How ghosts tried to stop society from access to knowledge about ancestral problems

Spiritual research by SSRF has revealed that 100% of the world’s population is affected by ancestral problems at some time or the other in their lives. In most cases this effect is adverse and creates problems in their descendant’s lives. Hence we have devoted an entire section of our website to ancestral problems. With a view of educating society of the ubiquitous nature of this spiritual problem in their lives, as well as the means of overcoming it, we recently ran a Google Adwords campaign on ancestors.

To begin with, when we researched the various keywords that people associate with ancestors in their search criteria, we realized that there was a general lack of awareness about the role of departed ancestors in problems in our lives. The only keywords that touched upon the subtle aspects of ancestors were ‘ancestor worship’ and ‘ancestor veneration’.

We chose some 53 keywords associated with ancestors so that when people searched for these keywords, they would be presented with a Google advertisement that linked them to our ‘ancestral problems’ section. Since words associated with ancestors are of non-commercial value we expected to pay the usual 15 to 20 cents/click. Initially as expected this was what Google charged us.

However within hours of the campaign going live some of the keywords were made inactive and we were asked to pay substantially more for at least half the keywords. Within 24 hours 52 keywords were made inactive asking us to increase the amount we were willing to pay/click. It was interesting to note that we were charged highest for the keywords that were most associated with the subtle dimension of ancestors such as ancestor worship and ancestor veneration.

ancestor-adword-campaignIn other words Google was asking us to pay $6.50 and $13 per click for non-commercial keywords such as ancestor worship and ancestor veneration respectively. Needless to say our entire campaign came to a grinding halt within 24 hours of launch.

Seekers from the SSRF subtle department found that this was actually an attack by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) and this was confirmed by His Holiness Dr. Athavale. It was in fact an attempt by ghosts to prevent the world from learning that many of the chronic and persistent problems in their lives are because of departed ancestors. And by doing so they effectively tried to prevent the world from taking any corrective action. This was a classic example of how ghosts can manipulate and subvert any process to their advantage.




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