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On 26 January 2014 by God’s grace we launched a new version of the SSRF website. This is the 3rd version since we started the website in January 2006. Over the past few years, the visitors to our website have increased manifold. In line with technological advances, many of our readers now visit the website from their mobile devices. We have kept this in mind while redesigning the website and we have made efforts to make it more mobile friendly and faster to download. Over the next few weeks we will continue to optimise the website to be fully compatible with mobiles and tablets.

We have also restructured the website navigation to better serve the needs of our readers. An important aspect is that we have introduced tagging of articles on the website so as to provide our readers with an immediate view of the breadth of topics on the SSRF website. This is available via the “Explore topics” link at the top of the website and the new menu navigation. We expect all articles to be tagged shortly.

Over the next few weeks, we will be migrating the all the other languages to the new format. We encourage you to have a look at the new website. We have over a hundred seekers doing satseva on various aspects of the website. If you would like to help us translate the knowledge on this website, do contact us through ‘post a comment’ facility available in your member profile on the SSRF website.

The inauguration of the new version of the SSRF homepage and website comes just after the eighth anniversary of the site. Below are some statistics of the successful 2013.

    • In the year 2013, 2.5 million visitors came to the SSRF site out of which 80% were new visitors. They spent over 150,000 hours in reading or studying SSRF website. Eight articles in English  were published this year, increasing the total to 488
    • This year SSRF has started publishing articles in Macedonian, Bulgarian and Chinese languages, increasing the total number of non-English languages to 15. Visits to some languages increased manifold, compared to 2012, as follows:
      Language Visits in 2013 Visits in 2012
      Spanish 200,000 29,000
      German 154,000 39,000
      Indonesian 150,000 8,000
      French 71,000 13,000


    • There is a steady increase in online prasar occurring through the medium of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media. There is regular interaction occurring by newcomers and regular followers. The number of Facebook fans has more than tripled this year, and there are now 33,000 fans. In 2013, 146,000 visits to the SSRF website came from Facebook, compared to 61,000 in the previous year. On average, we publish 6 posts daily and there are approximately 15 comments to each post.
    • Another avenue through which many people have learnt about the unique spiritual research of SSRF is SSRF’s YouTube Channel. This year 1.5 million people viewed SSRF educational videos on various spiritual topics. Several videos on different aspects of sattvik living such as diet and drinks, harmful Halloween practices were released.
    • This year SSRF received a grant from Google for promoting our website on Google’s advertising network. The value of the grant is approximately 10,000 US dollars on a monthly basis. Through this medium, SSRF received 0.25 million visits.
    • The SSRF Shop is receiving orders for Holy texts and incense sticks on a regular basis.
    • By the grace of God and His Holiness Dr. Athavale, SSRF held its first International Web Conference on the topic of Divine Particles on 14 May 2013. The web conference was broadcast over SSRF Livestream. Many viewers felt a lot of gratitude for being able to see this Web Conference and ask questions. Some viewers got so inspired during the conference that they wanted to start spiritual practice instantly and were helped in that direction. Before and even during this web conference, some seekers were finding Divine particles on their body or in their home and sharing this with SSRF seekers on Livestream chat.
    • A number of readers have asked SSRF a question about their understanding of spiritual topics and sought advice about their spiritual practice. Every month we receive around 300 questions from India and around 200 questions from many different countries (like USA, Canada) Africa, Europe, etc from all parts of the world, approximately a third of which are questions asked in German, Serbian, Croatian and other languages.

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