New Spiritual Research Centre for 5-Day Spiritual Workshops

Surrounded by forested hills and overlooking most of the valley, the new Spiritual Research Centre is at a vantage point where one can view spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Standing on the balcony of the new Spiritual Research Centre, it is difficult not to feel one with nature and forget oneself. But then Spirituality is just that, forgetting oneself and merging into the Divine. The new Spiritual Research Centre has been built with just that in mind and is a reflection of our commitment to help seekers from all around realise their spiritual goals.

Four years ago, the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (also known as the Maharshi University of Spirituality) started 5-Day Spiritual Workshops. For many attendees it has been a life changing experience because for the first time in their lives they have got clear guidance on how to get the most out of their spiritual journeys. For the first time attendees have actually stayed in an Ashram premises and interacted with other like-minded seekers from around the world. Some of them have superior spiritual experiences when they come here, even though they are new to spiritual practice. These range from being covered with Divine particles, to Kundalini awakening, to experiencing awakening of spiritual emotion. When the aim is the Divine, it strikes a new common denominator amongst seekers that melts away all differences in culture and social status and what remains is pure seekership.

The response to these spiritual workshops has been more than expected. As of June 2019, seekers from 44 countries have attended 40 workshops. Building on the success of the workshops and as a renewal of its commitment to them, the Maharshi University of Spirituality acquired a new building specifically meant to host such workshops. Both the Maharshi University of Spirituality and the Spiritual Science Research Foundation will be collaborating to help seekers from around the world in their quests to spread Spirituality.

The current state of the world is in stark contrast with the peace experienced at the Spiritual Research Centre. However, the aim of MAV in holding its workshops goes beyond the experience of tranquillity during the workshop. By practicing the principles taught in the workshop, attendees have the opportunity to become rooted in the inner peace of the Soul. By doing so, one can experience the same level of calm regardless of external circumstances.

Saints have predicted that the upcoming times will be adverse and there is the looming possibility of global conflict. In light of this, it becomes all the more important to find the inner strength needed to face such events and to have the tools to build spiritual strength by practicing Spirituality. By enrolling in one of our workshops, you will gain the necessary knowledge and practical tips to go ahead in your spiritual journey.

Just as the sun illuminates the building and its surroundings bringing in a new day, the Spiritual Research Centre is like a flame that will light the lamp of Spiritual Knowledge all over the world.

We invite you to attend and experience the benefits that so many other sincere seekers of God have experienced.