How the SSRF Shop brings Healing Energy to the World

The wait is finally over, and we are really happy to announce that the SSRF shop is back online to once again bring you positive and Divine healing energy, right to your doorstep.

Late last year we decided to invest in new technology and a new design for our shop to give our valued readers and patrons an even better online experience. After dedicatedly working on the shop for a few months, our tech seekers pushed the button on the 10th of Feb 2022 to bring the SSRF shop back up.

The SSRF shop is truly unique because apart from just being an eCommerce website selling spiritual products, it has consistently shown that it has the ability to provide our patrons with higher-level spiritual experiences. The main reason for this is that each product is a culmination of many hours of spiritual research invested in it to make it as spiritually positive as possible. More importantly, what sets the SSRF shop apart is that each product, whether it be a healing product or a Holy book, has the blessings and the resolve of a Saint of the highest order – Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale. Paratpar Guru refers to a Saint or a Guru who is above the 90% spiritual level.

The language of spiritual vibrations transcends all cultural and physical boundaries. When one is exposed to high levels of positive energy, amazing things begin to happen. One can go into a meditative state, one can experience higher levels of calmness for days, one can have clarity of thought and feelings of being in a blissful state. Time and time again our readers and patrons have shared such superlative experiences with us when they hold our products in their hands. We would like to share with you some of their experiences.


— A bright light —

I was really excited to get my first box of SSRF incense sticks as I had heard so much about it from some of my friends. When I unpacked the box, the whole house suddenly seemed to be filled with a beautiful fragrance that was emanating from the box of incense sticks and the Holy Books. That very night I had a dream (actually I can’t say whether it was in the waking state or in the dream sleep state.) It was so real and I saw that a bright glow of light was coming from the Holy books I got that day from the SSRF shop. I felt as if the sun had come into my house. In fact, that light became so bright that I could hardly look at it. Then I got the thought that through these Holy books, Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale Himself had come into my house. Generally, I don’t remember my dreams, but this experience is imprinted in my mind and I feel really grateful to the SSRF shop for being the medium to bring me these Divine books and positivity.

– Megan, Canada


— Calming Positive healing energy —

After receiving the SSRF incense sticks and Holy books, I immediately lit some SSRF incense sticks and waved them in an clockwise direction around the house for spiritual cleansing. This is just as I had read it on the SSRF website. With both the fragrances of incense sticks that I had ordered, that is, Jasmine and Sandalwood, along with SSRF Dhoop sticks, I felt an immense feeling of calmness after lighting them. I was able to concentrate better whilst chanting the Name of God.

Normally, I struggle to get up in the morning, but after applying the spiritual healing remedy of lighting SSRF incense sticks, I was able to get up early in the morning without any effort and feel fresh.

As an experiment, I placed the Holy Book about Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj on my forehead. Immediately I perceived positive subtle vibrations entering my forehead.

I am very grateful for the service provided by the SSRF shop, as without the shop, I would not have access to these spiritually wonderful products which gave me such beautiful spiritual experiences.

– Samara, United Kingdom


— A higher level of spiritual healing energy —

For a long time, I have been suffering from spiritual distress. Due to SSRF, I am now able to understand it more and more, and how it affects me in my daily life in various ways. I have also got spiritual solutions on how to protect myself from the distressing energy affecting me – thanks to the SSRF website. I have a lot of faith in Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale, and I know His books have a lot of positive healing energy. So when I received a Holy book from the SSRF shop, I placed it on my heart chakra (a spiritual energy centre that is at the heart region). I could feel two things – one is the spiritual healing energy from the Holy Book and the second that the distressing energy affecting me could not tolerate this Divine energy.

After a while, I placed the book at a slight distance from me. But even at this distance, the distressing energy that was affecting me could not tolerate it. It was truly quite amazing to see this play of subtle energies and the ability of this Holy book to bestow such potent healing energy. Usually, we buy books to read them, but in this case, apart from the Knowledge the Holy book has, it comes with tremendous healing energy, which is beyond words.

Thank you SSRF for the wonderful service you are doing for humanity.

– Lara, New Zealand


The true test of any spiritual product or Holy book is its ability to bestow spiritual experiences to its users or readers. These are just some of the many experiences of our patrons from all around the world. At the SSRF shop, listening to such experiences fill us with a deep sense of gratitude for being a part of this Divine mission to help people worldwide.


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