Ghost tourism – the scary side of tourism

A lurid side of the city is gaining popularity

Ghost tourism - the scary side of tourism

Whenever friends or family from out of town come to visit, invariably we wind up in our scenic Old Town area. Aside from the quaint and beautiful feel to the vicinity, it also is the most historically significant part of town. Usually the importance of the area is attributed to the buildings and architecture. However, a more lurid side of the city is gaining popularity for the town, as well: ghost tourism.

The principle behind ghost tourism is that people are taken on guided tours of buildings, such as the infamous Stanley Hotel, that are thought to be haunted. Such hauntings are advertised as being either of ghosts of former tenants or owners, or because it was the scene of a crime, such as a murder, where the victims are thought to be stuck.

The reasons for embarking on such tours are many, from being an added curiosity to the morbid and terrifying such as staying in the place in the hopes of seeing, meeting, talking to or being scared by these ghosts (negative energies, demons, etc.).

There are a couple of additional reasons that the growth and popularity of ghost tourism is especially frightening. One being just how much the industry is growing; according to one recent report in the Orlando Sentinel, an estimated $300 million in profits are made from ghost tourism and associated industries, up markedly in the last 15 years from what used to be a novelty. The rapid growth of the industry is disturbing but also very telling—it indicates how much the Raja and Tama in society as a whole has increased, such that people actually gain pleasure and are willing to pay hard earned money even in lean times, on the opportunity to scare and terrify themselves.

Another reason why the popularity of ghost tourism is scary is because neither the ghost tour operators, nor the facility owners, nor the tourists themselves actually know what is happening at a subtle level, in the spiritual dimension. As such, necessary precautions are not undertaken, due to a failure to recognize that:

  • We can’t be sure what the entities actually are—who, or what type.
  • How they can affect us is also unknown.
  • We are susceptible to being affected by negative energies by visiting haunted locations, or even ones that mimic them. This is due to the principle that Name, form, taste, touch, sound and smell coexist, and thereby attracts the energy even if it is not there.
  • The effect of visiting such places, even if the ghosts (negative energies, devils, demons, etc.) don’t follow us home, can increase the Raja and Tama in us, which can affect our mind, intellect and our actions.

I have, on occasion, inadvertently visited buildings on the ghost-tour-track and have felt that the energy was very different in those locales, even if I never dined with a ghost-in-residence. I wonder what those who have gone to such places or who have gone on organized ghost tours have experienced, and whether they left changed, be it physically, mentally or even spiritually. If you have, do tell us about it.

Reported by: Maya Jairam, Fort Collins, CO, USA


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  • Thanks for valuable information.

  • Interesting information. Thank you

  • Thanks maya

  • Julia Melges-Brenner

    Thanks for this article! I have actually counseled people who regret exploring such places. Most of them were people who were fascinated by the paranormal who got more than they ever bargained for. 🙂
    Julia Melges-Brenner

  • Most people want to see ghosts with the physical eye. They have no capacity to concentrate their mind and feel positive or negative events.

  • I think its curiosity and a want of thrill that people go to such extents. It’s the same feeling when people attempt falling from great heights etc, but bungee jumping and such activities might not invoke such negative energies like ghost tours do ! I think its also hype and excitement the media creates, which make people want to explore such paranormal stuff. Like Julia said, most get more than they bargain for…..sadly. If only people are a bit more aware, instead of seeking thrill looking for ghosts, they’d rather spend their time to offer a little prayer of peace for the ghosts, and their hard earned money to make a living person’s life better. They’d at least accumulate some positive karma, and be so better off.

  • Nice thoughts, Ravi

  • Very nice, Maya 🙂

  • If you cannot avoid visiting such places due to any reason, love is your protection against anything including negative entities. Bless them and send them love and you are protected by intelligent infinity/father/our Creator/God.

    God bless you and I love you all.

  • There are many places on earth which are popular for being haunted places on earth. I wonder if it is true that in India one such place is the fort at Bhangarh near Jaipur, Rajastjhan.

  • I remember when I was travelling in Edinburgh Scotland, a friend and I decided to go on a tour of “Mary King’s Close”. The tour led us through underground tunnels where, in the 1600’s, victims of the black plague were supposedly quarantined and left to die. I have to admit it was one of the creepiest places I have ever been in my life. After maybe ten minutes in the underground tunnels, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see it was my friend who I hardly recognized. His face was completely flush, and there were dark circles around his eyes. At first I was completely shocked though he looked like a ghost. He told me that he felt terrible and he needed to sit down. I think that he was on the verge of fainting. I walked him out of the room which we were in and almost immediately he was back to feeling (and appearing) normal. After I knew that he was OK, I wanted to rejoin the tour. He did not want to go back inside, so we decided to go our own ways and meet outside after the tour was over. I returned to the tour and he headed for the nearest exit.

  • Yes Steve, many people experience the ill effects of haunted places. In fact even people who don’t experience symptoms like your friend, may likely be negatively affected at the spiritual level.

  • Thank for this information

  • Beloveds

    Often these negative energies are more crafty than just to manifest in obvious spots like haunted houses or horror movies. I had experiences with the Japanese cartoon and video game brand Pokemon. Although appearing cute and as clean entertainment, they hide subtle undertones of negative energy and also pornography.

    Pokemon was really in fashion when I was a youngster and lots of children were watching it, playing the game boy game or card game. I did all three. There were stories about strange experiences children had with Pokemon, but these were just thought of as urban legends. As I child I didn’t understand it, but looking back now I can notice the subtle affect of it. When I was waking up I felt I was being watched by Pokemon standing at the foot of my bed. They became like friends to me.

    We should be wary of what we allow our children to play with, and not be fooled by cute or cuddly appearances. The Grace of God is our refuge; not our reasoning based on appearances.

    God bless you


  • Deborah Bourgeois

    I once lived in a place where I believe there was a portal. There was so many experiences that I could not explain. Including demons attacking me in my sleep, holograms, the earth shaking violently, but only in that small area, and the intense fear of something demonic being very close to me! Others literally seen a character that did not look human. I lived here for 7 years, feeling like I was being watched 24/7 and it was total hell. My life has been very messed up ever since. I now have some type of energy flying around in my home which has me very worried because there are many many of them. I can only see them through my digital camera ( the flash on) on my phone and in my peripheral vision. Although, my four year old nephew could see them outright. Their number is getting larger again! Is there anything I can do to get rid of them because the last time they got to be this many, my neighbor I was nearly killed by some gang members. I’m worried of more violence about to happen. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these creatures? I have video of them on YouTube under Deborah Bourgeois.

    • Dear Deborah,

      IT must be difficult to experience it so intensely.

      When problems are from spiritual dimension and on that level, only doing something on that level can help us. We would suggest you to start with regular spiritual practice like it is shared in articles by clicking here and to do spiritual healing remedies like suggested in different articles by clicking here.

      Please try to do it regularly on a daily basis. After 2-3 weeks of doing it, please write to us over login facility to share how it is. For additional questions, please also write there.

      SSRF team

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