Increase spiritual practice on 21 Feb 2008 as there is Total Lunar eclipse on this day.

There will be a total Lunar eclipse on 21 Feb 2008. There is an increase in raja-tama during eclipses which has negative effects on humanity. Ghosts take advantage of the heightened raja-tama to create a variety of issues that have global negative repercussions.

 Effect of an Eclipse in the Subtle Regions of the Universe

Effect of an Eclipse in the Subtle Regions of the Universe

Regular spiritual practice as well as intense spiritual practice like chanting the Name of God during the eclipse ensures that one is insulated from its subtle harmful effects.


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  • From what I understand, it’s going to happen in my area…

    Great site!

  • First-Hand Account:
    It’s almost 2:00 here, and we are all feeling restless and distressed, to one degree or another (although I’m actively fighting it). The climax has yet to come, however. Probably unwisely, we plan to go and see the moon at the pinnacle of the eclipse.

    Listening to Gregorian Chants, staring at a fan moving in the clockwise direction, fasting, wearing white, praying, chanting the name of God, chanting Om, and other things are seriously helping me through it, though. That bhoot that’s been bothering me is re-doubling its efforts, so I’m working hard to keep the sattva up. All the fans in the house are spinning in a clockwise direction.
    Unfortunately, my sister’s been wearing black, lately.

    We shall see how things turn out.

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