Why is there such a high occurrence of natural disasters lately?


Snow in japan

Snow in japan

Our Earth has been suffering from natural disasters and extreme weather conditions for decades now. Scientists say that the temperature of the Earth is on the rise, which results in global warming. Scientific theory explains that global warming causes icebergs to melt in the colder regions, which in turn causes natural disasters around the world. Listed below are some examples of the natural disasters and extreme weather conditions that have occurred, globally, over the past year:

  1. Typhoon Phailin – India
  2. Mount Kelud volcano eruption – Indonesia
  3. Earthquake in Bastak, Iran
  4. Heavy snowfalls in Japan
  5. Tornado hits Rosecommon, Ireland and Zamboanga, Philippines
  6. Hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid in Mexico
  7. Drought in West Africa and California, U.S.
  8. An avalanche in Colorado, U.S.,
  9. Severe snowstorms and ice quakes in the North Eastern region of the U.S.
  10. Massive Tornados flooding Oklahoma, U.S.
Mount Kelud volcano

Mount Kelud volcano

The trend of natural disasters increasing in 2014 will continue.

Studying natural disasters today can be very frightening as the severe conditions listed above not only cause damage to our Earth, but to humankind as well because many lives are lost in the destruction.

SSRF conducted a spiritual research to offer a new perspective on the issue. Spiritual research reveals that human factors contribute 70% among the causes of destruction of our Earth.

“The root cause of all pollution is the raja-tama predominance in the mind of the human race. All other remedies except for making people’s minds sattvik are futile.” – His Holiness Dr. J.B. Athavale (8 Dec.2009).

In His quote above, His Holiness Dr. J.B. Athavale explains that the negative human mind can cause pollution in the universe.

Here’s how it works, in simple terms. When an individual’s character is seeded in emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, and resentment, his or her actions will be negative. Think of a time when your spouse hurt you deeply. How did you react? And this is a very mild scenario compared what we hear in the news every day. We can picture this scenario occurring simultaneously worldwide, and then try to understand how humankind can transmit so much negativity into the world. The negative behavior of humans not only hurts other humans, but it also hurts animals and nature as a whole. The universe, in turn, responds to this spiritual pollution with natural disasters as one of the ways of purifying the planet.

To learn more about how human behavior can contribute 70% to the destruction of our Earth, please follow the link below.

Global warming causes and facts – a spiritual perspective

If you wish, you can also register for the SSRF Satsang to begin spiritual practice as a permanent solution to reduce and annihilate spiritual pollution on our planet.

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  • Namaste,

    I would like to add on to this article by firstly expressing lord and Shri Athavle and entire team of SSRF.
    I remember earlier in upcoming events or predictions page, it was mentioned that in year 2017 – 18 there will be volcanic eruption.
    Well, we have huge volcanic eruption happening now in BALI, INDONESIA.
    I would like to thank all the visionaries and team working on this and would like to request you to add this because this was one of the key points that was already seen in visions which is now manifested.
    Namaste Om Shri Gurudev Dutta -Jeet Sharma, Mumbai

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