Realisations on Karma (Destiny) and the Great Illusion

Dear readers, these days I had some realisations which I wanted to share with you all as they helped me a lot.
andrey1. Realisation on the connection between the Law of Karma and the sky full of stars

Probably, we all have spent some time looking in awe and amazement at the stars during clear nights. And when we look at the sky filled with stars, we see these stars at the present moment; however many of these stars that we see have changed or do not even exist anymore – as light travel takes time, sometimes even millions of years, to reach the Earth from some remote part of the Universe. So the stars we see could either be near or long gone past/history, although for us gazing into the night sky, these stars seem so real in this present moment.

In, the same way, whatever happens to us in life, and how we react to it, is a result of our many past impressions in the subconscious mind, some that were created more recently or some that may have been created over hundreds of past lifetimes. This is how the Law of Karma functions and how our past mixes with the present, shaping our current experience of life and reality.

2. Realisation on the connection between the Law of Karma and the opposition encountered while moving

When we are running in some open space, opposition from the air is felt but it is not strong, we can handle it easily. This is similar to our first births, when we did not have much Karma – we had the freedom to shape our future actions and change directions easily.

However, when we go into water and try to run, opposition from the water is much stronger then the opposition encountered when we move through air. So we need to put in much more effort to continue running, and changing directions is not as easy as before. This is akin to the births when we already had more karma – the free will is reduced and we need to put additional effort to make decisions and move through life. (Editor’s note: In the present time, average human being has 65% karma and 35% free will.)

If we try to walk through the mud, it is very hard to move; we cannot run any more – we have to put all our efforts to move and it is very tiring, so we are very limited in our movements. If the mud becomes too thick, we become captured in it. This is how people will be feeling at the end of Kaliyug, when people will have 100% karma and 0% free will. I also realized that Karma is similar to quicksand. If we do not use our free will towards spiritual practice and God realization, we end up being fully sucked and captured by it.

3. Realization on the connection between Maya and the merry-go-round

His Holiness Dr. Athavale several times mentioned how Maya, the Great Illusion has real power over us. This made me think about it and the picture of the merry-go-round appeared it my mind. Then the realisation came that even if the merry-go-round moves at the same speed, if we change our position and move away from the center of the merry-go-round, the centrifugal force becomes stronger. When the merry-go-round starts moving, initially it is fun, but soon the only thing we can do is to hold on to our seats firmly till the ride is over.

The same is with Maya. The more we are in it, the more power it has over us, and we just hold on to it to survive. Spiritual practice is similar to going back to the center of the merry-go-round or God, as the centrifugal force reduces and we can be freer. When we reach the center/God there is no movement, only peace and stability, and from that state of peace we can observe reality as we are not affected by Maya – the Great Illusion.

Hence, dear readers, we can put our maximum efforts into performing adequate regular spiritual practice as per the 6 basic principles to avoid being ‘pulled into the quick sand’.

– Mr. A. K. – Serbia, Europe

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