Why does God let bad things happen in our world?

Why does God let bad things happen in our world?

Exasperated by the Paris attacks, a friend of mine let out a cry, “Has the world gone mad? Why does God let bad things happen in the world?” Reading today’s newspapers it would really seem like that. As of 23 Nov 2015, more than 300 terrors attacks have been reported on Wikipedia in this year alone. That is almost one a day. This is not to mention the number of other crimes against humanity that are happening across the globe, which are not classified as terror activities but harm people nonetheless.

The Paris attacks of 13 Nov 2015 somehow drove the point home harder, that something is really wrong with the world and that all of us face a clear and present danger in our streets. The danger is real and can go off without warning. Yet even before the Paris attacks, the news headlines everyday have been just as dismal. One newspaper ran a story about a Yazidi woman who said, ‘I’ve been raped 30 times and it’s not even lunchtime’. In another country it is illegal to execute a young woman if she is a virgin. So she is married off a day prior to her execution so that she can be raped before she is executed. In another country women and children are being killed indiscriminately because they are not from a certain religion. In another developed country, funds and weapons are being supplied to radicals to destabilise certain parts of the world for its own political agenda. Yes, actually it would seem that the whole world has gone quite mad!

Recently the Archbishop of Canterbury was quoted in the BBC to have said that the terror attacks in Paris made him doubt the presence of God. If a leader of a faith can feel like this, then what hope is there for an average person struggling to keep faith in God and religion in such events?

Why does God allow bad things to happen - World War 3?

The above graph shows how the term ‘World War 3’ has recently been trending on Google amongst other terrorism related keywords. It is an indication that many people have begun to fear about their safety in a terror stricken world and are considering the possibility of a World War 3. With their faith shaken many are asking, “Why does God let bad things happen in our world? Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”  Is there is any end to the madness taking place around the world?

On SSRF we have gone into detail about the concept of destiny of a person and that people experience happiness or unhappiness due to the destiny they are born with. Destiny that we are born with presents to us situations and events in our life, which are beyond our control and by which we experience happiness or unhappiness. In the current era, an individual’s destiny accounts for approximately 65% of his or her life, while wilful action accounts for 35%. However, apart from an individual’s destiny, the collective destiny of Earth also has an impact on our lives. From the year 1999, the world has entered a dark phase in its history. In the years 2016 to 2023, the times will be especially severe. Along with a higher intensity of natural disasters, we will also have to face a horrific World War 3.

So, how exactly did we reach this low point?

When there is an increase in the spiritual impurity in society, the cycle of human history starts to slip into a trough. All of us are more or less to blame for this increase in spiritual impurity in the environment. This spiritual impurity is of our own making and is due to our personality defects and ego and a complete lack of spiritual practice that is as per universal laws. This gives rise to collectively a higher proportion of impure thoughts and actions or inaction in the world. As the world slips into a trough, it is further taken advantage of by negative energies from the spiritual dimension. Negative energies use people’s personality defects to turn people into lower forms of themselves and commit monstrous crimes against their fellowmen. As a result of all of this, the Wheel of Time begins to roll into a dark and terrible phase where each country will have to undergo an adverse collective destiny, some more and some less. Needless to say there will not be a country in the world that will not be badly affected.

In this dark period of the history of the world, events due to collective destiny has begun to exert a higher force in people’s lives than their individual destiny. In fact, in the years 2018-2023, the impact of collective destiny will be most severe and it will also act as a cleansing process where there will be a huge loss of human life and destruction. In this context, people around the world who are being unjustly hurt and killed are actually due to a combination of collateral damage of adverse collective destiny of Earth and their own individual destiny.

Adverse destiny is like a terrible load that we have to bear, but we have to remember that it is of our own making, due to improper use of wilful action in this life or in previous lifetimes. As per the law of the Universe, we all have to undergo our destiny. There is no escaping this. God does not come in the way of us undergoing our destiny, be it individual or collective. Just because bad things are happening nowadays as per the collective destiny of mother Earth which we, the human race have been instrumental in orchestrating, we should not doubt the presence of God.

So what then is the solution?

If due to our free will in our current life, we make efforts to reduce our personality defects and ego and increase our spiritual growth through spiritual practice, then we can nullify the effect of adverse individual destiny. If we take one genuine step towards God by trying to bring out the Divine in us through spiritual practice, then He takes 10 if not 100 steps to help us. By ‘spiritual practice’ it is important to note that it needs to be as per universal spiritual laws and not according to some myopic sectarian standpoint. God moves mountains to help and protect a true devotee who is committed and sincere about his or her spiritual growth. Due to God’s grace obstacles that a seeker/devotee faces at a physical, mental and spiritual level due to individual and collective destiny are easily overcome or at least one gets the strength to bear it. This is the importance of proper spiritual practice. For those people who will be fortunate to live to see the next decade, they will be pleasantly surprised to see that humanity will have learnt from its mistakes and will enter into a new period of peace and spiritual awakening. From the year 2023, the good cycle in the collective destiny of Earth will commence.

The world has been experiencing an unprecedented increase in the severity of global issues.

A global issue of utmost importance for all humanity, World war 3 is approaching at a fast pace.

Here is some practical information on what each of you can do to help the situation.

If you have any questions about World War 3 or in general, please contact us using our Live chat facility.



  • “Why does God let bad things happen in our world?” Take some time and assess a human being of the present time, who in truth should be called a human spirit, and tell me if there is any thing spiritual about man of today? The things that most occupy our minds today is anything but the state of our spiritual life in relation to God. The more people profess their faith and troop to churches the more there are increase in evil and tragedy around the world. Does this not tell us that solution to the world’s problem lies far away from church and religion. God’s Will was not to let bad things happen to us. It is we who brought about the horrible fate we face today. We moved away from God’s Will and choose our will instead. His laws which made sure we are supplied what we sow, is responsible for bringing back our fruits. Today’s world is full of hatred, anger, greed, lies, murder, slander, lust, dishonesty, insincerity etc. How can we expect to reap orange where we sow mango? How can we expect to harvest beans where we sow rice. If what we give our in the world is negatives, our world will be drenched with negativity. It is not God who allowed or brought this sordid state in the world, we ourselves.
    Besides, It will be noteworthy to mention here that the current events in the world today are as a result of the ongoing final judgment. Evil and tragic events will no more stop until every darkness is eliminated and destroyed. Any hope that man can help himself this time is very wishful, given the current trend. The only help is the Son of Man who has come to establish the kingdom of his Father here on our earth. Be vigilant and look out for him when his Star (Comet) will arrive on our sky to put to an end the rule of man and usher in the new time after purification.

  • I’m impressed, I must say. Actually rarely do I encounter a website that’s both educative and interesting, and
    I’d like to inform you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  • I wanted 2 thank u p’ple 4 da reseach u’re doing, in this curent world weve gone astry but by da false religious leaders, kindly go on en teach us may we can join da few 2 enter da heaven, GOD bles u…

    • Dear Daniel,

      Gratitude to God for everything.

      You can write to us through login facility for the questions you may have or we can assist you in your spiritual journey at any time.

      SSRF team

  • Bapurao Kulkarni

    we are generated from principles of God.we do not want sadness.then also childrens of God give pannic treatment to each other.Why

    • Dear Bapurao,

      What you shared is true. However, we all have to go through destiny which is a part of give and take account (Karma) we generated through many lives. As a part of destiny many things are evolved. Destiny is manifesting through happiness and unhappiness (Sadness).

      Since it is spiritual in nature, the only solution is spiritual practice. Through it we will reach our real state which is Bliss (anand).

      SSRF team


    Spirit Science Quote.

    • They fail because they become pray to nagatiive thoughts which have strong attraction to humanbeing in the life. They are kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankar (lust, anger,greed, attraction and false ego). It is the established fact that if a person becomes slave of any one of the acts of these five stated thoughts, he has to suffer correspondigly to the strength of the nagative thoughts he possesses and amount of these thoughts have been converted in to actions.

  • Why were two of my loved ones, both with kind and good hearts, afflicted by severe, years long depression, which killed them both at their own hands, four years apart. My faith in all powerful God has been shattered. Please, will somebody explain to me how God, who gives us life, can allow us to have such a terrible illness that they are lead to end their lives.

    • Dear reader,

      It is not easy when we loose our loved ones. In such situations it is not needed to blame God since every human being has his/her own destiny to go through and sometimes destiny is really not easy. Destiny is a part of give and take account (karma) and that account is accumulated from many lives until now.

      For better understanding about destiny (Karma) and how to overcome it we would suggest to study our articles through the link highlighted above. If you can implement something in your life it would be even more fruitful.

      If there are further questions, please write to us through our login facility and we will gladly assist and clarify.

      SSRF team

    • Negative energies dominate in the form of spirits to do such acts like suicides and facing accidents etc. one has to approach a competent spiritual person to get rid of such negative energies God has nothing to do with this

    • odebiyi Oluwaseyi

      How could one relate this in spiritual realm.? In 1993, precisely March 9, I was fasting during Ramadan and was helping to mend a broken door of my family toilet when attempting to temove nail from a wood the nail struck into the center of my right eye. I had to pull the nail by myself and all the water content of the eyes fell off. Efforts to resque the eyes were futile due to the fact that doctors in teaching hospitals in my country were on strike. That was how i became a one eyed man. This happened to me at my final in university.

      My confusion about the accident is that 1. This happened during a spiritual cleasening month. What kind of Karma was I resolving incurring such tragedic accident? How could one relate it with the law of give and take?

      • Dear Odebiyi,

        We are sorry to hear about what happened to you.

        It is not possible to always know why some things happen at certain moment, since we do not have the whole picture nor developed sixth sense to understand. Even that sometimes looks that such things should not happen when we do something spiritually beneficial like you did at that time, we may not know if this helped us because it can happen that we were supposed to have bigger problem as per destiny and that God actually saved us by minimizing the problem at that moment.

        This does not mean that we loose faith, but to continue with our spiritual practice and understanding will come one day if needed.

        Hope this helps.

        SSRF team

  • Dear Friend Duru,

    I have read your problems, which in fact is the problem of every humanbeing of todays time. In my opinion all the existing problems in the world today are generated by the quantum of negativity generated by the negative actions of the people in possession of negative thoughts. Now these negative actions are going to invite negative reactions which are going to cause more pain to humanity. The quantum of negativity has overpowered the positivity, untill the situation reverses situation are not going to change. The situation will only change when quantum of positivity is superseding the quantum of negativity.

  • The contents appers to be correct.Todays humanity filled with negativity will not easly understand positivity.Their spiritual cells which are contaminated have to be purified to grasp true positivity.What sugestion you have to achive this?If he is able to achvive purification, then only he will understand the meaning of Divine service and make a U turn from the setup.

    • Dear Prakashpillai,

      For the purification of every human being, proper spiritual practice (as per the 6 basic universal principles) is the solution. When a person does spiritual practice, not only that is purified but also spiritual growth happens, which positively is chanting our attitudes, thoughts and actions. Change is observed on all levels. Such a person influence people around self and society positively.

      More about spiritual practice please see here.

      SSRF team

  • I’ve been recording these events in a pdf document so that the world will have a recorded events of what happened in World War 3. I started with all the events in 2015 and countries involvement. I am working on 2016 WW3 battles.

  • I’ve downloaded the spiritual healing chants in preparation for WW3. As medicine will be hard to get in 2018. I’ve been enhancing my spiritual practice by chanting with more quantity.

    • Dear Travily,

      It is very good to hear that you have increae chanting, this is very important.

      If you need help, suggestions or you have any additional questions, please do write to us through login facility. We also have spiritual meetings (Satsangs) that you can register on this link, for enhancing your spiritual practice.

      SSRF team

  • To be the greatest you must be a servant to all.

  • The calm before the storm.
    The sun will go dim and the moon will not give its light.
    Time is upon time is now.
    Love one another or face the consequences of your own making.

  • How to take guru’s help for starting spiritual journey. Can I consider Shirdi Sai Baba as my guru. As I have no other to consider guru.
    Kindly suggest.

    • Dear Monika,

      It is nice that you wish to start spiritual practice.

      Guru is mainly a Teaching principle of God, which works through Guru’s in Physical body. From that angle all Guru’s are coming from a same source. Shirdi Sai Baba is not in the body anymore, but He can subtly guide you toward somewhere where you can get guidance in words because that we can easily understand (that is why there may not be coincidence that you are asking here about it), since it is not easy to understand guidance’s from a subtle dimension. Please study the article about Guru on this link for better understanding.

      What is shared on this website is under the Blessing of a Guru H.H. Doctor Athavale. There you can find articles ‘How to start your spiritual journey‘ and whole section about spiritual practice. Putting in practice what is shared there activated Guru principle/blessing and it is helping us further in our spiritual journey. If we continuously do and strive to progress spiritually, then Guru principle remains active.

      For further help or questions, please do contact us through our login facility.

      SSRF team

  • Period 2016-2023 predicted for world war 3 is correct. It will start from India as Kashmir issue today. We all should pray God for safety of globe.

  • Light shines from within all our hearts for even darkness can not hide from God when you look within and allow the light to shine on your desires and hardboard thoughts then you will put a stop to the negativity and truely touch all you come into contact with remember always that it does not cost anything to smile and be kind.

    • Dear Steve,

      What you shared is true 🙂 Only in day to day life it is not possible for everyone to be like that or even those who can, cannot do it every day.

      If a person does regular spiritual practice, then this will happen naturally more and more without any efforts, cleaning us on all impurities and one can overcome destiny. When this starts to happen on individual level it will spread all around as well.

      SSRF team

  • Hi

    How can you say that Kaliyuga wil end between 2023-2025?
    Do you have any proof for that?
    Some said the world will end on 2012 but it didn’t happen.
    I too believe in God.

  • God moves mountains to help and protect a true devotee who is committed and sincere about his or her spiritual growth.

  • minoo daruwalla

    Gone through this lengthy article,noticed one thing which elated me that all the names were of the Indian spiritual masters and their contribution / vision about ww3.
    I was left mystified wondering how is that there is not any mention about other nation’s spiritual masters,saints,high souls like from Tibet,and other countries.Should I infer that they are of different opinion,do not agree about WW3,that it is imminent,and its timings mentioned?How is that we do not hear from other nation’s saints,spiritual masters and that they have nothing to contribute towards this calamity?

    • Dear Minoo,

      The information published has been gained through spiritual research through the medium of advanced sixth sense. It is not our policy to comment on Saints from around the world. This is anyway of no practical benefit to a person’s spiritual practice. Also we suggest that you use this forum to ask questions that would help to increase your spiritual practice or how remove obstacles in your spiritual journey.

      SSRF team

  • Purnachandra Rao Peethani

    I would like to start spiritual journey and spread around. Help me with providing path.

    • Dear Purnachandra,

      Welcome to SSRF site.
      If you wish to start spiritual practice, we can recommend this article for some inspiring suggestions. If you have any questions or need any help, please write to us via login facility and seekers will gladly respond.

      Kind regards,
      SSRF team

  • Sometimes i feel that, those people who try to live a good life always experience badluck in life while those who live bad lives experience goodluck and always very happy. Am really confuse.

    • Dear Olivia,

      We can understand how you feel. Spiritual research shows that in this birth 65% of our life is destiny and 35% is wilful action. You can read more about destiny and how it impacts us at this link

      For any more questions please feel to ask the same on SSRF login facility.

      Warm Regards
      SSRF team

  • This article really disclose the fact about creation and expectation, show that very problem we are facing on earth are caused by our intend to get what is morethan our destiny …the expectation laid on when will It be and what ,End of All Weaked ????

  • Changing ourselves will change bad destiny that is losing ego and surrendering to God with purification and tha come through regular Prayer with the attitude of humbleness, gratitude and faith, Spiritual Practice and Service

  • I have always since a little girl have had a problem with the “G” word especially calling “G” a “he.” I wouldn’t think “G” has a penis, right?

    I have been shown in meditations and dreams that there is no one “G” but there are several Creators that created HUmanity. Our Creators do not judge or punish.

    Everything this article describes sounds like it came from the Christian Holy bible. Why is that? I also thought that the prophecies such as the book of revelation in the bible was either untrue or already happened?

    I understand that the site caters to everyone’s belief systems, but i also thought that the Spiritual Researchers in charge of the site has learned that what Christianity teaches is incorrect so this article is confusing to me. Another article on this site says; “One of the criteria of spiritual growth is going beyond sectarian spiritual practice (that is belonging to any one religion) and taking up progressively higher and subtle spiritual practice.”

    And i do know many of these violent “disasters” such as the Paris attacks are hoaxes carried out by the evil controllers of this world designed to make the masses think that violence is getting worse and worse so that it creates panic, fear, chaos and negativity which also gives them an excuse to take away our firearms. This has been revealed in many mass shooting cases where crisis actors and actresses have been identified!

    • Dear Misty, A warm welcome to SSRF site. There seems to be some different understanding of this blog. This blog helps in understanding spiritually the reason behind lives situations, are destiny or willful actions and need for spiritual practice in current times. We have few articles on the website that may be of help to you,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Hello dear ssrf.
    World war 3 will be apocalyptic war ?
    Full nuclear conflict ?

  • Thanks you dear. And what mean: “apocalyptic war ” because with arrival on the lord kalki will be apocalyptic war, after 432000 years ?
    Warm greetings.

  • And to think that all i ever wanted from God was to hopefully meet the right good woman to settle down with, instead of being single and alone today by myself. God created just too many rotten evil low life loser women nowadays unfortunately, especially when many of us good single men will just try to start a normal conversation with a woman that we would really love to meet which they will even Curse at many of us men for no reason at all and just walk away. And i know a few other friends that had it happened to them as well. Obviously why so many of us good men are still single today when we really should’ve never been. Too bad that God wasn’t smart enough to create women like the old days when most women back then were very old fashioned and real ladies, which is why finding love back then was very easy compared to today. What in the world happened to these very pathetic women today? No wonder why our family members were very extremely lucky and blessed when they met one another in those days. Unfortunately many of us men were just born in the Wrong Era.

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