SSRF website visitors cross 400,000 visitors in one month – April 2014

For the first time in one month SSRF crossed 400,000 visitors in April 2014 even though it is just a 30-day month. The website has experienced an extraordinary increase in visitors over the past 2 years which is shown in the graph below.
45% of the visitors coming to the website in April 2014 use mobile and tablet devices. SSRF expects this trend to grow as the website is made more mobile friendly. Last year in the same month only 27% of the visitors came from mobile devices.

We express gratitude to God for the opportunity to serve society through this website.

– Sean Clarke, SSRF Editor



  • I love you Spiritual Research Foundation 🙂

  • Gratitude to God

  • Underrated site. Waiting for updates 🙂

  • Hello,

    What a great number of visitors Spiritual Research Foundation is getting. I wish for more success of Spiritual Research Foundation in future.

    Dr. Diana Hardy

  • Okay so I know this is a little off topic but sometimes I see myself doing something that happened in the future like going to church, or picking up my room but I think it might not be Me doing it or it might be me I’m not sure I just need a little help understanding why I see the stuff and am I the only one that does see this stuff I hope somebody answers.

    • Dear Alicyn,

      Reasons for this can be different. For example, it can be due to sixth sense developed to some extent and it can be also given by some subtle body as well.

      To understand your question better and to answer you better please write to us through our login facility in a bit more details and we will reply.

      SSRF team

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