Miracles are not always what they seem

From time to time we are made aware of some supernatural happenings and miracles that happen all around the world. The miracles range from apparitions of deities or holy figures to salt-water turning to sweet water or blood oozing from religious artifacts.

The thing about miracles such as these is that they may not always be of divine origin. In the spiritual research that SSRF has conducted over many such cases, it has been observed that higher level ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) such as sorcerers are the cause of many such miracles. The sorcerers emit their black energy through the so called ‘miracle’ and as people throng to the miracle site the sorcerers possess them or adversely affect them.

In the case of a divine root cause, it is generally due to inferior deities to help people. If superior deities want to help society they never appear as an apparition or instigate supernatural phenomenon; but take an incarnation form.

For a miracle to happen or for us to perceive it, we need to have a very high spiritual level as well as very high faith. The present day society is sadly lacking to great extent on both counts. Hence one has to be very careful to confirm the genuineness of the miracle from a Saint of more than 70% spiritual level before believing in it.

Unless one has an advanced sixth sense (ESP), one cannot discern whether divine intervention or ghosts are behind a miracle. It is therefore best not to get caught up in the frenzy caused by a miraculous occurrence. Instead it would be prudent to concentrate on spiritual practice which is in accordance with the 6 basic principles of spiritual practice. In this way one, is able to develop ones own sixth sense and not be misguided by miracles caused by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.).



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