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SSRF makes efforts to reach people with its videos and spiritual research. Would you like to contribute?
Spiritual Science Research Foundation is planning to submit a documentary video to the European Spiritual Film Festival. The European Spiritual Film Festival (ESFF) showcases films and screenplays that explore the life of one’s mind. It encourages filmmakers whose films treat different aspects of spirituality and the human experience. The 5th edition of ESFF will be held from February 15th till March 15th 2012 on the festival website, and will be concluded in Paris on March 31st till April 1st 2012.

Through its videos, SSRF brings snippets from our library of almost 10,000 hours of video footage on various spiritual phenomena. These videos provide a glimpse into the research that SSRF has been undertaking for 25 years. A lot of this footage is completely unique and cannot be found elsewhere. Our intention is to make it widely available to all those who seek knowledge and guidance about their spiritual growth.

>> Donate: If you would like to support us with a donation for the submission costs of our documentary film on “Horrifying Supernatural Encounters – Attacks through Blood Stains“, please contact us at: [email protected] or via our Login facility. The submission cost is 40 EUR + postage.

Your donation would give SSRF a chance of entering the final selection of films for the festival.

>> Update: The funds for SSRF’s submission to the European Spiritual Film Festival have been successfully raised. If you still wish to donate to SSRF  use the Donate facility on our website.

Synopsis of SSRF’s video

In this documentary on how negative energies can attack us, we show how they can create blood stains and attack us through them. The film portrays a unique and bizarre event which defies all physical laws. It explores a supernatural phenomenon that stems from the deep recesses of the dark side of the spiritual dimension. The documentary takes us through a forensic, medical and spiritual analysis of a real-life case study investigated by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF). SSRF documents many such cases of negative energy attacks like burns, scratches, computer failures, etc. How are such attacks related to the present state on Earth and the approaching Third World War? This film offers some eye-opening science and suggests solutions for all of mankind.

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