Natural disasters around the world increasing as per predictions for the coming times

Natural disasters around the world increasing as per predictions for the coming times

Imagine yourself at work. Suddenly the building begins to shake. At first you do not know what is happening but suddenly you notice that everyone is running around you. There is chaos and you are trying to get to the exit, but you get hit by someone running past you and you fall. Moments later, everything is black. You cannot see or move and you feel something is pressing you down. You start thinking that there must have been an earthquake, but you had no time to react. In panic, you wonder if you will be able to get out of the rubble and see the light of day ever again.

We may have read such accounts before or even thought of what we would do in such a situation in our own minds. However, we may not seriously consider that we could face such a scenario in our lives. You may reconsider your view if you study trends of recent natural disasters. The stark reality is that natural disasters have been increasing in frequency and severity for decades, and this increase in severity of recent natural disasters is remarkable.

Most people are unaware of this trend, but some facts can put things in the right perspective. Over the past year alone, there have been multiple floods of severe magnitude in the USA, Australia, Germany, France, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and other countries at a much higher frequency than has happened in the past. In the southern US, for example, 8 separate floods occurred of a magnitude that usually happens only once every 500-1,000 years.

High magnitude earthquakes have increased in frequency significantly over the past decade and volcanic activity has also been steadily increasing. The average number of volcanic eruptions per year so far in the 21st century is 27% higher than the average over the course of the 20th century (Source: Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program). To top all of this off, the severity of tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones has increased with time.

A few years ago, SSRF had published information about various events that are to occur in the years up until 2025. An increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters starting in 2014 was among these predictions. That these predictions are being fulfilled is clear by viewing the table below:

When Event
Nov 2013 Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever kills over 6,000 in the Philippines and displaces 3.6 million from their homes
May 2014 Mudslides in Afghanistan kill approximately 2,700 in the worst natural disaster to hit the country in decades
May 2014 Bosnia and Serbia were hit by the worst floods ever recorded in the region. 49 died and 100,000 homes were destroyed.
April 2015 A massive earthquake hits Nepal leaving 8,800 dead and 990,000 buildings destroyed
Nov 2015 Ethiopia hit by its worst drought in decades leaving 8.2 million in need of emergency food aid
April 2016 An earthquake in Ecuador kills 654 and leaves damage equivalent to millions of dollars
May-Aug 2016 Numerous floods and casualties across the US with the worst in Louisiana creating $30 million of damage.
June 2016 20 dead in floods across Europe due to heavy rains.
June 2016 Volcanoes around the globe show increased activity forcing thousands to evacuate
Aug 2016 Nearly 300 killed in an earthquake in Italy
Sep 2016 Hurricane Matthew claims over 1,600 lives and causes over $8.3 billion in damage across the Western Atlantic, the Southeastern US and the Canadian Maritimes

These are just some of the natural disasters that occurred in the last few years that had a major impact and it is by no means a complete list.

Natural disasters will continue to occur at greater frequencies and intensities and between the years 2019-2023, there will be a tremendous increase in natural disasters and conflicts, which will culminate in a 3rd World War and unprecedented loss of life. At this point, you may be wondering how to protect yourself. SSRF has published a section dedicated to how one can survive World War 3 and natural disasters that provides information on how to protect ourselves at a physical, psychological and spiritual level in the times ahead. This section will be updated with new information on a regular basis, so please do check it regularly.

We are providing this section below and we are also providing a link to our World War 3 predictions article in case you would like to read more about it.

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