Scientists from England visit the SSRF Spiritual Research Center in Goa, India

On 03 February 2014, SSRF Spiritual Research Center in Goa, India received scientists from England, Dr Thornton Streeter, D.Sc., Director of the Centre for Biofield Sciences, United Kingdom and India and Kimberly Schipke, M.S., C.C.T, a biomedical engineer with over six years of research experience in tissue engineering, cellular/tissue mechanobiology, and medical device design. The purpose of their visit was to interpret the spiritual phenomena happening at the SSRF Spiritual Research Center and to document it in scientific terms.

SSRF editor Mr. Sean Clarke sharing about the spiritual phenomena display in SSRF Spiritual Research Center in Goa, India to Ms. Kimberly Schipke and Dr. Streeter

SSRF editor Mr. Sean Clarke sharing about the spiritual phenomena display in SSRF Spiritual Research Center in Goa, India to Ms. Kimberly Schipke and Dr. Streeter

First, the two scientists visited His Holiness, Dr. Athavale’s room. To their surprise, they had a spiritual experience while conducting their scientific experiment. When they touched the wall of His Holiness Dr. Athavale’s room, they felt it pulsing, as if the wall was actually ‘breathing’. They also perceived vibrations coming from the floor in His room. The two scientists both mentioned how peaceful they felt during their visit with His Holiness, Dr. Athavale. They were amazed with His simple lifestyle.

The two scientists expressed their desire to help us reach out to the scientific community to design research programs using biofeedback machines, so we were pleased to have them visit the PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography) bio-feedback machine room, while the machine was being inaugurated.

As their visit concluded, Dr Streeter, who is also the faculty head of the Zoroastrian College, Department of human biofield research, commented that the SSRF Spiritual Research Center was like a Spiritual University with so many facets of spiritual education. He said it was very commendable that the 400 seekers living in the ashram had given up their worldly life to pursue a noble goal and were all living in harmony with each other as one community.

To learn more about spiritual research, please visit the link below. If you are interested in beginning spiritual practice, SSRF is accessible online. Our website contains a wealth of information to help you build your spiritual knowledge. You can also attend Satsang (the company of Truth) via Skype or teleconference, to connect with other seekers globally.. As you explore the website, and attend Satsang, you will learn that you have already taken two steps towards beginning spiritual practice. It really is that easy.

Methodology of research

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  • Respeceted Gurudev, and SSRF Team,

    Great to hear about it. This kind of scientific research and recognition from Western scientists and their technological organisations is the catalyst in spreading the light. Very happy.

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