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When by the grace and blessings of His Holiness Dr. Athavale, SSRF website began its journey in the year 2006 towards reaching seekers all over the globe, most of us could not even imagine the impact and spiritual benefit that this site would bring daily to so many people.

The uniqueness of SSRF’s website is now slowly being understood by the people surfing the Internet, SSRF readers, Login members and viewers, as well as by YouTube, Google, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet gateways of information.

Attendees at SSRF lectures, satsangs and seminars are not hiding their enthusiasm and spiritual emotion of gratitude for being given a chance to associate themselves with, learn from, and practice Spirituality as guided by SSRF.

Through this pioneering act of uncovering to the world the Truth about the subtle world, spiritual science and spiritual practice in accordance with basic spiritual laws, SSRF has set a high quality standard in Spirituality and entered into the spiritual history of humanity.

Around 1 million visitors came to SSRF site in the year 2011 out of which more than 75% were totally new visitors. They have spent over 64,000 hours in reading or studying SSRF website.

Keywords that brought most visitors to the site were:

Rank Keyword group   Number of visits
1  Death & dying 126.000
2  Spiritual 77.300
3 Ghost 54.500

Another avenue through which many people have learnt about the unique spiritual research of SSRF is SSRF’s YouTube Channel. Over 6,2 million people have so far viewed SSRF educational videos on various spiritual topics.

Seekers of SSRF got a golden opportunity from God to serve humanity by writing SSRF articles, designing webpages, drawing subtle drawings, answering questions of the curious, conducting SSRF lectures, satsangs and seminars and learning from every minute and aspect of this Divine seva.

Due to diligent seva and efforts in spiritual practice, especially in personality defect removal and ego removal, 8 SSRF seekers have reached 60% spiritual level and above, and 2 have reached Sainthood. They are nurturing and inspiring other SSRF seekers through qualities of intense desire for spiritual growth, spiritual emotion towards God, less personality defects and ego, love for others, humility and selfless service.

Presently we have 457 articles in English language and over 1100 articles in other 10 languages translated by SSRF seekers into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Russian, Farsi.  Most importantly, through the seva of SSRF, seekers are progressing spiritually at a fast rate.

Over the past 5 years, and especially during the course of the year 2011, some very good new seekers have joined SSRF and are availing of the benefits of the eight fold spiritual practice as per the 6 basic principles of Spirituality as guided by SSRF. Due to such adequate spiritual practice which is in accordance with the times we are in now, new seekers are getting very inspiring spiritual experiences.

A Vision of Heaven through a Christian prayer during SSRF Satsang

“I’m writing you to share a spiritual experience after participating in the North American Satsang conducted by SSRF seekers. On the evening of Friday August 5th 2011, shortly after the group session was over, I began preparing for the following day while thinking of God.  I remember feeling very happy to have participated in Satsang, and closed my eyes to offer God a brief thank you prayer for allowing me to begin my journey towards the Truth.  Since I have such a long way yet to evolve, I remember closing my eyes and focusing my entire mind on the idea of God’s grace.

At that moment, I saw a brief but clear impression in my mind of a tunnel of clouds in the sky filled with an electric white light emanating from every angle.  The clouds looked soft, white and beautiful, all moving around a large central path of light which seemed to have no limit in its depth and expansiveness. There was a light blue sky in the background, but I knew that what I saw was not the earthly sky that we see in our daily lives. The white light was not sunlight, but a very bright and peaceful light that penetrated and coexisted with every cloud, and seemed to give everything structure and purpose. My vantage point was eye level, but there was no perceivable sense of space. Everything seemed expansive and without limit, and I knew that the impression in my mind was of something much more powerful and infinite than my mind could understand.  There were no Angels or spiritual beings in my impression, but I felt as if I was looking at God’s home. The impression lasted for a fraction of a second, and it felt like I was being given a reward to encourage me to continue growing, learning, and evolving on my new, SSRF path. I remember smiling immediately afterward as I opened my eyes from the prayer, and my entire being was directed toward God’s will at that moment.

I have only been attending Satsangs for about a month, but have already started to repair some of the damage done from my bad habits in life before spiritual practice. Thank you for all the work you do for humanity. “ – Mr. M. Herrera, USA

Positive experience about 1 hr seva daily

“Last week, we had SSRF Satsang. It was guidance for me to increase satseva daily to 1- 2hrs. That satsang, felt God put something in me, so I had more fighting spirit. That week, was able to comply daily 1 hr satseva minimum. I have severe distress from negative energies. But after that week of satseva, I realized, how much inner strength I got from it. Like, no mental or intellectual confusion was putting me out of balance as before. Today, I felt even more peaceful, since increased seva was happening. Felt, all these doubts and skepticism regarding Spirituality and spiritual dimension, which was hunting me for years, just vanished.

Gratitude to God, for having patience for me! I was not doing “enough” satseva for years, in spite being told many times. “ – Mr. A. Nagy, Hungary

Seekers of SSRF reside in 21 countries of the world: USA, Canada, Bolivia, India, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Dubai, Iran, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.

Some new seekers came to SSRF through Login feature on SSRF website. We now have over 7500 Login members from 114 countries. Daily they ask around 20-30 questions which are answered promptly, within 48 hrs, by SSRF seekers. Approximately 30-40 Login members start spiritual practice as per the guidance of SSRF each month. Below is one inspiring comment of a Login member.

“When I found this site, and took in some of its knowledge, I felt almost compelled to chant as per the recommendations immediately. The work SSRF has done is amazing as it spoke to me on a fundamental level, and worked as if to connect every dot within my consciousness. Helping to crystallize faith where there was only the basic element. I appreciate what you and your fellow seekers do, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. For once I feel grounded in my spiritual practice and not lost in it and it is due to you and the SSRF’s research. I Believe the SSRF has contained information in such a way as to be explainable to the layman or expert alike, and being able to satisfy both in this era. Keep up all your great works.”  – Mr. J. Brun, Canada

One can only try to imagine how much spiritual benefit will SSRF bring to humanity in the years to come. May many new seekers start spiritual practice for their own spiritual progress and the progress of society.


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