Fear of ghosts

Quite often we come across people who are interested in Spirituality, but evade listening to any mention of negative energies or ghosts. For example a number of people walked out of a recent viewing of the SSRF video ‘Live an aware life’ at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival in Melbourne. The reason? – Scenes of manifestation of demonic possession.

Photo by: www.ssrf.org (c)

Photo by: www.ssrf.org (c)

Our guess is that the following thoughts go through their minds:

  • If we don’t know about it, it won’t trouble us
  • Don’t get to something that can harm us
  • I am scared, I don’t want to see this

It is natural to be fearful of the unknown especially if it involves scary looking entities from another dimension that can give one a lot of trouble. It is also natural to feel that one best avoid indulging in the topic.

But the fact of the matter is that whether we know it or not, we are all affected by the spiritual dimension i.e. by its positive and negative side (the scary looking entities included). This means that the people who are fearful of this dimension are also affected.

The important thing to remember is that by understanding some principles about the effect of the spiritual dimension, we can take remedial measures to overcome its dark side. Regular spiritual practice gives us a sense of calm in our lives and a sense of fearlessness as we experience divine help protecting us.


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  • Vaishali Potnis

    I felt better after reading this article. I have never experienced anything negative in my life but used to get very scared of ghosts. Now my fear has reduced. I know that if I do spiritual practice god will protect me.

  • SSRF would do well to keep the research on ghosts and evil spirits under guarded cover. Maya Jairam in her article on ghost tourism says that name, form, sound smell etc. coexist, in that case it is all the more important that the name ghost should be avoided and evaded.To perpetuate the belief that ghosts and evil spirits exist,is by all means against the basic principles of spirituality.
    Ghosts and evil spirits are nothing but the phantoms of weak, sick and diseased minds. Even if the SSRF researchers have found certain clues about the existence of ghosts and their evil intentions, it is better not to make it public till documented exclusive evidence and the effective solution to the problem is found.Stray cases of possessed persons coming to SSRF can be easily treated by the basic first few steps of spirituality, including chanting. In any case I personally oppose strongly the articles on the subject and these should be withdrawn from the public view at the earliest.
    By any means I neither accept nor reject the idea of existence of ghosts. But I am sure the focus on this subject is sure to promote the cause of evil spirits.

    Over to THINK TANK of SSRF .

    I would be anxiously waiting for response.

    • You don’t know anything, you need to unvoice your opinion because you are speaking from your ignorance. Ghost does exist and just because you haven’t experienced it doesnt mean it doesnt exist. I strongly agree that SSRF published these topic because it helps people overcome their difficulties and help people become better people. That is SSRF’s intention and i do not work for them but as someone who has practiced spiritual myself I adore them because their knowledge is real and they want to make a better world. If you think this is untrue go somewhere else, this is not for you

  • Dear DP Sharma, SSRF publishes detailed research on ghosts and demonic possession with the intention of educating people about them. We also publish research on spiritual healing methods with which their effects can be countered. Ultimately, yes, spiritual practice provides the most long-term protection. We hope you too learn a lot from these topics, as we have, compiling them.

  • Respected sir/madam

    If tantrik or black magician become enemy of victim and he try many many times black magic and give orders to his ghosts attack etc, what is best easy protection solution ?

    With best regards

    • Dear m.a.Thakur,

      The best protection on the long run is proper spiritual practice as per the 6 basic principles, along with spiritual healing remedies that we can do on self.

      All of this you can find on our website in the sections ‘Spiritual practice’ and ‘Spiritual healing’. We can also assist you at any point of time through login facility.

      SSRF team

  • Very good article on getting rid of ghosts. Please provide still more Remedies along with “salt water remedy.

    • Dear Dev,

      It is very nice you wish to do spiritual healing remedies. More spiritual remedies you can see in different articles on our website in the part about spiritual healing by clicking here.

      If there are further questions, please write to us through login facility.

      SSRF team

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