Total Lunar eclipse ‘Blood Moon’ is NOT a sign of the end of times

Total Lunar eclipse ‘Blood Moon’ is NOT a sign of the end of times

On 28 Sep 2015 there will be both a full moon and a total lunar eclipse. The peculiarity about this celestial event is that the moon during the total lunar eclipse will adorn a crimson shade and people have nicknamed it the ‘blood moon’. During a total lunar eclipse, the Earth covers the moon from the direct light of the Sun. In such a configuration of celestial bodies, the reason why the moon has a reddish hue is because when Sun’s light travels through the Earth’s atmosphere it refracts, thus causing a reddish hue over the moon. This phenomena which is known as the Rayleigh scattering effect is also seen every day during colourful sunsets where the Sun may take on different shades of red, orange and gold.

Lunar eclipses usually do not occur in any specific order. However, every once in a while, four total lunar eclipses happen in a row. This is known as a lunar tetrad. This ‘blood moon’ on 28 Sep 2015 is the 4th lunar eclipse in this lunar tetrad. Such an event does not happen frequently and according to NASA, the next time a lunar tetrad will occur is in the years 2032 to 2033.

There has been a lot of speculation and prophesizing that this celestial event of the 4th ‘blood moon’ in 2014-2015 will signify an end of time or an end of planet Earth or the end of life as we know it. From Spiritual Research undertaken by SSRF, the severity of none of the above prophecies is true. The following points clarify what we have learned from spiritual research about this event and the current times.

  1. This celestial event holds no special significance in the current times.
  2. During full moon days and eclipses there is an increase in the amount of spiritual impurity in the environment.
  3. Contrary to what some predictions have specified about this ‘blood moon’, there will be no catastrophic collision of a giant asteroid with planet Earth during this period and life on Earth will not be annihilated. The world will continue for another 427,000 years until the end of Kaliyug, which is the current era of the Universe.
  4. However, SSRF reiterates that the human race is going through challenging phase in its history. The years 1999 – 2025 signify a transition phase in the history of the world. An intense battle in the spiritual dimension between the forces of good and evil and an increase in the spiritual impurity in the environment will affect all life on Earth. The alarming and steady rise of natural disasters such as volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, and wildfires, is a direct consequence of an increase in the spiritual impurity created by negative energies and the timing of a change in era. These same negative energies from the spiritual dimension are influencing man to go to war against their fellow man.
  5. In the years 2015 to 2025, the times will be especially adverse with skirmishes, revolts, civil war, and natural disasters and will likely culminate in a Third World War where weapons of mass destruction will be used. With the possible use of nuclear weapons in this war, a sizable proportion of the world’s population will be annihilated. In these years as the Raja-Tama or spiritual impurity will be significantly higher on Earth accordingly, the adverse spiritual effect of an eclipse, a full moon, and a new moon will be amplified.
  6. From 2026 onwards in the wake of the Third World War, for those of us who will survive, we will see the start of a new era. It will be a period of spiritual renewal and spiritual awakening. This more enlightened period will last for almost 1000 years.

The purpose of this blog ‘Total Lunar Eclipse – Blood moon’ is not to instil fear in people but to simply act as a reminder that in order to endure these severe times it is important to have spiritual strength. When one makes sincere efforts to grow spiritually one is protected by God. Due to one’s spiritual practice and spiritual level, the severity of events due to take place where one stays can reduce, thus saving other people living in that area. Alternatively if there is some destruction due to take place where a deserving seeker stays, he or she may get a thought to leave that place in the nick of time.

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