SSRF seeker Mr Dejan Glescic attains Sainthood

SSRF seeker Mr Dejan GLescic attains Sainthood

On 3rd January 2020, Mr Dejan Glescic from Serbia, who has total dedication to spiritual practice and spiritual emotion (bhav), attained the spiritual level of 71% and thus became an SSRF Saint. The blissful ceremony to felicitate him reaching Sainthood was held at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, India. In attendance at the ceremony were 65 seekers from 21 different countries, with many others joining the live broadcast from all over the world.

From a young age, Mr Dejan Glescic had intense curiosity and desire to learn about Spirituality, even though he grew up in a socialist country where Spirituality was not practised. He commenced spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF in 1999 together with family members Mrs Dragana Kislovski, Mrs Yoya Vallee and Mr Cyriaque Vallee. All of them have dedicated their lives to Spirituality and Mr Cyriaque Vallee has attained the stage of Sadguru in 2019, meaning his spiritual level is between 80-89%. Many seekers have shared that this is a unique example of a spiritual family.

Over the years as service to God (seva), Mr Dejan Glescic helped spread Spirituality by conducting spiritual lectures and workshops, having responsibility for SSRF website improvements, helping the spiritually curious and nurturing seekers. He persevered throughout his journey despite various obstacles and distress caused by negative energies. For many years he remained dedicated to reducing his personality defects and ego.

Seekers at the ceremony shared about the spiritual qualities they observed in Mr Dejan Glescic, such as his desire for others’ progress, leadership, intense desire to change, sacrifice, introversion and merging with God’s mission. Seekers also shared how he immediately implements suggestions for improvement and that he has an immense desire to help others and spread Spirituality all over the world. Seekers noticed that he always shares at the spiritual level and with the intention to help others.

The atmosphere at the ceremony was filled with Divine energy and seekers experienced spiritual emotion and Bliss and felt as though they had been transported to a higher Divine region. All seekers got inspiration and learning as Mr Dejan Glescic shared experiences from his spiritual journey and about the qualities of many other seekers whom he was learning from.

Paratpar Guru (a person at or above the 90% spiritual level) Dr Athavale sent a message about Mr Dejan Glescic which was read at the ceremony:

“It is very difficult to do spiritual practice while staying in the spiritually impure (Raja-Tama) environment abroad. However, due to his intense desire, Dejan made all the efforts of spiritual practice with dedication and perseverance. With the qualities of introversion, a studious attitude, being in a state of learning and the desire to change himself, Dejan made PDR (personality defect removal) and ego removal an integral part of his life. I am certain that the further progress of His Holiness Dejan Glescic will happen equally rapidly.

He practised this process so well that he would get the spiritual experience that the process of PDR was going on even in his sleep. This is really amazing. Only because of his intense desire, positive changes started happening in him. The speciality of Dejan is that he complemented his introspective attitude with action and service to God by spreading Spirituality (samashti seva). Hence, he started progressing rapidly from the year 2012. In the year 2015 he attained the spiritual level of 61%.

Dejan, with the qualities of love for others (prembhav), spiritual emotion, intense desire for God and perseverance, has reached the spiritual level of 71% and become an SSRF Saint.”

Currently, H.H. Dejan Glescic is guiding seekers in spiritual practice at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, India and taking care of SSRF activities worldwide. He also travels to different countries to support spiritual seekers while spreading Spirituality.

We pray that more seekers gain the opportunity to learn from H.H. Dejan Glescic and derive benefit in their spiritual practice.



  • Hi..isnt he your 6th saint? or more? sorry i saw a previous article from 2019 that said a woman became the 5th saint?

    • Dear Philip, How are you? In the year 2019, P Shilpa Kudtarkar became the 4th Saint of SSRF and this year, P Dejan Glescic became the 5th Saint in January 2020.
      Hope you are doing well in this current corona situation. SSRF had been organising Online events for doing collective chanting and to share spiritual perspectives on covid19 pandemic, you may want to register for these events, these are very beneficial, here is the link to register,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Bhanu Prakash Bireddy

    How to become Saint please

    • Dear Bhanu Prakash, Welcome to SSRF site. In seekers spiritual journey, reaching Sainthood is an important milestone. One starts by doing daily efforts of spiritual practice based on spiritual principles and which is most conducive for growth in current times. SSRF helps seekers in their spiritual practice, inputting various steps in practice. The beginning steps are Chanting the Name of God, participating in Satsangs, and doing spiritual healing remedies. You can see the steps to begin the spiritual practice on this link,
      Also, Spiritual healing remedy like saltwater remedy and box remedy helps reduce the built of black energy on our body, mind and intellect. This helps in overall growth, you can read more about it here,
      Warm Regards,
      SSRF Team

    • Yes i want to know how you possibly can aappy a percentage to someone’s spiritual attainment?
      Which marks can a regular human appky to a Seeker in order to give this label? Such understanding can only be done by another realized master. The Bhagavad Gita says only an enlightened being can recognise another enlightened being…so can you explain how you have calculated such a percentage???

      • Dear Nitya Sri, It is the truth that ‘The Bhagavad Gita says only an enlightened being can recognise another enlightened being…’.Paratpar Guru Dr Athvale guides us towards the knowledge when a seeker due to his or her consistent efforts in spiritual practice and sacrifice and increased spiritual emotion reaches the level of Sainthood. Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale is the disciple of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj with whose blessings the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) was established. He guides the spiritual research team at SSRF. He continuously guides seekers through various mediums of teachings to aspire them to continue with their efforts to reach the higher and higher level of spiritual growth.
        You may also want to read an article on ‘His Holiness Cyriaque Vallee’s path to Sainthood’ on SSRF website at this link,
        Warm Regards
        SSRF Team

    • Can you please explain who has created a method to determine a percentage level of 71% and hoe can these qualifications even be determined? The Bhagavd Gita says that only an enlightening person can recognise another enlightened being.
      So, how can you create any such determining factors? And what makes up the statistics?

  • Hello, what is formula of measuring spiritual level?

    • Dear Linas, There is no such gross formula. Only Saint at a high spiritual level can understand seekers progress and spiritual level due to the knowledge of subtle dimension. Paratpar Guru Dr Athvale who is the inspiration and Guide to SSRF’s seekers gives this knowledge about SSRF’s seekers progress. In case you wish to know more about the understanding of the spiritual growth and spiritual progress, it is given in detail in this article, ‘what is Spiritual Level?’ on SSRF website at this link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • I live in Lagos Nigeria. I want to know
    1. Does following a guru deprive a person from practicing spiritual science
    2. How can I get to participate in SSRF spiritual practice from Nigeria Lagos

    • Dear Felix Onome Ahante, The Guru is a principle, it is the guiding principle of God, and is constantly active in helping seekers of spirituality in their spiritual practice. Initially, the seeker may be able to make some progress without Guru’s guidance but in later stages of spiritual practice, one needs the Guidance of Guru principle, which comes in many forms. In fact, without Guru’s Grace one cannot move to higher levels of spiritual progress. In SSRF seekers receive this guidance through various levels of Satsangs, conducted by seekers who are at a higher spiritual level.
      It is nice to see your desire to do spiritual practice. Seeker can follow the steps of spiritual practice, wherever he may be, place is no restriction. You will find the beginning steps of spiritual practice in this article,
      You can register for SSRF’s online Orientation Satsang that is held weekly and can register for this on this link,
      Currently, SSRF is holding Online events on various topics that help us in our spiritual practice, you can register for any of these on this link,
      Hope this helps.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Archana ratnaparkhi

    Autosuggestions and remival of ego seema most signifucant stage in spirituality .
    Can we know more on how H.H.Degan praticsed thus process?

    • Dear Archana, It is nice to see your desire to understand more about personality defects and ego removal process, as these pose major obstacle in seekers spiritual progress. H.H. Dejan and for that matter any seeker follows the same process, the steps of it are given in various articles on this link on website,
      Seekers receive practical help in implementing this process, get answers to their questions and clarification to their doubts in SSRFs online free satsangs held weekly, in case you wish to join and take help for in your efforts, you can register for Orientation satsang to begin with, on this link,
      Are you currently doing any spiritual practice?
      SSRF is currently holding Online events on various useful spiritual topics, in case you wish to attend any of them, you can register on this link,
      Hope this helps.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

    • Archana ratnaparkhi

      Namaskar SSRF team
      Yes I got to know about sadhana nearly 19 years back.
      It took 19 years to know that this is a very disciplined way to know GOD.
      I stay in Pune and by God’s grace ,we do have sadhaks in Bibwewadi ,Pune .
      I have just started my first step towards writing my defects.
      I feel they are numerous and so out of curiosity just wondered that how one (like H.H Dejan or Sadguru Sean)attains such a high spiritual level so early in life?

      • Dear Archana,
        As you may already know, in the Path of Guru’s Grace, Grace, Sankalp, Protection and consistent guidance of Guru principle helps in seekers real spiritual progress. In this path, a seeker can progress 1% per year. when steps of spiritual practice are put into practice daily with an increase in the sacrifice of body, mind and intellect, the progress can be as rapid as anywhere from 3-4 %, to 8% per year.
        It is very nice that you have started making efforts for personality defects removal. God looks at our efforts and our sincerity and our desire for progress. Hope you know about other aspects of spiritual practice such as Seva, Chanting, attending Satsang’s and Spiritual healing remedies.
        P. Dejan and Sadguru Cyriaque dada have been doing spiritual practise, both individual and collective spiritual practice, diligently for the past many years.
        As Sadguru Anjali Gadgil Kaku shared in one guidance that What helps a seeker is when we compare ourselves with us, how we were a few months ago. Also, giving regular review of our efforts to guiding seeker from the point of taking help in where we are falling short helps speed up the progress.
        We wish you the best in all your efforts of spiritual practice.
        Warm Regards
        SSRF Team

  • Congrats Mr. Dejan
    As long as his holiness and SSRF giving good things to society, i will support them whenever i can 🙂

    • Dear Peppy, we are happy to see your enthusiasm. SSRF is helping seekers across the world in their efforts of spiritual practice. We all will need significant spiritual strength to survive in the current times. With spiritual practice, we receive protection of God and develop faith.
      If you wish to receive any help in your ongoing spiritual practice and to take further steps on spiritual practice, you can consider coming for weekly held, Online free Orientation Satsang. You can register for them on this link,

      SSRF is holding Online events on various topics helpful for our spiritual progress, in case you wish to join them, here is the link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Kingsley Kusi-Mensah

    I am very happy for you. Your attainment is very inspirational to all of us.
    By reading your remarkable achievements, it has given an insight into how I should quicken my self emotionally to attain my spiritual goal.

    • Dear Kingsley Kusi-Mensah, We are grateful to God that P. Dejan’s journey towards Sainthood is inspiring to you and you too wish to make spiritual progress. What can help faster spiritual progress is to follow all the necessary steps of spiritual practice, and to be under the guidance of Guru principle that we receive in various Satsang’s of seekers at a higher spiritual level.
      Since it is a daily effort, we are helped a lot in weekly Online satsangs. SSRF holds these free on a weekly basis, in case you wish to register for Orientation Satsang to start with, here is the link,
      Also, you may be interested in joining some of the SSRF Online events, on various useful topics which will aid further in your spiritual practice. You will find them on this link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • valentina charry galvis

    Congratulations to Mr.Glescic and for all SSRTF team. I wish I could reach that level of spirituality.
    I would like to know if our religion is a burden for attainning Sainthood…

    Thank you.

  • Hi I am interested in becoming a saint. How much does it cost?

  • I wish one day I will reach Sainthood. I started spiritual practice too late however (October 2020) so now my main goal is not to progress quickly (which is something desirable) but to remember God daily and do Gurukrupaayoga so when World War 3 starts, God will remember me as I remembered Him.

    “When something goes wrong or when we are about to die, we remember God. At that time people usually say the words ‘O God’.

    On the other hand, if you remember God now (before the World War), and practise Spirituality then when the war starts, He will remember you and save your life. Then there will be no need to say, ‘O God’. When this happens instead of just saying ‘thank God’, remember to express your gratitude to God.”

    – His Holiness Dr Athavale

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