Unprecedented number of daily visitors to ssrf.org

graphOn 15 Apr 2014, SSRF.org received an unprecedented number of visitors to its website. The website was visited by 31,754 people which was 127% over the usual 14,000 daily visitors. While Google does not provide clear data on the exact keywords that contributed to the extraordinary spike in traffic, we suspect that the increase was due the total lunar eclipse and full moon that occurred on 15 Apr 2014. SSRF has articles on both events and discusses a spiritual perspective on eclipses and full moon. Key phrases were such as ‘meaning of eclipse’ (ranked #2 in the US), ‘meaning of lunar eclipse’, ‘lunar eclipse spiritual meaning’ and ‘full moon effects’ and some of the large volume key phrases that SSRF ranks highly for in Google’s search engine results. What is also interesting is that one third of the day’s visitors (over 10,000 of the 31,754 visits) came from Spanish languages from various countries in North and South America. Mexico, Argentina and Colombia were the main Spanish language countries.

When we compare year-on-year traffic growth of SSRF, it is a remarkable 92% increase over an already high traffic base the previous year. The extraordinary growth of traffic of SSRF.org is a testimony to the high quality knowledge that is available on SSRF, which the world has been waiting for. All this would not be possible without the grace of His Holiness Dr Athavale.

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  • i was reading an article on world war 3. there were mentioned of ethers were battles are waged and which in turn is effected in real world. and this saints are fighting this war at spiritual level and % were mentioned of there spiritual capabilities. Where did they gather such spiritual energy and who are they fighting with any names on that.
    There is mentioned of people with low spiritual energy who will be easily possessed by demons because of low spiritual energy. why give certain level of guide line as to harness divine spiritual energy so that indian are not fall victim of that. are various disciplines united on this front.
    We in india are more materialistic this is narrow opinion maybe. you see astrologers giving various solutions to counter individual effects to have better life does that is selfish act does this effect the war with evil.
    than there is ELF low frequency signal which can mimic brain wave and put with ill effect to destroy.
    there is pitru lok We only deal with dead or appeasing them and there desire which are never ending can we not eliminate them from system itself.
    we have caste. we cleaning acts are considered as low dignity jobs. you know what i mean.
    i m not much of reader but that article raised few stupid questions in my mind i m illerate myself.
    i have seen saints giving shrimad baghvad katha were in 3 hours they tell something about Lord Srikisna. i donot know with what spiritual energy they give lecture because it is more of formalities than anything. they donot tell the true teaching of krishan fighting evil.
    i have experiences that forget about evil i think our dieties are more into fighting with themselves i may be stupid i grow crazy when i read more.
    what is valid in kalyug what is truth what is bigger pitcher, what is greater good.
    are we lost.

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