The New Homepage


It has been two years since we launched the SSRF website on the 14 Jan 2006. Over the past two years the website has grown by leaps and bounds but unfortunately the homepage did not reflect the growth.

We therefore put our minds together to design a new homepage to help our readers better access the invaluable spiritual research presented on the website. The result was the newly launched homepage. With this page you will be able to access the depths of the website mostly with just a single click.

We have also added Adobe Flash components on the homepage so that there is a greater degree of interactivity. With this we also introduced a new section – ‘How Spiritual Practice Helped Me’. The section presents life changing experiences of seekers (in their own voice) who have been guided by SSRF in their spiritual practice. We hope you are inspired by the variety of spiritual experiences and are helped by them to overcome obstacles in your own life. We wish you the very best in your spiritual journey.

Over the next few weeks we will be changing the entire site over to the new wider format.

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