Introduction of new Skype satsangs

Upto now SSRF has been conducting free lectures at physical premises worldwide. Now thanks to the free conference technology through Skype, we are trying to reach all our readers via the Internet regardless of where they may be.

We will be holding 2 satsangs via Skype every week for our readers worldwide. These satsangs will be as per the European and Australasian time zones but can be attended from any other region. Everyone can choose to attend the satsang that has the most convenient time for them. Both satsangs will have the same topic. So if you miss one you can always attend one from another region.

Due to a high demand for this satsang from India we will be holding a third special satsang only for readers residing in India. We request readers residing in India only to attend this satsang.

Since it is all via the Internet you will be able to attend the satsang wherever you may be at your convenience. All you will need is a computer connected to a broadband Internet service, earphones and a microphone along with the Skype Internet Telephony free software.

Registrations for the first satsang are now open. The theory topic will be Satsang 1: ‘Basic concepts in spiritual practice’.

The following are the time zones

European time zone:           26 Nov 2008 (every Wednesday)
Australian time zone:          30 Nov 2008 (every Sunday)
Special satsang for India:    30 Nov 2008 (every Sunday)
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