An intellectual way to comprehend the existence of the spiritual realm

Many people debate about the existence of the intangible spiritual realm and its immense influence on our lives. It is simply impossible to bring closure to this debate by the use of one’s intellect and modern research tools. The reason is that by definition itself the spiritual realm is beyond the understanding of the mind and intellect. Hence we cannot insist on getting evidence for it through physical instruments like photographic cameras and other electric and electronic gadgets. The spiritual realm can only be researched through spiritual research methodologies, which need a person’s activated sixth sense (ESP). Unfortunately it is rare for people to have an activated sixth sense.


So the dilemma whether the spiritual dimension really exists remains unanswered in most peoples’ minds.

A suggested way to resolve this dilemma is to inspect the outcome of applying spiritual remedies on problems in life.

Let us take the example of a person who has eczema on his hand that simply does not go away even after various skin specialists try to treat it for many years. Modern science views eczema as something that has happened due to some disturbance at the bodily and/or psychological level and hence directs treatment at resolving the disturbance.

Now let us suppose this person suffering from eczema was to undertake a spiritual remedy like chanting the Name of God and gets cured immediately.

The fact that the hand has got cured is a concrete, tangible event beyond dispute for all to see. Now comes the next step, how do we explain the cure?

Since the only new factor is the spiritual treatment, then by means of one’s intellect one can conclude that the cure is due to it. Since the spiritual remedy will act at a spiritual level, it follows that the root cause of the eczema was beyond the bodily and/or psychological level, i.e. it was at a spiritual level. Hence only a spiritual remedy could cure it.

Thus from examples such as the above, we can understand indisputably that the spiritual realm does definitely exist, even though we cannot see or feel it due to a lack of sixth sense (ESP) ability.

Having said this it will only be prudent to point out that just 2% of the spiritual realm can be understood by means of one’s intellect. 98% can only be experienced by one’s sixth sense.


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  • i really hated eczema because it does not look good and it is sometimes very itchy-;-

  • Good article. I agree that we only tune into a small portion of reality and that our instruments for measuring spiritual and paranormal phenomena fall short because they may only catch the more gross manifestations of said phenomena, if any at all.

    We need new measuring sticks that aren’t physical in nature. As you suggest, development of our extrasensory perception (ESP) will help us to better understand the subtleties of reality. Research will be more subjective in nature as we realize that it already is and that we can’t divorce ourselves from whatever it is we’re observing. It will actually be more participatory in that we will test things out by doing experiments on our own and comparing our “hard data” (subtle perceptions) with others for confirmation. Like the Matrix, you can’t be told what it is – you have to have your own experience.

  • Thanks Jack, we really appreciate your thoughts on this.

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