SSRF Facebook has more than 50,000 fans!

By the grace of God, SSRF Facebook has just crossed 50,000 fans! SSRF Facebook started some years back as a way to communicate with SSRF readers, curious and those interested in doing spiritual practice. SSRF Facebook page has expanded steadily with time. Our posts are currently reaching over 600,000 people, which contributed to an increase in visits to our website. Our readers are starting spiritual practice more and more frequently after they learn about it on SSRF Facebook page or SSRF website.

Statistics reveal that we received 5,500 visits during the month of February, most of which came from the Valentine’s Day article that was promoted in the Google search engine. Overall, we received visitors from 166 countries. Majority of these visitors (60%) came from: India, USA, Philippines, Kenya, Romania, Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Africa. Some of our visitors stayed for more than 20 minutes and read an average of 7 blog articles.

Here is what some of our visitors said:

Mr. Nick Stacey, Australia:  ‘SSRF has given me many precious insights in different areas of the spiritual. It benefited me greatly because of the vast knowledge we get to learn like how spiritual remedies reduce dark entities and energy. It is a caring guide that would like everyone in this world to become a full being if light!”

Ms. Sanna Khalkar, United Arab Emirates:  “The way you have explained every concept that a seeker is interested to know is amazing. I am impressed how the explanations provided are affirmative, without any caveat and not religion specific.”

Mr. Thabo Hlalele, South Africa: “Thank you so much for the info you shared with me. You’ve saved me a lot of time, money and trouble. I understand my situation better than before.”

We offer gratitude to God and to all of our fans for taking SSRF Facebook ahead and we pray that more and more people visit SSRF through this Facebook page and start spiritual practice. If you wish to learn more about how to begin spiritual practice, please visit:

Spiritual Practice

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