Required – seekers for seva of translation

Required – Seekers who can translate and proofread from Marathi or Hindi into English

A precious treasure of Holy texts is available in Marathi and Hindi languages. Presently, we require seekers who can translate and proofread from Marathi or Hindi into English. This seva can be performed from home too. Following are the pre-requisites for seekers intending to participate in this seva :

1. Good knowledge of Marathi / Hindi and English languages

2. Minimum seven hours of availability per week for the seva

3. Preferably, having a computer at home, basic knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel and an Internet connection at home.

4. It is essential to maintain continuity and time limits during the seva.

Seekers interested in the above seva may contact us at the following E-mail: [email protected]


Required – Seekers for seva of translating SSRF articles into French, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Russian and Portuguese

Seekers are required for translating SSRF articles from English into other languages. This seva can be performed from the home. The seeker would need to have a good understanding of English, and be fully fluent in any of the languages (French, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Russian, Portuguese). Some other basic prerequisites are: having a computer at home, basic knowledge of E-mail, software such as MS Word, and an Internet connection

Seekers interested in this seva may contact us at the following E-mail: [email protected]



  • I want to do it as my mother also do it it seem to be very interesting

    • Dear Thavinen,

      It is very nice to see your desire to do Satseva (Service to God) in regards to translation. You can write over our login facility and share there a bit of more details from where are you, on which language you wish to translate etc. so seekers will be able to direct you further.

      Wish you Blissful Satseva and that your spiritual development happens through it 🙂

      SSRF team

  • Hello this Mayssam Nahas from lebanon.
    I am very good in english and i am perfectly able to translate to the french.
    And i want from all my heart to do seva if u take me.
    Bless u

    • Dear Mayssam,

      Welcome to SSRF. We are very happy and grateful to see your desire for Satseva. Our responsible seekers will contact you to the address you provided when logging in our site.

      Wishing you blissful seva!

      Warm regards,
      SSRF team

  • Hi, I am Paushali from India.
    I am deeply interested in doing seva for humanity and I’d be very thankful to you if you can take me. I have excellent English skills and can translate Hindi. I know Marathi too but I can only understand basic level enough for daily communications. If there is any writing work other than translation, I would be more than happy to help! 🙂
    I am currently doing work from home and looking out for jobs to feed my stomach but in life there must be something which must feed the soul right? It is this seva.

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