Are my tears due to spiritual emotion?

How to recognize whether tears are due to spiritual emotion or emotion? In cases when a person is possessed, is it the person who is crying or the possessing entity who is acting?

1. Crying due to spiritual emotion (bhāv)

A. Tears are due to spiritual emotion (bhāv) if they occur while chanting and while thinking sāttvik thoughts.

B. Sometimes one cries even when no thoughts are there, but the mind is happy. This is due to unmanifest bhāv.

C. If the tears are due to bhāv, then the body feels light, the eyes become bright, the mind is energetic and feels like doing a lot of satseva.


2. Crying due to emotion

A. When one feels like crying due to the memory of some family member or due to some instance which has happened, then it is due to emotion.

B. If the crying is due to emotion, the body becomes heavy, one feels drowsy and feels like sleeping or feels that the head and the eyes are paining.

3. When the possessing entity acts like he/she is crying

A. Ghosts act like they are crying, to fool others.

Many times we cannot make out if the possessing entity is crying or the person is crying. To find out, put the person in front of a mirror. If the crying is due to a ghost, it will stop crying and start fighting with the mirror. This way we can make out whether the ghost is acting or the person is crying.

B.The ghost never looks at the crying face in the mirror. Such a person puts their head down in front of the mirror and cries. Thus we can find out who is crying.

C. If the possessing entity (māntrik) is crying, do not waste time in trying to understand the person at a psychological level. Guide them to do spiritual remedies, take them to a sāttvik place or a temple or light incense sticks and put boxes around them and sprinkle vibhuti water or Holy water.

[Compiled from SSRF’s spiritual research – 2009]


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  • Sattva, Raja and tama was explained to me through my sixth sense. I did a google search and found your website 🙂

  • Cry may be because of seeing God’s Grace..But still felt heaviness..What to do

  • I appreciate your efforts in putting up messages like this, to be Frank, something like this has been happening to me but no one to help me to start the journey. I will love to get involve in the Spiritual practice journey of which I know I have a call on that.

    • Dear Ogechi,

      Welcome to SSRF.
      We are glad that you find our articles and blogs beneficial.

      Please see our article ‘Start your spiritual journey‘ to find inspiring suggestions on how we can begin our spiritual practice. If you need any help or have any questions, please write to us via login facility on our site.

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  • I have a little story and questions based on the Crying things. There was a woman who came to church for Thanksgiving on how God healed her from sickness of two years! the family bought so many items for the Thanksgiving service but when she got to the church alter, she begin to thank the Pastor for his assistances and she is at same time crying her family members beg her to stop and she refused not until they remove microphone out of her mouth, My spirit was not at rest because I know that something is wrong, I begin to perceive that something strange is about to happen, long story short,,after some days the information reaching us is that she is dead.

    My question is does this mean that she is already dead in the Spiritual realm before coming for Thanksgiving service?

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