SSRF presents latest spiritual research about Saints at the 11th EUROTAS International Conference in Milan

On 15th October 2009 some of the latest and unique spiritual research about Saints by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) was presented for the first time. The presentation of the research on Saints was part of SSRF’s participation at the 11th EUROTAS International Conference in Milan, Italy. The Conference, held annually, gathers professionals and enthusiasts in the fields of transpersonal psychotherapy, behavioural and humanistic psychology, other academic fields and a variety of healing practices including yoga, shamanic traditions, healing through art, music and other media.

Presenting SSRF's research at the EUROTAS Conference

Presenting SSRF’s research at the EUROTAS Conference

SSRF’s presentation was attended by about 15 people, and it was interesting that some of them chose to attend despite not being proficient in English, and despite us not being able to provide translation to Italian. One of the younger attendees, who had a day earlier had a good experience while holding one of our Holy texts on Spirituality, commented that he felt the same type of uplifting experience during the lecture and that unlike other presentations this one did not make him feel tired while listening. This was no doubt due to the images and satsang of Saints provided in the presentation slides.

Many attendees showed a curiosity for the Holy texts displayed during the coffee breaks at the conference, and several of them bought some of the Holy texts on Spirituality, hypnotherapy and spiritual practice. This year the conference was visited by over 200 people, and around 50 of them took the opportunity to visit SSRF’s improvised bookstall.

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