Notice about chanting during the period dedicated to departed ancestors

According to the lunar calendar, this year the ancestors’ fortnight (pitrupaksha) falls in the fortnight between 15 Sep 2008 to 29 Sep 2008. If we chant ‘Sree Gurudev Datta’ during this period, our ancestor’s derive even more benefit from it and attain momentum faster in the afterlife. This chant helps to protect us from problems due to departed ancestors and also helps our ancestors attain momentum from the Region of the Dead (Martyaloka) to Nether region (Bhuvaloka).


It is highly recommended that all chant ‘Sree Gurudev Datta’ for 6 hours daily during this fortnight. During this period priority should be given to completing the prescribed amount of this chant compared to the chanting the Name of God as per one’s religion . If it is not possible to do 6 hours of chanting every day, we can strive to chant as much as possible.

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Sree Gurudev Datta chant

Please pass this on to your family and friends. If you have any experiences from chanting the Name please do let us know via the ‘Post a comment’ functionality.

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  • Hello.
    First of all, I want to thank the people that have created this web site “SSRF” because it has been thought provoking and has challenged my traditional view- or what i’ve been taught or read in some book- concerning spiritually based matters, the afterlife, saints, ghost, and other things.Spiritual practice is a common theme I see here, but what alarms me is the feeling or uncertainty that; maybe I haven’t done enough spiritual practice.Then again; maybe I have, but who’s to say.The thought of my dead loved ones suffering themselves and vicariously causing problems in my life is frightening. “Whomsoever calls upon the name of the Lord” is the consciousness of the belief system I was born into.As one who has studied some Buddhism, the idea of reincarnation isn’t alien either.My only concern about this site is the exhaustive practices one must go through to exist- in the now & hereafter.Doesn’t seem fair to me, but who am I to say.If anyone can shed some light on this please share.


  • Dear Bobby, we are also grateful that the knowledge provided on SSRF’s website is benefiting people like you. The best way to overcome the feeling of uncertainty about our own spiritual practice is to start implementing what one has learnt, today. Once we start practicing the science of Spirituality, God graces us with spiritual experiences that generate faith in us towards the science. Many seekers also find that the practices which are advised are not as exhaustive as they seem at first sight, or they become very easy, due to God’s grace on us.

    Regarding your question on ancestors – indeed the prevailing notion is that ancestors do not cause harm to us or even help us from the afterlife. However through meticulous research we have found that this is not so. Many times it is not due to the evil intention of our ancestors themselves, but due to the fact that they get entrapped by negative energies after leaving this earth. This happens due to a lack of spiritual energy in our ancestors which is in turn due to a lack of spiritual practice during their lifetime on this earth. The part we should focus on is that we can help them move on, protect ourselves, and also make spiritual progress so that we become less vulnerable to attacks of negative energies both in this life and the afterlife.

    We sincerely hope you gain the real benefit of this science by practicing it, experiencing it and making spiritual progress in this lifetime. In case you need further individual guidance, after putting into practice any of the points suggested on our website, please do make use of the Login facility on our website, where you can ask questions.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you so so much for taking time to answer my question.I will use the login facility for any questions that may arise.


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