Under ice and snow

    Is the present cold spell in Europe a reminder of the ‘Ice age’ or does it speak more about our neglected inner spiritual inclination?

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For the past week, almost all of Europe, including places where snow was either never seen or rarely seen, is snowed in. Sub-zero temperatures, raging from -5 C near the sea to -38 C in Germany for example, caused a lot of challenges for citizens of Europe in coping with the elements.

One can ask, “OK, what is the big deal? Why are we surprised with the winter in winter? With snow in February?” This is true. But it is also true that the winter and amounts of snow we are now witnessing are not the usual winter scene, especially in Mediterranean countries, or on the islands that are normally known as ‘winter getaways’ without snow, and with average temperatures of 10-15 C.

So there seems to be an interesting tinge in the specific situation we are facing presently. Scientists are blaming the temporary European ‘ice age’ on the melting of the ice caps at the poles due to global warming.

If we recall our article on global warming, it seems that this situation signals once again, just like the tornadoes and earthquakes we already wrote about did, that something is gravely wrong with our planetary life.

Let us remind ourselves of the main root cause for the more and more challenging times Mother Nature is handing over to us. And let us also remind ourselves that everything is always well deserved.

From the article “Global warming causes and facts – a spiritual perspective”:  
“In recent times the world has witnessed global warming, climate change and natural disasters of unprecedented proportions. According to spiritual research, the primary cause of global warming is a cyclic process that occurs in the Universe over time. The effects of global warming we have so far witnessed are just the beginning of a destructive phase which will increase in intensity over the next 5-10 years. The destructive phase of a cycle can be worsened by humankind’s poor behaviour towards nature. The poor behaviour which we see nowadays is an outcome of the reduced spiritual consciousness of humans and resultant inability to gain protection against the influence of negative energies. Spiritual practice is the only way to truly transform our spiritually polluted mind into a pure one.”

So what can we do?

We can make efforts to chant as per our religion of birth or as per the guidance on which Name of God to chant, when we shovel the snow in front of our home. Not only will we feel better, warmer and more joyful, but we will also feel a higher sense of purpose in life, an increased acceptance of the situation, and we will not mind the time and energy spent in dealing with the elements. Our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues will also be happier since we will radiate the contentment around us despite the weather conditions. This may even make them ask us how come we are so happy. If more people undertook this simple spiritual practice, the raja-tama spiritual pollution which causes such problems, would decrease. Hence, we would all benefit in the long run.

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