Increase in national conflicts indicate the beginning of World War 3

Recently, SSRF published a blog post about recent natural disasters that are on the rise. We have noticed that national conflicts are on the rise as well. Here are some examples of nations in conflict:

  1. Ukraine and Russia conflict over Crimea
  2. Syrian Civil War
  3. South Sudanese conflict
  4. Central African Republic conflict
  5. Egyptian Revolution in 2011
  6. Nepal Civil War, etc.

Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict issues maps of conflicts worldwide on National level.

international-conflicts-590x417When studying world news, one can learn about how conflict exists in almost every nation. This is a devastating reality. We are now not aware that these conflicts are already marking the beginning of the World War III. National and International conflicts will keep increasing and then the World War III will reach its peak in 2016-2018.

The single most important spiritual factor contributing to the rise of natural disasters, national conflicts, terrorism and political upheaval is a rise in the Raja and Tama subtle basic components. This increase is primarily due to:

A step up in activity of higher level negative energies in the current times.
Society being very materialistic with hardly any spiritual practice.

Spiritual research reveals that such rise in national conflicts indicates the start of World War III. Like most wars, World War III is happening due to the subtle war of Good vs Evil, also known as Armageddon. It is being fought mostly in the subtle-dimension in all the regions of the universe including the Earth region. The fraction of this battle that will play out in the physical plane will have catastrophic consequences for us. There is a possibility of reducing the effect of Armageddon on humankind if we undertake spiritual practice, which is according to the six basic principles of spiritual practice. You can begin spiritual practice simply by chanting and attending Satsang (the company of the Truth).

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  • I agree with you but what can I do for our family, society, nation and also for humanity?

  • Dear Love, please do have a look at some suggestions on what can be done.

  • The biggest conflict areas are going to be: China-Japan-USA; India-Pakistan; N Korea-S-Korea-USA; Syria-Lebanon-Turkey-Saudi Arabia; Russia-Ukraine, etc…to name a few. Whether nukes or other WMDs will be used or not is a moot question? I see conflict not only between nations, but conflict within society, between individuals and groups. In the UK and the EU states, there are visible signs of right-wing political parties gaining traction in elections. They blame foreign immigrants for all their economic problems. In the UK, the UKIP part, a right-wing lunatic and xenophobic party led by a rabble-rouser is gaining influence among voters. At some point, existing governments and political systems, including in India, would be violently overthrown. People everywhere are fed up with corrupt and incompetent politicians. Inequalties in wealth are becoming stark (15% of the world’s population control 85% of its wealth) and and untenable. Materialism is everywhere and gripped peoples’ psyches. No wonder then there is hardly any spiritual practice. Anger is raging everywhere. A violent explosion by world’s peoples is imminent. It is at this point, we need to be wary of those who come with ready answers to complex problems. It happened in 1939 with Hitler! What terrible fate might await the world now?

  • Just as it is said wars are inevitable and so just as there have been wars in the past there will be wars in the future. But future wars are not assured facts but rather an attempt to predict the future based on past and present (so history is rather important right? It’s good we finally accepted it). So say it a war between Republic of India vs Communist China or China Vs USA – these are all possible but there is no assured telling of it. And in fact we always pray as we write (and try to predict the future) that our predictions should not turn true but who can tell?

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