Have you seen “Live an Aware Life”?

We sometimes find it hard to put everything in words and to make up for that we are producing a series of short videos. We’re starting off with this 20-minute introduction which is a small vignette into who we are and our research. (It is only just a teeny-weeny part of our research caught on film for a wider audience). It’s not for the faint hearted as we have a few clips of ghosts manifesting.

One amazing fact about this video is that it was scripted, filmed and edited in just over 2 weeks, using the skill sets of just a handful of volunteer SSRF seekers.
This seeker, who took up the role of Sam watching his life pass by, agreed to shave off his moustache (that he is very particular about) and put on quite a bit of make up for the role! He readily consented to 4 hours of make-up and acting as part of his regular service to SSRF. When he is not playing Sam, Ashish Sawant offers his skills in our Art Department.

Let us know your thoughts about the video, and also which other topics of spiritual science you think we should feature in our videos.

Watch Live an Aware Life.


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  • Hi Editor and team,

    Lovely article, thanks, you’ve created an awareness in me, as i have many of the problems and the main thing is that i do not get up early in the morning and subsequently sleep late. Even though my inner voice says that i should be ashamed of myself

    Please do help….


  • Dear Deepa, please do have a look at our article on the ill-effects of sleeping late Gaining intellectual conviction about the benefits of sleeping early may help you to take efforts in reducing late nights.

  • How can I download this video?

  • Dear Ketan, at present we don’t have this video available for download. If we make it available, you’ll be able to find it on the SSRF site

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