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Brochure-Spirituality-books-590x219The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) is dedicated to providing spiritual knowledge to the world. Apart from the website, a wide variety of Holy texts is available in the SSRF Shop.

Some of the salient features of these Holy texts on Spirituality are:

  • Due to God’s grace, these books on Spirituality contain Divine consciousness (Chaitanya)
  • Knowledge in these Holy texts is absolute, due to in-depth study of Spirituality
  • Spiritual science in these Holy texts is novel and not found elsewhere

SSRF is planning to publish a brochure that outlines the features of these Holy books on Spirituality with the aim of disseminating the treasure of spiritual knowledge to the world.

The brochure will be printed on 24 pages of high-quality, full colour A5 size paper. It will be made available across US, Canada, Australia, Europe and a number of other countries.

To support the publication of the brochure, we are inviting 3 advertisements of 350 USD each on the inner front, inner back and back pages. If you would like to place an advertisement for your business, company or as an individual, please contact [email protected] by 20th December 2011 with the following details:

1. Name of business
2. Address
3. Email ID
4. Basic artwork for the advertisement

After this date you can also support the publication of the brochure by donating. For donations, please use the Donate facility on our website.

Update: The funds for SSRF’s publication (brochure of Holy books on Spirituality) have been successfully raised. If you still wish to donate, you may do so.

Update on 21st January 2012 | Brochure is published!

Browse the brochure online and recommend it to others

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