SSRF at Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne

The recent Mind Body Spirit festival in Melbourne (8-11 June) attracted a lot of visitors who came to learn about holistic health, leading a fulfilling life, personal development and spiritual healing. Many of those who attended the events at SSRF’s stall said they perceived it to be a real jewel of the festival. Once inside the stall, many felt like staying for hours due to the positive vibrations emanating from the chanting which was being played in the background in the stall.
Around 800 people visited our stall and over half of them participated in an experiment to test their sixth sense. They also received spiritual explanations for life problems and advice on what spiritual practice to undertake. A number of visitors were pleasantly surprised that SSRF was sharing the knowledge gained through their spiritual research for free.

For us the festival was important not only from the viewpoint of sharing spiritual knowledge but also from the viewpoint of what we experienced and learnt through it. Due to service unto God performed at the festival, we experienced Bliss.

Due to a shortage of helping hands, many of us worked throughout the festival hours without a break. Under normal circumstances, we would have experienced fatigue or tiredness. However contrary to this, we all felt charged, light and really fresh. This we felt was only possible by God’s grace.

One seeker of SSRF who had a desire to serve at the festival but was initially not sure of being able to do so for all 4 days due to job obligations had the following experience: “My husband told me to just chant and pray to the Guru (the teaching principle of God). Later on the boss himself called up and said that he would take my name off the roster for that week and that I could start my job from Tuesday, the day after the MBS festival was over.’’

If you see an SSRF event taking place in your vincinity and would like to volunteer, do contact us. If physical distance is an obstacle, do look out for the list of other things you can do to help SSRF, which we will soon be made available within the SSRF login profiles.

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  • Athma namasthe, I would like it if SSRF can host one such festival in Thiruvananthapuram city, so that i could do full time service. I will do everything in my ability to make it a success.

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