Spirituality or Spiritualism

We were recently asked what SSRF is all about – Spirituality or Spiritualism. Our definition of Spirituality which is synonymous with what we call Spiritual science is about understanding God and His creation and how to realise/experience Him. Most dictionaries describe spiritualism as a process of contacting the dead and spirits from the after-life etc. From our viewpoint Spiritualism is just a part of Spiritual science or Spirituality.

In a seeker’s journey for God-realisation, he invariably faces obstacles by negative energies such as ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) etc.


SSRF studies the entire gamut of Spiritual science so as to provide the seeker serious about realizing God in this very life time with the necessary tools to get there. Hence we also include the study of spirits and negative energies on our website and how they can influence us and distract us from our spiritual journey to God. Having said this SSRF gives priority to guiding seekers who have intense desire for God-realisation.

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