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In 2004, when I was living in Melbourne, I heard that His Holiness Dadaji Vaishampayan (a Saint from India) fondly known as Dadaji had come to Sydney in Australia. While I was really keen on travelling to Sydney to get His darshan (holy view), due to unavoidable circumstances, I couldn’t make the trip.

The next time I heard of this trip of Dadaji’s was a month ago, when he had come to the SSRF research centre at Goa. It was announced that the predictions that He made while He was in Australia would be made public.

When in Sydney, Dadaji who was close to 90 years old had performed severe austerities. At that time Dadaji wrote down 22 predictions of personal, spiritual, social and political events on an aerogramme from Australia Post. The letter was posted to India and kept under lock and key until last month i.e. May of 2009.

At the ceremony where the predictions were to be read out there were Saints, various well known members of society, journalists and about 400 people in attendance. After the sealed letter was inspected by various dignitaries that had been invited, it was opened for the first time after 2004.


Though I have heard of Dadaji’s predictions in the past coming true, it’s different when one experiences it personally. Each and every prediction that was read out was found to be correct. Some of the predictions were written along with mobile numbers of the person that the prediction was made about. These people were unknown to Dadaji and yet when the mobile number was called, each time the concerned person picked up confirmed the predicted event. As the predictions were being read out, I couldn’t help wondering, if in 2004, whether some of these mobile numbers had been activated at all and yet they had been included in the predictions.

Some of the accurate predictions included:

  • At a national level: Dr. Manmohan Singh will be sworn in on 22 May 2009 for the office of the Prime Minister of India.
  • At a social level: There will be a robbery in broad daylight at the Dadar, (Mumbai) branch of Apna bank.
  • At a spiritual level: That a 6 year old boy Mandar Manerikar would say that he wants to do spiritual practice as per the Brahman class by chanting mantras from the Vedas. The first time Mandar thought of choosing this life path was in 2006 when he was eight. One and a half years ago, he joined a Ved Patshala (a school for learning the Vedas, the Holy texts of the Hindus) so as to fulfil his spiritual quest. He is a full time member of the Ved Patshala. A month ago at the age of eleven, he remembers saying the exact same sentence that Dadaji had predicted for him 5 years ago.
  • At a personal level: Mumbai’s Mrittika Sen would top the science stream. In the recently declared results of the 12th standard examination of Maharashtra, Mruttika Sen of Mumbai had indeed stood first.

This is the 40th time where Dadaji’s predictions have been read out and each set of predictions completely accurate. He does these predictions to show society that there is something beyond the intellect that can be achieved through spiritual practice. Throughout the ceremony Dadaji face was as calm as ever unaffected by the fervour and adulation generated in the audience with each prediction turning out to be true.


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  • Very thoughtful post.

    Karim – Positive thinking

  • |Sree Guruve Namah|

    I am practicing spiritual science as per Guru (Guru’s grace).

    Over the past 3 years I have also gotten some future notes – only about me (but for not more than 12 hours in advance).

    Up until now I received the following future predictions automatically in my mind like someone was telling me what was to happen, without me requesting it. These predictions really happened !

    1) 7:00 pm, I was getting prepared to go for an official visit on account of my father’s business, (I am active in my father’s business too) to a private factory named CFCL, in my own city. Suddenly i got some voice that, the person whom I was going to meet, would be absent today, and that I shouldn’t go! I thought this message was from God, so I told the marketing executive (who was to accompany me) that I wouldn’t go, as the person is absent today, and asked him to go and check. He went and returned at 6:00 pm, and horrified, said “Sir, how do you know? The officer was on leave for 4 days!” I said I didn’t talk to him, just got a prediction.

    Another one:
    2) From the morning I was getting a message in my mind, that something is going to go wrong with my brother today. I kept chanting, chanting, Lord Krushna’s chant, Lord Datta’s chant, and kept praying to god that my prediction goes wrong! But in the evening, when my brother came by motorbike, while parking it, his little finger got hurt very much and bleeding started.

    Another (last one):
    3) All family members including me were going to my big uncle’s (tauji’s) home to wish them festive greetings. Suddenly before leaving home, I got a feeling that uncle will be out of the house for some reason and we wouldn’t be able to meet him. But I didn’t tell anybody and kept chanting, thinking positively. ——— shocked to tell you, the same happened, and uncle was really out-of-house (the house was locked) for some purpose.

    There’s another one, my sister’s son got hurt, and she didn’t tell me, but i got an internal feeling . I called to verify, and my sister replied yes, he got hurt, by a nail in his foot.

    Oh ! God ! Why do only negative predictions come to my mind?
    PLEEEEEEEEEASe tell meee

    Shivam Sharda
    City-Kota, State-Rajasthan

  • Dear Shivam,

    From your detailed experiences, one could say that you had premonitions about several life events. But since we by and large cannot know with certainty whether a thought we get is indeed a premonition on the future, it is best to hear it out but not to entertain the thought, pay additional attention to it or give it further importance. This is because negative energies may at any time fool us into believing in something which may not be true. For a seeker, it is best to pray to be connected to God, and to pray that everything happens as per God’s will. If we maintain that focus on a daily basis, we will surely be on the right track.

    Kind regards

  • Dear Shivam,
    Negative or positive, not only knowing about future but also thinking about it is absolutely unnecessary as what is destined is bound to happen. In future whenever such a -ve thought comes to your mind, just ignore it and occupy your mind with thoughts of your present activity or chant the name of your family deity instead. Gradually these premonitions or whatevers will stop happening.

    Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih.

  • i think that spiritual life is much more important compared to our earthly life.*;,

  • Life is about cause and effect… Looking at the causes we make today give us an insight towards what will be the effects tomorrow… That’s all we, ordinary people need to know to transmigrate…. We need to take responsibility, not to be watchers of someone else’s film…

  • At the higher level the life is a flow of bliss. It is the divine will that premonition comes into play for specific purposes.

  • Dr.Abdelfattah Mohsen Badawi

    I was spiritually transformed by Late Sri Satya Sai Baba during many visits to an interview with Him that blessed me 20 years ago till now. I wrote a book about this experience titled “A Journey To Self Peace” by Dr. Abelfattah Mohsen Badawi, published by Trafford Pub. in USA and available at Amazon.

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