• I am doing 3 hours of chanting. 2 hours sitting and 1 hour during other activities

    • Dear Ojashwi,

      This is very nice to see 🙂 Are you maybe attending some of our spiritual meetings (Satsangs)? If you interested you can register for our Orientation spiritual meeting.

      If we can assist you further in your spiritual practice, please share. You can write to us through login facility.

      We are here to assist you at any time 🙂

      SSRF team

  • Hi,

    I am chanting many hours a day.

    Feel suicidal many times because of divorce, legal, financial issues.
    Does the suicidal feeling make me vulnerable to negative entities?

    Is the suicidal feeling because I am wrongly identifying myself with my ego?


    • Dear Chandresh,

      Suicidal thought are given by negative energies. We would suggest you to pray frequently to God for His protection and do spiritual healing remedies regularly.

      Please write about what you are experiencing to our login facility. Seeker will surely assist you further to overcome this problem.

      Kind regards,
      SSRF team

  • Sir I have depression in some time.what can I do for?
    Many problem turture me.career problem,enimies etc.

    • Dear Robin, We are sorry to hear about your situation. Spiritual research has shown that 80% of the problems in our life have a spiritual root cause like destiny, ancestral problems, negative energies etc. We can overcome them only by doing spiritual practice. From what you have mentioned it seems to be a combination of destiny and ancestral problems. Know more about ancestal problems here, spiritualresearchfoundation.org/spiritualresearch/difficulties/ancestors/

      We would suggest to you to implement two chants shared in the article ‘Start your spiritual journey‘. In that article, it is explained how much we can do both chants and in what way. spiritualresearchfoundation.org/articles/?id=aboutspiritualresearch/spiritualjourney

      We would suggest to focus presently more on the chant regarding departed ancestors and to do it as per your capacity, with the intention to increase slowly within a month or two to 2-4 hours of daily chanting. Since chanting is done in the mind, it can be done any time and everywhere, so it is manageable. You can download the chant from this link, http://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/userfiles/audio/chants_deities/3.%20Shree%20Datta.mp3

      Along with chanting, please also do spiritual healing remedies such as the salt water remedy, burning of SSRF incense sticks at night and during the day when needed, sleeping in east-west direction, and also box treatment for the beginning. These remedies remove negative black energy and clean us on subtle level.All these remedies are given in detail along with the spiritual science and practical tips on the website.
      In case you have more questions or doubts on how to apply these remedies etc, you may write in log in facility.
      Warm Regards,
      SSRF Team

      • Sir i am doing spiritual practice from 4 month . today depression decrease less .but sometimes they wrap me full .i think demon in my body . please observe me with your sixth sense for what happen me and tell that .please sweety baby…

        • Dear Robin, It is advisable to continue with efforts of spiritual healing daily. In SSRF we don’t encourage taking readings etc as these vary a lot and depend on various factors. Also, only Saints of higher order or with advanced sixth sense have the ability. Instead you can just focus on efforts and prayers and gratitude. As it may take a while to overcome the problems.
          SSRF has free weekly spiritual meetings, satsangs, you can read more about it here,
          In Satsangs, we can interact with seekers, learn something new and get help for further spiritual practice. If you wish to register here is the link,https://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/events/

      • Dear team,
        I live in Melbourne, Australia. What directions should we sleep? East west, south north, or north south?
        Thank you

        Gaurvi Shukla

  • pawan kumar arora

    i wish to attend u r satsang how it is possible mobile 9891834337

    • Dear Pawan, We will send your request to seekers who are doing this seva. You will hear from them soon. In case you don’t hear from them within a week, please let us know.
      meanwhile, if you wish to learn more about Satsang this article very beautifully explains it,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

      • Dear Pawan, We took guidance to see how you can attend SSRF Ongoing satsangs. You can register for Online Orientations Satsang, to begin with.
        Here is the link where you can register, and these are free.
        Here you will get to meet other curious and seekers and will be able to learn something new.
        In case of any difficulty to register, you can even write to us on the website under the log in section.
        Warm Regards
        SSRF Team

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