Importance we give to spiritual practice

I had an important realisation the other day with regards to the importance we need to give our spiritual practice.

I have been working for the better part of my life and like most people my job has pretty much occupied the main part of my day. As office-goers we revolve our entire lives around our job. We reshuffle our personal life and family matters so that they do not come in the way of our job timings. Even if we are ill we sometimes ignore it for a meeting at work.

I had this realisation that as a seeker of God, if we are serious about our spiritual journey we need to give the same if not more importance to spiritual practice than we do for our job.

The reason? If we lose our job because we have not taken it seriously, at the most it would affect us for a few months and we can always get another. However if we don’t take our spiritual practice seriously not only this lifetime but many other lifetimes can be adversely affected.

Photo by: (c)

Photo by: (c)

Even though we give our job so much of priority, we never lose out on our family/personal life. Similarly by giving priority to spiritual practice on a regular basis we only improve the quality of our life and relationships.



  • great, well said

  • Very true. I may also have neglected spiritual life for worldly pleasure. It is a do or die situation. SSRF opens my eyes by clearly showing what harm can be caused by neglecting the spiritual dimension of life. Please pray to God so that we can sincerely follow spiritual life.

  • True one… I also often neglect spiritual sphere of our life. Though I have experienced mental well-being through Dattaguru’s chanting I neglect it since damage in other spheres of my life irritate me (actually it is -ve forces that irritate me to that extent to stop my chanting). I noticed slow improvement in other spheres of life compared to mental well being. But I become impatient due to this and lose my mental well being.

    Still trying to improve chanting..

  • Dear Sangita, yes obstacles are encountered from time to time when we chant, but do keep making the effort

  • pawan kumar arora

    sangeta je well said and opened my mind yes u r great women i salute u pawan kumar arora 9891834337 u r guide has changed my life lot of love and tks

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