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blog-communicationsSharing knowledge across continents is never easy, especially for a small, self-funded, non-profit organisation. But that is precisely what we had in mind when we started the SSRF website over two years ago. The primary aim of the website is to help humanity understand the spiritual dimension and to guide the curious seeker of God all the way to God-Realisation, which is the ultimate step in spiritual growth. In the beginning we did this only through articles. But later we felt that articles by themselves did not do justice to the knowledge that could be shared. Over the months we have finally stabilised on 4 main streams to share this knowledge leveraging the latest internet technologies.

1. Articles: These will continue to be the mainstay of our knowledge sharing.

2. Audios on How Spiritual Practice Helped Me: Through these we have tried to give our readers and aspiring seekers a flavour of other seekers spiritual journeys. You will notice that spiritual practice benefited each of the seekers in a very personal way.

3. Videos: Through videos we bring snippets from our library of almost 4000 hours of video footage to our readers. These videos also provide a glimpse into the spiritual phenomena that SSRF has been investigating since last 2 decades, some of which are one of a kind.

4. SSRF Classroom: Through SSRF classroom we tried to recreate our offline lectures online in small 5-6 minute capsules. This is so that our readers worldwide can attend our lectures online at their convenience. Eventually we see this growing into something like an online Spiritual University. We are grateful to providers such as slideshare.net for giving us a free platform to broadcast these tutorials. Soon we will be coming up with an online examination that readers can take up to test their spiritual knowledge. This will be based on these tutorials as well as other information on the website.

Audio-video presentations are more resource-hungry; however we acknowledge that their value cannot be underestimated. Our challenge is that with our limited resources, we have to strike a balance between the number of articles and the number of audio-video presentations in a month. Behind all our decisions on what to publish are our readers and how they would benefit spiritually from the knowledge.

If any of you have any suggestions on how we can improve please do write in using the post a comment functionality.

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