Three good reasons to donate to SSRF

SSRF has been conducting spiritual research on an ongoing basis for 20 years to find out the root causes of various problems in life and their solutions. We have been sharing these findings with the world free-of-charge. Running a website and organising events for the spread of this Spiritual knowledge free-of-charge does take up substantial financial resources. The cost of human resources however is the most expensive overhead. Seekers volunteer their services to SSRF as part of their service to God. It is for this reason we have been able to manage on shoe string budgets.

As a non-profit organisation, SSRF is always looking at ways to reduce its operating costs. For example, almost all the computers and equipment at the SSRF ashrams used to document spiritual research are second hand or have been donated. We collect one-side-used paper from offices and use the blank side to document research findings before recycling it.

chequeAs we open up our Online Payment Gateway for accepting donations to SSRF, we decided to list some reasons why you may want to make a donation:

1) The information that SSRF publishes has immensely benefited many people and perhaps even you personally. By donating, we extend this benefit to many others by helping this information to reach more people across the world.

2) Donating is a way of expressing our gratitude to God for the solutions we have gained to life-long problems.

3) Sacrificing a small part of our material wealth for a spiritual cause helps our spiritual progress.

If you would like to share your reasons with everyone on why you want to donate – please write to us, and we may add it to the list!

Do see our Donation FAQ section for more details on donations.

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