enough to share my experience. I’ll express it in a later post. Thank you all for making me feel like your brother.

        • Tell me friend
          2018 year
          nuclear weapons will be used as the and atomic bomb
          America. Japan . India will be affected

  • If possible is send the questions answer to my email
    Four questions from the SSRF
    What is the source predicted World War 3 in 2023?
    What is predicted by the SSRF method?
    What resources it has predicted?
    What is the situation in Iran country World War 3?

    • Dear James,

      Welcome to SSRF.

      About methodology of spiritual research you can see in articles by clicking here. All about predictions you can see in the article in regards to WW3 by clicking here. We did not shared anything particularly about Iran.

      SSRF team

  • Hello how does the war affect South Africa

    • Dear Sandra,

      It will affect whole world. Some countries can be more and some less affected/involved.

      SSRF team

  • What looked a few months ago like just a possibility looks more and more now like a certainity. WW3 is imminent and certain. I don’t see even an year left. It can take place within a few months.

  • It look like there may be a nuclear war with Russia starting very soon. It seems that the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton may start that war if elected president. She has made very dangerous and controversial statements against Putin and Russia. Your Timeline seems to indicate that ww3 will start in 2018(please correct me if wrong) and finish in 2018. what is your take on the current political situation in America and the high degree of tension between Russia and America. It seems something nuclear may happen in 2017 or even before the election.

    Can you please give a update on the ww3 article and analyse the current situation? Timeline can always change right? I am very curious to know more .

    • Also why 70 units(referring to your ww3 danger chart) given to 2017 and less to 2018 if ww3 will start in 2018?

      I am confused on that matter.

      • Dear Kris,

        Apology for late reply. In regards to the less units in 2018 it is not only meant for physical world. In present moment there is very big battle between positive and negative energies on subtle level and in world, but all of that is actually ‘behind curtains’ i.e. it is not visible grossly so much. When it come grossly will be just an outcome what is happening now.

        How and when it will happen exactly, we will witness. The most important part is that we can do spiritual practice in order to progress spiritually and have stability of the mind for situation that will come and to live more happier and blissful life.

        SSRF team

  • with trump as president does the schedule of things change?

    • Dear Krish,

      On global scale nothing can be changed by the election and who is the president. Please read our new blog by clicking here to get more concrete answer to your question.

      SSRF team

  • SSRF acharyas have predicted a massive earthquake in Pakistan this year. So far everything seems fine in Pakistan. No signs of an approaching earthquake. And this year is due to finish within 2 months. Did SSRF make a wild guess or did you really see the future?

    • Dear Balaji,

      As we shared in the article, there can be some possibility that time and intensity can be moved/changed to some extent. Let us see, it is still not the end of the year.

      SSRF team

  • During World War 2 many great scientists appered on earth like Einstein, Neils Bohr,Edison etc.They all built a nuclear bomb which was instrumental in winning war against Japan.Will these great scientists come again on earth. People from other plane of existence can participate in this war to help humanity??

    • Dear Ayush,

      In a way what helped winning that war is a very big problem today for whole humanity and will be cause of disaster.
      Those who can really help humanity are Saints, they are those DIvine beings since they are in communion with God. Due to their positive energy changes can be made in the world and they will help all people.

      On our level, the best is that we do spiritual practice since we will experience numerous benefit and changes in our life and this will also contribute to overall increase in Sattvikta (positive energy) in the world. Please also see this article to see what can be done more.

      SSRF team

  • May SSRF predictions are not clear and straight, SSRF is trying to interpret their predictions according to upcoming situations and they are not predicting actual upcoming situations.

    • Dear Rakesh,

      yes, in most of the cases we didn’t go exactly in the direction where and who will start war because our goal is not to spread that. Just to share that things are inevitable.
      Main point is that we understand how spiritual practice can help us in this aspect as well and that we establish connection with God, since when this connection is there then regardless of situation we will be stable and He will protect more those who are putting efforts to come closer to Him.

      SSRF team

      • will Middle East be razed to ground in bomb blasts in 2017 as we are almost into 2017.

        • Dear Mahi,

          The accuracy of the predictions given in our article is high. It can deviate by 10% plus or minus depending on the free will of people. The more people do adequate, regular spiritual practice, the better we all will be. Please see what else we can do in this article.

          If you have any questions about spiritual practice, please feel free to contact us via our login facility.

          Warm regards,
          SSRF team

          • We need exactly who will start war and which yeaestarts,,, as we need to make preparations. Please provide the exact year of start of war so let people get ready and start spiritual practice more.

          • Dear Mahi,

            In our article on Armageddon, we have shared all the predictions and you can see how the WW3 will unfold. Actually, WW3 has already begun but it is not fully apparent as of yet. It will keep escalating and the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 will be most difficult.

            Please note The goal of our article is not to publish information on various events that will happen at certain points in time. The goal is to emphasize the importance of spiritual practice in order to survive the upcoming times.

            Warm regards,
            SSRF team

  • it is possible to cause a nuclear winter
    This third world war

  • will nuclear weapons be used this year? a good vedic astrloger does not indicate any sign of ww3. says there will ne “high ” and “low” but she says we will be fine? do you think vedic astrolger are accurate?

    • Dear Krishna,

      According to our spiritual research, the accuracy of astrology is up to maximum 30%. Please read more about it in our article on Astrology.

      We have given a possible timeline of events in our article on WW3 predictions. These predictions are made by a highly evolved Saint.

      Warm regards,
      SSRF team

  • I really think trump will delay the ww3 timeline. it seems he loves the people and does not want destruction but prosperity. Has the respected Guru shared his thoughts on the dismal scenario changing? any updates now after trump seems to love people.

  • I am literally so freaked out now. I have severe anxiety and I am scared of this. Will it come? When? When will it end? Where will I be safe? I am only 11 but I just feel like its no point in living cause we will all just get killed anyways.Pls reply

    • Dear ScaredyCat,

      Welcome to SSRF.
      Please do not be scared as here is no reason for fear. God has given us spiritual practice as a way to progress spiritually regardless of the times we live in.
      You can try to talk to your parents about your fears.

      Kind regards,
      SSRF team

      • Hi,
        Can you please let me know whether the war would start in 2018 or 2019?. If the countries involved only be japan,south korea,north korea and US, then how come countries like India, china and pakistan will get involved? Is it possible for SSRF to give some clues or help? . This would greatly help people who want to live peacefully.

        • Dear Manohar,

          Welcome to SSRF.

          Please read predictions about WW3 in this article.
          We are sharing these predictions to encourage our reader to make efforts in spiritual practice and to understand the importance of spiritual practice in today’s times. God will save those who do spiritual practice and have higher spiritual level. That is why it is essential to do spiritual practice, not only because that way we may save our life, but because investing in spiritual growth is a permanent investment since we carry it over even in next life.

          If you wish to start spiritual practice, we can recommend this article for some inspiring suggestions. If you have any questions or need any help, please write to us via login facility and seekers will gladly respond.

          Kind regards,
          SSRF team

  • can you comment on economic collapse or recession in USA or worldwide?

    I understand your update on war timeline but am curious about economic system in USA as well as a global collapse.

    • Dear Kris,

      Welcome to SSRF.
      We have published all the necessary information in our article about predictions of upcoming events. Apart from details given in the article we cannot comment further.
      The aim of publishing these predictions is not to give precise and detailed predictions of what will happen but to increase awareness about the importance of spiritual progress in the difficult times that are approaching. It is most important for us do spiritual practice in order to progress spiritually and have spiritual strength, stability of the mind for situation that will come and to live more happier and blissful life.

      If you wish to start doing spiritual practice, please feel free to contact us via login facility. Seekers will be glad to give you suggestions.

      SSRF team

  • One tension calms down and then another boils This has been a repeating chain of events. First, the Ukraine Crisis then,Yemen crisis now,North Korea and India-China stand-off. Can SPRF tell us whether this is a period of intense cold war or is it boiling off to a hot conflict? Nothing seems clear.

  • K Srikanth Sastry

    I have committed tons of sins in my life. I am scared I may die in this holocaust.

  • Hello SSRF!

    Can you please comment on the north korea situation? It seems very hostile and is a huge news topic around the world right now. According to your timeline it says we should be safe until 2019 and after that between 2019-2023 we can expect the terrible ww3. Does that mean this current situation is simply saber rattling and won’t amount to anything until 2019. I am doing spiritual practice but i do like updates on these issues. Please do a article on this if possible.


    • Dear Kris,

      It is nice to see you are doing spiritual practice and it is important effort you are making. We are unable to comment on specific countries and their situations however please do read this article on what is the best way we can protect ourselves from times to come.

      You can ask any further question about spiritual practice to us on SSRF login page.

      Kind Regards
      SSRF team.

  • As per ur previous prediction ww3 was to start in 2017 and intense in 2018, but it didn’t happened. So what is the new time line, as its seems that ww3 will not happen, such types of false prediction are always done in past also.

    • Dear Rantu,

      It is true we had given a time line of 2017 before, however there is much bigger picture then just the timeline. God wants to save as many people as possible during this war so there is a chance being given to people to do spiritual practice so they are able to survive the times once world war 3 begins. Please see the 2 paragraphs before from the article that will explain this aspect about time line.

      Just as one needs to have a visa to visit a foreign country, the granting of the visa to live in the Divine Kingdom is determined by the potential one has to grow spiritually. God should feel that an individual is worth saving and this can only happen if the person demonstrates the potential to undertake spiritual practice and become a seeker.

      However, the intensity and timeline of events may change.

      As the world moves closer towards this catastrophic event, Saints of the highest level on Earth are doing everything to help humanity to protect themselves and reduce the intensity of the World War. As more and more people who have the potential to become seekers start spiritual practice, these evolved Saints through Their resolve are pushing the timeline for war out as much as possible so that these seekers get the time to start and strengthen their spiritual practice.

      The time and intensity can be adjusted depending on who are making efforts; if the forces of evil are making more efforts then the intensity will be more. Conversely if many people start spiritual practice, the intensity of the calamitous times could lessen.
      To read the entire article please click on this link.

      We hope this will help answer your query.

      Kind Regards
      SSRF team.

  • World war 3 is nuclear war ,the beginning is years 2019.
    We have to prepare ourselves psychologically.

    • Dear Piter,
      You are right we have to prepare ourselves and by doing spiritual practice we can get mental strength and spiritual strength to be able to go through the times to come. With spiritual practice our mind will remain stable even in the difficult times.

      For any question on spiritual practice you can write to us at our Login facility.

      Warm Regards
      SSRF team

  • Hello dear ssrf ,world war 3 will be the beginning in end this years 2018 ?

  • honored, the Third World War is a nuclear war or a spiritual war where will they clean up negative people and energy.

  • nuclear war is approaching.
    this world war 3 will be ,the war between the countries that have nuclear weapons

    • Dear Leonid, In this current era the mankind is experiencing the subtle war between good and evil and will witness the gross manifestations, world war 3. SSRF is helping seekers across the world to increase spiritual strength by making efforts of spiritual practice on a daily basis which will be most conducive and which adheres the six principles of Spirituality. If you wish to make efforts these articles will be of help.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • WW3 is subtle war and on earth will be nuclear war ?

  • Do you still think that the world war will happen. World is moving towards peace. Like the Korea’s, India-China etc. May be the bad times have got postponed and as your article says, the efforts of evolved people is bearing fruit.
    Is it possible to help us understand what does spiritual research say about the impact of these events on war predictions. May be the divine kingdom will come without any war.

    • Dear Kaggle, As you may have read the battle between good and evil is happening in subtle for a while. Some impact will be there. You may have read about evolution in prediction in this article,
      What will help increase more understanding about this is our regular spiritual practice which will help develop divine qualities and spiritual level for us to face this bad period. In case you wish to read more here is the article on World War 3 survival guide,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

    • Yes, I agree there could be some impact. We do see decline in society that may have some consequences. But the scale at which you are saying, like 50 percent of world population getting finished, it is a very big thing.
      I hope it does not happen, and overall world is moving towards peace slowly. So something like this seems quite remote. So I will request you to remove/update/correct your findings basis latest research, as these can create fear and mislead people.

      We should do spiritual practice , but not because of fear of world war 3 etc.

      • Dear Kaggle, we can understand when you shared that presenting the research can generate various responses in the reader’s mind, even fear. At times even, fear can be a driving force for us to be motivated towards starting spiritual practice to increase spiritual strength. The intention is not to generate fear but to increase an understanding of the extent of impact and God is forewarning and giving an opportunity and time to increase our spiritual strength. It increases our awareness and attention towards the need for spiritual practice to survive in this period.
        Going forward if you wish to know more about further steps of spiritual practice you may consider joining SSRF online spiritual meetings, here is the link in case you wish to register, these are free.
        Warm Regards
        SSRF Team

  • Good day.
    Next world war will be total war.


  • World War 3 Culminates in Nuclear War?

  • Hey SSRF!

    you answered most of my questions and doubts in the past. I am very greatful for your site and i am def motivated to continue daily spiritual practice and also do good karma. I do have one remanining question for you.

    1) what is the probability that the timeline gets moved again later this year or next year? As of now the ww3 physical aspects will mostly start and finish in the 2019-2022 timeframe. Is there a chance that next year you may state that “god has decided to give more time to seekers” etc and move it ? Do you have any updates regarding possible timeline shift?


    • Dear Krishna, As of now we don’t have any more updates. If and when these are, they will be shared with readers in the respective articles.
      SSRF also holds weekly spiritual meeting or satsangs you can read more here,
      Satsangs help us remain rooted in spiritual practice and helps in persevering with efforts. We get to interact with seekers, learn new things and receive divine energy. These are free, in case you wish to join here is the link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • World war 3 will be global war or small wars.
    Also will be total war with nuclear destruction?
    Possible is come return jesus,khrisna,budha and lord kalki avatar ?

  • Why are you spreading false predictions about ww3?

  • hello respected .
    also what mean divine kingdom .
    after world war 3 will be global peace? or not, also again will come world war (armageddon) before destruction on the universe?
    blessed day.

  • after world war ,world will be destructed ?
    in next golden age satya yuga again will the begin history and world drama as reincarnation world souls?

    warm greetings.

  • good morning,.
    world war 3 will be as 1 world war and 2 world war

  • Good morning.
    My name is erol I will ask, World war 3 will be thermonuclear war or conventional war

  • Hey SSRF!

    A famous saint named Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri (guru of parmahamsa yogananda) said that we are actually in ascending Dwapara yuga and not kali yuga. He wrote that there was incorrect calculations regarding the length of yugas as well as their sequence. He wrote this in a book titled “The Holy Science” published in 1894. He claims that kali yuga is not 432000 as claimed but much shorter like only several thousands years. there were some scholars who have criticized his work. What does SSRF think about this? Can you please look into this and maybe ask your team or guru? Because this is a point on confusion and debate among people. SSRf seems to agree with the traditional figures of 432000 years for kali yuga.

  • Albert Einsten says: I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stone.

    It mean, will come again
    stone age ?

  • dear,world war 3 will be apocalyptic war

  • Can you please comment on terrorists attack on 14 Feb . Is this the beginning of world war 3?

  • Hi, after World War 3,a world religion for the whole of humanity will be created ?

    • Dear Robert, After World War 3 Humanity will turn towards one Spirituality and progressing spiritually.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Dear SSRF!

    what is the certainty that this ww3 will occur as predicted? 90%? 95%? Is there any chance it really doesn’t happen and we make a peaceful transition? I ask again because there is other schools of thought and spiritual sites that say we are in ascending dwapara yuga and not in kali yuga. They claim this is false info based on misinterpreting scriptures. They point to the technological advancement and increasing life expectancy of human beings. Lastly, why would the global elite destroy all the infastructure and relestate that they accumulated? They worked hard to build this evil society? why plan to wipe it all out? Who will they rule over then? There is so much conflicting information that its confusing and hard to trust completely what will actually happen. I trust you and either way i am continuing spiritual chanting practice.

  • Dear SSRF!

    I am curious about one thing? How do subtle sorcerers avoid bad karma? How do they maintain their power for thousands of years despite orchestrating so much pain and suffering on a global scale? Is it because they themselves dont perform the actions? Their slaves suffer the reactions? Do they cleanse the negative karma they do accumulate through meditation? I am just curious? I am already doing spiritual practice. Thanks

    • Dear Kris, The law of Karma is infallible and it is applicable to all. The subtle sorcerers or negative energies are not at peace with themselves, because they are not doing the spiritual practice with an aim of God realisation, but instead, they want to gain power. So while they may seem to be powerful, yet internally they are undergoing immense suffering. They are able to maintain their power for thousands of years because they do intense spiritual practice.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • I had a dream when i was 5. I was standing on the fence of my roof and was amazed by two big size eggs in a nest about a yard away on a slightly raised pillar, one egg was horribly looking black with white spots on it; other was absolutely golden and shining. I wasnt done looking at the eggs yet when i hear a thunderbolt in the sky; and to my surprise the sky was divided into two – one part was totally dark and there were thunderstorms and very bad lighting in that half of the sky and in the other half, it was total daylight and it was as bright as sunlight.
    The dream was is vivid even todate, i never forget it. Couldnt interpret it ever but it keeps reminding me of itself.

  • Dear SSRF!

    As i told you i am doing spiritual practice already. I am doing nama japa! My favorite nama is Rama! It is extremely powerful and after chanting few times my mind goes inward towards the self! I think you should do a article focusing on this great nama!

    Here is a link which gives a taste of this nama greatness. I think if your readers just chanted this morning just for 20- 30 minutes it can give immense benefits. If you already posted information on this issue i still suggest you try to make some info on the glory of this great name. I only tell this because i have found that this nama has been really effective.

    Here is a link if you want to share with your readers!

    • Dear Kris, We appreciate your sharing your experience with Chanting Lord Ram Name. Chanting has many benefits. Chanting is the base of spiritual practice and one of the steps of Spiritual practice in Path of Guru’s Grace. You can read more about the other steps in this link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • World war 3 will be nuclear apocalypse ?

  • Hi respected.
    What mean :World War 3 will be a nuclear apocalypse ?

  • I’m religious , and I would ask, With the advent of kalki , after 432000 years, will be another world war or lord kalki will coming in world war 3 ?
    Warm greeting.

    • Dear Katrih, Lord Kalki’s incarnation will not be in world war 3. After 432000 years, at the end of Kaliyug, there will be a dissolution of the universe.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Dear ssrf.
    World war 3 will be global apocslypse ?

  • Its 2019 and nothing suggest we may soon be plunged into ww3. There are tensions but i don’t see any really big signs that we will enter nuclear war in the next two years. You said 2019 is the starting year for things to get physical?

    • Dear Kris, This period is the period of war between good and evil and we cannot comprehend it just with the use of intellect. There are many subtle forces in action to prevent or reduce the impact of coming difficult period. what can help is increasing our efforts for spiritual practice and increasing spiritual strength to survive the upcoming period. As this takes time. So, the information is given to benefit the reader to increase the preparedness for the upcoming period.
      You may want to read this article,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Dear SSRF,

    Will world war 3 happen in between 2019-2023 or goes beyond 2023??? Many times in your articles it is mentioned It should happen before 2023 as new cycle starts from 2024.


  • dea.r team. ssrf.
    world war 3 will be global nuclear war in period 2020 -2023 yeas ?

  • Its 2019, and there are signs of the seeds of war being sowed at the psychological level among Powerful Nations.

    These signs are true as shown below
    In the beginning of 2019 there were skirmishes between Pakistan and India. Airstrikes and dogfights between these big boys.

    It seems that in the Middle East that negative energies are encouraging fanaticism among differing religions.

    There are tensions rising between Iran and the United States. Given the inevitable destiny that America will be going to war in World War 3.

    Iran is allegedly racing for nuclear weapons in the event of a stronger country like the United States.

    Gasoline shortages are also predicted on SSRF. For this to happen, the Middle East would have to be destroyed.

    Tensions are rising between China and the United States. Two near-par countries in physical power. It was also predicted in a past article that war would break out with Japan, US, and China.

    The prediction that countries will resort to nuclear weapons while they face near-defeat is true. Because, countries such as North Korea wouldn’t stand up to US physical power. While stronger countries such as China and Russia could.

    In the event that a big country like the United States was to face a decisive defeat. Their policy is to use tactical nuclear weapons. This could only happen against a country like Russia and China. The same applies the other way around. (unless its North Korea or Iran)

    I don’t believe big countries would be facing near-defeat as its even impossible for the United States to invade Russia like it was WW2.

    But, I do believe that the nuclear exchange between big countries would be instigated by negative energies. Clouding their intellect.

    From an intellect standpoint, it’s impossible for the United States to invade Russia and win. And it’s impossible for Russia to do the same. (even without nuclear weapons)

    The negative energies are doing their own demise. The nuclear war will cleanse the earth spiritually with raja-tama people dying in the war.

  • Who will rule the world when the divine kingdom is established. God will directly come to rule the world or God will power someone from this world to rule and establish peace.

  • Is there any countries that will not be affected by the war? And those who is kind and does not commit sins will survive WWIII right?

  • Hello dear ssrf. Third world war 3 will be global nuclear armageddon or not ?
    Warm greetings.

  • It’s ALMOST the end of 2019, and although we are seeing a lot NEGATIVITY and we have two constitutional crises in the US and the UK, we have not fallen down that rabbit hole where we have PHYSICAL WAR. Has there been any update by your master or guru?

  • Team SSRF,
    According to the spiritual science the war is inevitable. Saints, Prophets, Deities have predicted the upcoming times. On the other hand majority of the people are unaware of this fact and are completely engaged towards their attachments for wordly desires.
    In my opinion even I don’t want war to happen but it seems next to impossible. Even thinking about the crisis and the upcoming times is so painful and heart breaking. I feel like it would be better that God wouldn’t have given me birth in such bad times.
    Has war postponed? Is there any chance of not happening?

  • hello.
    world war will be nuclear global war or world war 3 not will be global nuclear war ?

  • good morning.
    because in the third world war nuclear weapons would be used, it would be the end of the world and civilization and humankind ?

  • hello ssrf!

    do you have any insight into this coronavirus ?

    • Dear Kris, In case of any major catastrophic event with worldwide effect, spiritual factors will be involved. In this case, similar to any other life’s events, spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies will be of help. SSRF holds weekly free online spiritual meetings to help seekers in their spiritual practice, in case you wish to register, here is the link,
      Warm Regards
      Team SSRF

  • No updates so far so i am assuming he prediction you have given for ww3 and the end date are still on as of now. Does it look like anything may change at all? has dr.arthvale given any kind of comments of any kind?

    One thing that still confuses me is why the elite would destroy the infrastructure of the major countries in this ww3. I know that they will try to hide in underground bunkers but why would they destroy so much of the technology and progress with nuclear weapons. I can understand them trying to wipe population by other means like forced famines and man-made diseases. Juts wondering about your thougts. I do spiritual practice as you recommend.

    • Dear Kris, It is nice that you are doing spiritual practice. The blog and the articles on the website are given with the intension that the reader realises the importance of doing spiritual practice to face the difficult period and to receive protection of God. Not to think too much of what is going to happen as we cannot comprehend it with our intellect. SSRF holds weekly free online spiritual meetings for seekers to help them in their spiritual practice, in case you want to register, here is the link,
      Warm Regards, SSRF Team

  • I wish your team a happy mahashivaratri!

    spiritual practice on this holy night is very powerful as you know. Hope all the ssrf members can take advantage and get lord shiva’s blessings. A famous astrologer and pandit said chanting om namah shivaya thousand times on this night will remove many problems that anyone maybe facing.

    saying arunachala shiva once is equal to crore(ten million) times om namah shivaya. so if your readers can stay awake all night on mahashivaratri(friday/sat) and chant it will be very good for their spiritual progress.

    • Dear Kris, We appreciate your suggestion. SSRF seekers receive a message to increase the efforts of spiritual practice and increase Chanting on this auspicious day. We wish you very best in your efforts of spiritual practice.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • hello,
    dear ,the use of nuclear weapons will bring about an apocalyptic world afterwards

    • Dear Rajan, After WW3, there will be a period of establishment of divine kingdom for many years to come. You have shared with you the links of SSRF articles along with the replies to the questions that you have posted on SSRF Youtube channel.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • team ssrf ,dear.
    what mean nuclear weapon in modern age nuclear weapon will ignite nuclear war ?

  • Dear SSRF, do you think the present coronavirus crisis is just a glimpse of things to come in next 3 to 4 years, and it may get really bad from now on.

    Or is it that it will unite the world more. I don’t think that after such a big crisis, countries will want to fight with each other so much. They will rather co-operate more. So third world war possibility looks bleak to me in near future.

    • Dear Kris, Coronavirus Pandemic is a part of the manifestation of coming difficult times (Apatkal. We have spoken about upcoming difficult times in the articles on Predictions and solutions to survive. SSRF has organised an online event Coronavirus: Your questions – Guru’s answers (14h CET / 6:30 pm IST) and Coronavirus: Your questions – Guru’s answers (4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time)on March 28th, You can register for them in this link,
      In the same link, you will find more online workshops, in case you wish to register.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • I have read most of the articles and blog many years back. They are all true. I believe in gross as well as subtle dimensions. Activities in subtle dimensions very beautifully explained by HH Athavale guruji. One must go through this site thoroughly and it will definitely lead to spiritual awakening.
    Considering today’s pandemic of coronavirus virus.( and many more disasters to see) it is true that spiritual practice is necessary.

    • Dear Suparna Kumar, We are grateful that you find the knowledge given on SSRF website beneficial. SSRF has planned Online spiritual events in the wake of current coronavirus pandemic, we urge you to register for them and listen to Saints of high order sharing the solutions to remain calm and focused on spiritual practice and to protect oneself from the possible attack.
      Coronavirus: Your questions – Guru’s answers (14h CET / 6:30 pm IST) and Coronavirus: Your questions – Guru’s answers (4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time) are organised on March 28th, you will find the link to register for these, on this link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • when will corona virus come to an end? People are saying this may last until september and some say hear and half. Also is it possible that god is using this virus rather than ww3 to cleanse way for satya yuga? when will this horrible virus end? are we still on track for ww3 or has plan changed? I hope a new article comes out soon with updated timeline.

  • Dear ssrf

    couple years back i got a email from your ssrf representative telling which year exactly we can expect nuclear weapons will be used. does that prediction still stand? I am just curious.

    you can tell answer to my email if u want. If u dont want to share again that is okay. I follow your site closely and take your articles very seriously including the chanting and daily spiritual practice.

    • Dear Kris, All the information that is there is given in the article on WW3 that you have already read. You may continue with your efforts of spiritual practice and spiritual healing and can increase efforts to develop spiritual emotion.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • is there any confirmation what year the nuclear weapons will be used?

    some astrologer said it will be used in 2021 and that war will start in august 2020. i know the ww3 already started in 2015 according to ssrf. you said ww3 will end in year 2023. does this mean the weapons will be used either in late 2022 or sometime in 2023? I think when they are used the war will come to end within weeks if not days obviously.

    it’s okay if you can’t answer but i was just curious. i am trying to do hour and half of spiritual practice everyday. thank you for the motivation and encouragement in these last days before the collapse of the kali yuga.

    • Dear Kris, It is very nice that you are trying to do spiritual practice every day. If you wish, you can also send your questions to the log in section of the website, under’ Ask a question facility’ Nuclear weapons will be used towards the end of the war. More important is to keep the focus on daily efforts and making efforts to develop spiritual emotion. Just wondering, if you attend any of the SSRF’s online events and Weekly satsangs? These help keep consistency and give correct direction to our efforts.
      You can see all the online events organised in coming few days on this link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • thank you for patiently answering all my questions.

  • dear , world war 3 and nuclear world war 3 are two different wars

  • Shubhampreet singh

    Hi, I want to ask if we as seekers can resolve continuously to improve the environment. For example after chanting and getting into meditative state I strongly resolve about rays of paramshanti(supreme peace) and paramlight(supreme light) from highest nirgun(non form) GOD raging across all earth plane making all souls on earth experience paramshanti and converting all 5 tatvas(5 Absolute Cosmic Elements) into paramtatvas(Supreme Elements), while doing so they are also decimating all negative vibrations of War and COVID-19. With it I also try to resolve that all of spiritual energy that is within me after chanting is now used up in this resolve. Will this help us as Seekers who can`t right now physically do anything to spread spirituality to at least have some effect on surrounding, of course I`m not at all a Saint or Guru whose resolve can alone change the world, but something is better than nothing, right? Should i continue doing this? Can this be considered little bit of samshati sadhna(spiritual practice for others)?

    • Dear Shubhampreet Singh, we can understand your desire to help samashti in this manner. Here the intension is good. You may have read in this article,
      That unless, we are at higher spiritual level like 70% and above, the resolve doesn’t turn into reality. In current situation, what will help more is focused efforts on Chanting the Name of God, Chanting Name suggested for prevention of Corona Virus, and making efforts of Personality defects removal and Awakening spiritual emotion as much as possible. At, our levels, we have expectations, negative emotions, so the resolve will not be strong enough. Making consistent efforts will help increase the spiritual level and we will be in a better spiritual and psychological states to face the ongoing situation for self and also help others. God knows our desire and our intension.
      Seekers are getting help in their spiritual practice from SSRF’s ongoing Online spiritual events and workshops, attending some of these will help in receiving Chaitanya, Spiritual healing as well as motivation for making more efforts, in case you wish to register, here is the link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • hi, dear,
    lord kalki avatar will participate in the third world war ?

  • what mean, dear :There is a significant time for Lord Kalki Avatar to happen.

  • Ww3 starts in jully 2020. Ww3 from 2020 to 2023. God krishna returned. He cleanse the earth. Ww3 starts from iran. God krishna(supreme god) lives in tehran. India in ww3 half population will perish.

  • dear,The struggle between good and evil ends in 2025 and will again reignite before the destruction of this universe,after the destruction of this universe a new one will be created again and then religion will reappear.
    whether with the arrival of avatar kalki will end all evil and when he should appear?

  • greetings
    I have been doing spiritual practice for almost 10 years and
    many saints say that the third world war is coming and if the second world war ended with the use of the atomic bomb, the third world war will start with the atomic bomb and whether the third world war will have two phases, an ordinary war and a nuclear war

  • who are the differences about 3 world war and nuclear war
    after the third world war nothing will be the same

  • Shubhampreet Singh

    Hi SSRF, your predictions seem to be coming true, because nobody had expected these times before start of CoronaVirus Pandemic. Even astrology is pointing towards the same thing, CoronaVirus will probably not be the end of it, according to Vedic astrology we will have multiple eclipses until September 2020,three of which are happening just in June 2020 only(1 Solar and 2 Lunar) and the planets which are in combination are creating multiple malefic yogs(possibilities) from death/assassination of some major world leader to shortage of food supply in world to some trouble coming from water, and rahu and ketu(known as nodes in western astrology) will also have significant impact during this time and their combination usually cause Violence and Wars. Now will all these things happen, maybe or maybe not, because astrology is a tool, we don`t know which Yogs will actually play out. But one thing is certain that bad times haven`t ended yet. Now does this mean we should be scared, nope because negativity will drag us in opposite direction as a matter of fact we should ramp up our spiritual practice, and those who haven`t started yet should start chanting maybe even by 5 Min a day.

  • hi,
    lord kalki will take part in the third world war,and the era of satyug begins ?
    world war 3 will end with nuclear apocalypse ?
    all people from all nations should unite together in prayer.

  • After World War 3, will be peace between all the countries or nations in the world

  • goodmorning
    the Third World War is already under way, Predictions by Nostradamus, a renowned seer from France also indicate that World War 3 will take place. Various sources have interpreted Nostradamus’ predictions and have inferred that World War 3 will be so terrible that first two World Wars will seem like child’s play, also,world war 3 will be global nucear war ?
    warm greetings.

  • ww3 starts in 2020 to 2023. India in ww3 half population will perish

  • Namaskar,

    I’m doing and also advising other people about the spiritual practices and techniques given by SRF , thank you for the valuable info. Also practicing Spiritual guidelines and practices given by other great gurus like Mahavatar Babaji and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. I’m practicing them from many years. we also have a linga bhairavi yantra which is helping us to do daily sadhana.

    I’m doing a job in IT sector and because of the job I’m unable to dedicate more time on spiritual practices, after reading articles from this site I’m thinking that doing spiritual practices is the first priority than anything in life.

    From past few months I have bee watching Mahabharath too, Krishna says that whole destruction in Kuruskshetra war is to recreate new life so that everyone can understand what is dharma and spirituality. so Im seeing the same situation now in our current world too.


  • s there any confirmation what year the nuclear weapons will be used?

    • Dear Luka, You will find the details of it in the article on coronavirus on SSRF website,
      This is from the article:
      There are many predictions from world leaders and the medical community about how long this coronavirus outbreak will continue. However, what is more, pertinent is that this pandemic is just the beginning of a series of events (which include natural and man-made disasters) that will plague humanity over the next 4 years. The period will culminate in the 3rd World War. From 2024 onwards the new era will start. While the world will be dealing with unprecedented levels of destruction and loss of life both from climate change and the 3rd World War – it will almost be like a reset button has been pressed for humanity giving us a second chance to make a better world.
      Hope this helps.
      Warm regards
      SSRF Team

  • Dear, history repeats itself, this war that follows is the Mahabharata war described in the ancient Vedas.
    also,in the article on Sanatan Sanstha is said,world war 3 will be global nuclear war,also after ww3 the will begin hindu rashtra ?
    what mean: hindu rashtra ?

    • Dear Cesar, What is meant by Hindu Rashtra is that majority will understand and start to practice Hindu principles. Hindu is an attitude, a way of life, Hindu means in Sanskrit ‘Hinani Gunani dushyati eti Hindu’ the one who is making efforts to reduce the spiritually impure components (Raja-Tama) and to increase spiritually pure component (that is Sattva) by the means of actively doing spiritual practice for spiritual progress is Hindu. So, it is beyond religion. Here, religion, caste, colour doesn’t matter. So, situation and environment will be more favourable for the majority to practice spiritually. Hope this helps. Please read about Sattva-Raja- Tama in this article,
      Warm regards
      SSRF Team

  • dear,you can tell about the corona virus, how it will end, because people are afraid of another virus after this

  • World war has begun as it said. Azerbaijan and Armenia started war September 2020 . Many big countries are involved in it. And this war is the everybody waiting for. And this will end with nuclear weapons used in end.
    Ww3 started
    Sept 2020 – 2024 CE
    Thanks you SSRF Team

  • Did you predict the start of coronavirus pandemic

  • World War III has already begun ?

  • any update so far?

    • No war will happen. Russia is not even able to crack Ukraine, do you think China etc will dare to attack India, or anyone will attack US.
      Climate change will happen, and gradually settle down.

  • Kevin Michael Marley

    Everything is in flux. Yes, there is a tremendous amount of negativity in the air. How will it disperse? Usually, through natural disasters and/or wars. We could disperse it through one hundred million people meditating. But we all know that won’t happen. As for WW III? Russia has lost and has been embarrassed. It hasn’t been fully reported but I would say by the absence of cyber strikes that they also lost in cyberspace. The US/Ukraine cyber experts faced off with Russia in the very beginning and more than held their own. This leaves us with China? President Xi would have to go for Taiwan which is feasible. But this may not happen. Also, I’m NOT nationalistic by any means, but the US has charged particle beam warfare at its disposal and many other unknown weapons. So my point is: IF WW III DOES NOT HAPPEN DURING THE NEXT THREE YEARS, THEN WHAT? (You just can’t have blind faith.)

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