God’s forms denigrated during Halloween

This Halloween, we report on one other malpractice observed during the festival – that of denigrating religious figures, God or deities. In New York City, supermodel Heidi Klum dressed up in a costume resembling the Hindu Goddess Kali. This type of stunt displays disrespect towards the aspect of the God principle represented through that form, especially when it is done to attract public attention. A basic law of spiritual science states that ‘The word, touch, form, taste, smell and its related energy coexist’. This means where the form of God is present such as in the form of deity Kali, God’s attendant divine energy is also present. Hence that form is something to be revered, rather than used for fun, entertainment or publicity.

[Photo via ONTD. Protective border to minimise the effect of distressing frequencies that emanate from the photo.]

[Photo via ONTD. Protective border to minimise the effect of distressing frequencies that emanate from the photo.]

During the Halloween preparations, Heidi Klum reported her husband asking her: “Why don’t you do an Indian goddess? Like a scary Indian goddess?” Klum goes on to say: “I loved it because she [Goddess Kali] is so mean and killed all these different people and [had] fingers hanging off [her] and little shrunken heads everywhere.”

According to spiritual science, female deities like deity Kali are generally associated with one or more of the three basic aspects of God – creation, sustenance and dissolution. Deity Kali is one of the deities that is associated with the principle of dissolution, and each of her features such as the weapons in her hands, the garland of severed arms, etc. carry a spiritual meaning. For example the severed head she holds in one of her hands is that of a demon, and it signifies destruction of ignorance or attachment.

It is therefore best to refrain from commenting on the gross aspects of a deity’s form without familiarizing oneself with their spiritual significance.

Similarly, designing, producing, buying or using dress up gadgets like the ones designed by Normal Bob Smith amounts to denigration of the Jesus Christ principle. Several years ago, this person launched a website, allowing users to play with a dress-up doll by placing movable layers of clothing on top of a crucified Jesus. Outfits available on site for dressing up the model include red devil pyjamas, a skeleton, a wizard and a pink female corset. The author had also produced a companion refrigerator-magnet set, which was picked up by retailer Urban Outfitters, until citizen’s protests drew the sale to a halt.

One should be alert towards such forms of irreverence, and where possible, prevent or oppose them. This is for the benefit of both those, who are – consciously or not – agents of the denigration, as well as for the benefit of society at large. God’s presence will be experienced on a larger scale only when respect towards His forms is expressed and protected.

Do you know of any other denigrating Halloween practices? Have you protested against such types of Halloween denigrations? Tell us your story.

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  • Sometimes I feel that the form of KALI is something just unfathomable to little minds, such as ours. Indeed, She IS scary- in fact scarier than the Demons, whose pride She broke.
    hence when such shallow people denigrate an image of KALI, I sincerely feel that the tremendous power (Shakti) projecting from whatever rude (and crude) representations of Hers, is bound to have a tremendous positive effect. It IS BOUND TO TAKE EFFECT- IT IS IRREVERSIBLE. Even taking the name of Hers in jest or vain is bound to give them a positive experience. One day will come when they will bend, awed by Her manifested form, and apologise, like Arjuna did to Lord Krishna after seeing His Terrfying Universal Form, and stammer pitiable words begging pardon.

    I have no doubt about it. Such is my conviction.

  • The denigration of God’s form or deities like goddess Kaali, Ganesha, Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ are indeed critical issues from spiritual perspective, to be strongly condemned. Such acts of insulting God principles are never been tolerated by orthodox and religious/spiritual communities of India and elsewhere. Yet, many of us do not get proper support when we oppose them. But I remember one such incident, when my mother opposed denigration of the sacred symbol “AUM” along with “NAMAH SHIVAYA” by a Britisher, in holy place of Gokarna (Karnataka). He (Britisher) was wearing a sacred cloth of yellow colour containing Sanskrit inscriptions of “AUM NAHAM SHIVAYA”, below his waist and that too in a vague manner. When my mother spotted it, she showed me how that the Britisher was insulting a Hindu deity. She could stand these no longer, and stopped that person who was heading towards us and strongly condemned his insulting of our religious beliefs. She explained the spiritual significance of Lord Shiva and that the cloth should be worn above the waist preferably on shoulders. Although that person realized our Indian belief and apologized and even removed the cloth and put it on his shoulders, it is up to us that we point that out and oppose such acts of denigration. Or else, our Indian moral values and ethics will vanish all of a sudden, one day!
    Arise! Criticise the one who insults God principles!

  • In response to what P said, quoted: “Even taking the name of Hers in jest or vain is bound to give them a positive experience.”

    Don’t you mean not taking the Name in jest or vain? It would not be good to take Goddess Kali’s name in jest or vain, since then that means the person does not care about Goddess Kali.

    I may have misinterpreted what you wrote. Please clarify what you have written.

    Thank you,

    Andrew Pankow

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