The joy of learning from spiritual experiences

Spirituality is a journey in which one seeks Absolute Truth, or desires to reach oneness with God. Spirituality extends far beyond 5 senses, mind and intellect so that is why it may be a bit confusing at times. Once you start spiritual practice you will be able to experience spiritual emotion, Bliss, inner joy, gratitude, love and peace. During your spiritual journey you will be able to witness the divine presence of your Creator who loves and protects you. During one of SSRF Satsangs (the company of the Truth) SSRF seekers who are doing spiritual practice shared their spiritual experiences. We are grateful to witness seekers experiencing God’s grace. Please, read below:

A seeker was doing the salt water spiritual remedy along with chanting, in her bathroom. While there was no hole in her bucket, the water seeped out of the bottom of the bucket, onto her bathroom floor, and drifted further away from the bucket. When she finished with the salt water remedy, she noticed that the water on her bathroom floor took the shape of Om. During Satsang, she learned that Om is the first sound with which God created the Universe. She was very inspired by this spiritual experience.

Sattvik Om sign

Sattvik Om sign

One day a seeker noticed a bright pink particle on her living room rug. When she tried to clean it up, the particle was nowhere to be found. It neither embedded further into the rug, nor appeared on the sponge. During the Satsang, she learned that the particle was actually a Divine particle and the colour of bright pink signifies spiritual love and that this was a spiritual experience. Divine particles sometimes appear (become manifest) and then disappear (become unmanifest) as per the need of the seeker.

When combing her hair, a seeker looked in the mirror and saw a gold coloured, glittery like particle on her forehead, in the space between her brows, above the third eye. She learned during Satsang, that this was a spiritual experience of Divine particle and that golden colour signifies Divine knowledge. When a seeker receives Divine particles in such a way, it is a sign that God is present and protecting the seeker.

Divine particles of various colours

Divine particles of various colours

Satsang is a joyful aspect of spiritual practice because one is in the presence of seekers. During Satsang, seekers join together as one family, to witness God’s grace and presence and to learn about Spirituality and spiritual practice. In Satsangs, seekers share their spiritual experiences as inspiration to others. You too can begin your spiritual journey by taking three simple steps:

1) Chanting

2) Attending Satsang

3) Building spiritual knowledge

No matter where you live, SSRF is accessible via the internet, Skype, and/or teleconference. To begin your spiritual journey, and to register for the next Satsang in your region, please visit:

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