Overpowered by time, yet empowering others

    This is the story of Mrs. Nirmala Honap who performed spiritual healing on others at the age of 60, despite severe illness.


In our day-to-day life, we often come across people who have to endure illness in their old age. Some illnesses leave people paralyzed, bedridden and even unconscious. Quite often for the aged there is a fear of undergoing such destiny. The kind of thoughts that could plague their minds are, “How will I function in old age?”, “Will I be a burden to others?”, “My life will become totally useless if I fall severely ill and become bedridden”, etc.

To counteract these fears, some people try to take maximum care of their health to the point of being obsessed about it. They continually talk about their high blood pressure, sugar levels or cholesterol highs. Those who are healthier in their old age make every effort to save a lot of money to be able to perhaps one day pay a nurse to take care of them should they become bedridden. For some perhaps the money would be used to assure a comfortable life in an old age home. Their faith clearly rests in their bank account, shares and savings.

For the past 3 years, I have had the unique opportunity of being in the presence of an evolved seeker, Mrs. Nirmala Honap, who at the age of 60 had attained the spiritual level of 66%. Her physical state though, has been deteriorating rapidly due to many illnesses such as diabetes, brain strokes and overall body paralysis. She has been bedridden for the past 2 years. Despite all this, just her presence was radiating so much Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) that spiritual healing occurred on seekers who would gather in her room, daily, for a couple of hours.


Seekers had various spiritual experiences in her presence. Some felt Bliss, lightness, calmness, seeing a subtle blue and yellow aura around her, an awakening of spiritual emotion, spiritual healing being done on them, etc.

Having been fulfilled by similar spiritual experiences in her presence, a thought came to my mind, that only the spiritually evolved have this limitless potential to help others. Due to their spiritual level acquired by continual spiritual practice, they become beacons of light for us with their spiritual energy and love regardless of their physical disabilities.

I felt that Mrs. Nirmala Honap (fondly called Honap Kaku – Aunty) had truly fulfilled the aim of her life. Instead of feeling useless in her old age, she was able to assist so many seekers by healing them spiritually and thereby removing any obstacles in their spiritual journey. In stark contrast to most people, her faith rested in God and not in her bank balance and she was able to help others far more than the help she needed while being bedridden.

These thoughts left me in a state of gratitude as I felt fortunate to have been guided to make the right choices along life’s path that have enabled me to practice spirituality for the past few years.

I made a fervent prayer that I too be graced to progress spiritually so that when the woes of old age engulf me at a physical level, I would still be of service to others at a spiritual level.

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  • I am very happy too see people who gain spiritual knowledge like Mrs Honap. She is like my father – 63 yrs old now who devoted his life in helping people who are seeking spiritual knowledge and at the same time healing. He has just had a stroke last February. Half of his body can’t move, but now he is again gaining strength through the power of Living God and returning to motivate all the his spiritual family who needs his guidance by teaching them the true knowledge of the Holy Spirit our God. He is also Overpowered by time, yet empowering others! I’m very much proud of him that is why I praise God for his bountiful blessings and Love.

  • Dear Jonathan, wishing you and your father all the best

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Lovely to meet you via these articles. Pervin

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