November 2007 – SSRF’s Newsletter

We recently uploaded the 7th issue of our monthly newsletter.

The ‘SSRF Monthly – A Guide to Living Spirituality’ gathers snippets of information, news and tips on Spirituality and spiritual practice.

It is meant to complement the matter published on our website and to give practical insight as to how to go about one’s spiritual practice on a sustained basis.

Being in regular satsang (company of the Absolute Truth) helps propel our efforts in spiritual practice. Our newsletter is an additional form of satsang for seekers who are earnest about putting into practice points as advised by spiritual science. We particularly recommend it for those seekers who are not within geographical proximity of our regular satsangs. Through the newsletter, we are also providing exclusive reports from our spiritual research team and announcing upcoming SSRF projects to look out for.
You can access the newsletters via our homepage, but if you would like them delivered to you by email every 15th of the month, you can subscribe to it via your SSRF member account. If we’ve not convinced you to create your login yet, this is a new attempt J.

Do give us your feedback and tell us what you would like to see featured in our next issues.

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