Spiritual experiences in the SSRF Satsang for North and South America seekers

On 13 April 2014, SSRF held a Satsang for North and South America seekers over the telephonic free conferencing system. 14 seekers attended the Satsang. As usual, towards the end of the Satsang we do one subtle experiment so that seekers can train their 6th sense. This time the subtle experiment was not consisting of seeing covered pictures as it is usually done, because the topic was “Benefits of Satsang”. Satsang means the company of Truth. So the seekers were asked to try and experience the presence of God (Truth) in the Satsang.

Below are some spiritual experiences of SSRF seekers:

1. Today’s Satsang was very, very good. I would like to share some points and experiences from this Satsang. Whenever the SSRF Satsang starts I start crying with spiritual emotion and it is difficult for me to control it. Today, during the subtle experiment I felt strong flow of golden light (Editor’s note: The golden light is Divine Consciousness or Chaitanya present in Satsang). My body became warm and I started crying. At the same time I was very peaceful and felt thoughtless state. After each Satsang for the whole week my chanting goes on smoothly and even in a dream I chanted and played with God. My life is always good after attending the Satsang. There is a feeling of love and compassion and I also feel that the whole world is mine. The whole day I love to live in the company of God.

– Ms. Saloni Tiwari, USA

2. In the Satsang on 13 April 2014, I felt a sensation on the top of my head. Like touching or tingling. (Editor’s note: This was a spiritual experience of air principle, a feeling that God is touching one.) My body felt very pleasant, light even. I saw pictures of Deities, the Guru, and God’s holy feet. Before this experience I had a lot of things I wanted to say in the Satsang but afterwards I totally forgot what I wanted to say and only wished to focus on God’s presence and chanting. Nothing else matters except God. Afterwards I realized I didn’t need to say anything for the Satsang as God has done all the talking needed for the Satsang. Gratitude to God.

– Mr. Trung Nguyen, USA

3. Gratitude to God for the Satsang today. I wanted to share my experience with the subtle experiment. We were asked to close our eyes and sit quietly and try to experience God in the Satsang. This is what I saw and felt as soon as I closed my eyes. I felt very pleasant, then peaceful, then beyond peaceful as if I was somewhere else. In a couple of moments, I saw that I was seated with many other people like an audience in silence and a reverent prayer was going on a few rows back.  At a distance in front of me and above all of our heads was a glowing golden globe. (Editor’s note: This is indeed how God is present in Satsang. The yellow light is Divine Consciousness or Chaitanya.) It was like the Sun with rays shining out over the tops of everyone’s heads. I felt as if the globe was not in the room but rather viewing it shining from where Sun sits in space. Saw golden light all around it and filling the room. Looking directly at it was a pleasant, yet powerful feeling, not blinding like it would be in the physical world when looking at the Sun. I opened my eyes and was left with a light and pleasant feeling of wanting to go there again. It was a beautiful experience. Gratitude.

– A seeker from USA

We are publishing these spiritual experiences in the Blog as a testimony how God takes care that the seekers who have desire to do spiritual practice and experience God, get the exact spiritual experiences which we were sharing in words during the Satsang. The topic was Benefits of Satsang, and the seekers could actually experience it. Seekers were also experiencing the Satsang in a similar way, which proves that Spirituality is a Science, a Science of experience.

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  • I am calmer after satsangs. One time I’ve seen a golden divine particle on my finger after attending one of my first satsangs.

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