The real pollution

In a recent article on the BBC website, the world’s pollution hotspots were mapped. It is evident that the countries that have been singled out in the research have to strive to reduce this pollution.

However is clearing up the physical mess enough?

If we analyse the root causes of why this happened in the first place, it would basically boil down to people and their utter disregard for the world that we live in. So what makes people behave in a manner that is harmful for society?

Spiritual research identifies a more serious and insidious pollution affecting the world. If we dig deeper, to find out why people behave this way; at a spiritual level, it is primarily because of an increase in the subtle basic raja-tama component in society. A rise in these unseen components causes deleterious effects worldwide which are not necessarily limited to physical pollution. The following are some of the effects of increased raja and tama.

  • People causing physical pollution
  • Eruption of famines and disease
  • Terrorism and violent behaviour
  • Wars and genocide
  • Natural disasters

All this occurs because of people who have a high predominance of raja and tama frequencies resulting in little or no regard for their fellow man.

A complete solution to problems worldwide can only be found if we include the spiritual dimension. This includes the putting in place of:

  • concerted efforts for identifying and eliminating the escalation of raja-tama and
  • sustained efforts for keeping the raja-tama in check and increasing sattva.

For all this to happen, spiritual practice that conforms to six basic principles of spiritual practice is a must.

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