Perform spiritual practice to gain protection from God

  Offer the mind, intellect and ego to God

H. H. Lola Vezilić

Ms Lola Vezilić

With the beginning of spring, the Sun rays are bright and pleasant and all of nature is awakening full of joy and dressing in glorious, fresh colors. All this Divine beauty that we are surrounded with is a gift from God to us, out of His immense love. Now pause for a moment go deep in your heart and express gratitude for everything that you have been given, for all the love and care He is pampering you with, for life, and above all for your spiritual practice. He has given all without expecting that we even acknowledge what He has given. What have we given back to Him? Do we remember Him even for even tiny bit of how much He remembers us, how much He loves us? Let us all make a firm resolve this very moment to surrender all to Him and to plead fervently that He keeps us close to Him, to forgive us all our wrong deeds, let us offer at His feet our mind, intellect and ego in the form of the most beautiful flowers and plead that He accept this humble offering.

Let us continually be in rememberance of God’s Glory.

– Ms Lola Vezilić


Perform spiritual practice for surviving the difficult times ahead

H. H. Atul Dighe

Mr Atul Dighe

According to the principles of Spirituality, one of the mini-cycles of four eras within the Kaliyug era will be ending soon and another mini-cycle of four eras will commence. Kaliyug is considered an era of strife. We all are experiencing it in our daily life in the form of personal problems, family problems, job problems, financial crises, psychological problems, etc. In a day we are happy hardly for 2-3 hrs. This will decrease further as the difficult times approach. In these difficult times, mankind will see many natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, famine, floods, etc. The possibility of a Third World War is also looming large. However, if we commence spiritual practice now, then we will be able to survive these difficult times. Let us take this opportunity given by God to start spiritual practice because it is only He, who can protect us in any situation.

– Mr Atul Dighe



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