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Coronavirus (COVID-19) prayers or chanting

Disclaimer : At the outset, SSRF advises all our readers to adhere to all local and national directives to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in your region. SSRF recommends the continuation of conventional medical treatment as advised by medical authorities in your region. Spiritual remedies given in this article are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment or any preventative measures to arrest the spread of the coronavirus. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

The coronavirus pandemic – even though few of us may have considered such a possibility, it’s something that we all were just not prepared for !

Our generation has not seen anything quite like it.

Whether or not we are infected by the virus, it has touched each of our lives. While physical precautions are being enforced and we have willingly accepted some of the most restrictive conditions in recent history for our safety, people are searching for what more can be done.

Coronavirus prayers searches increase manifold

Even though superficially, it may seem that we rely on our technology, it is in times of unprecedented crisis such as this, that humanity goes back to its core beliefs. Though many people do not talk about it, the vast majority of people believe in God or in some form of Higher Power. Data from Google trends shows just this. There has been an exponential rise in people searching for prayers to protect them from the coronavirus (COVID-19). This shows their belief in God’s grace to help them in difficult times. However, are people searching for other forms of spiritual protection such as mantras and chants?

Below is a graphical presentation of the number of searches being conducted on Google for prayers for protection from the coronavirus versus any mantra or chant for protection against the coronavirus.

Source : Google Trends, April 2020

As you can see amongst the three, ‘prayers for protection against the coronavirus’ is the most searched for. It indicates that most people perceive prayers to be the best spiritual protection measure they can resort to in such times.

But from a spiritual perspective – what is the best spiritual tool in such a crisis ? What should people really be searching for – individual prayers, collective prayers, mantras or chants ?

Coronavirus prayers, mantras or chants

At the outset, we would like to say that apart from physical measures, it is really encouraging to see that society as a whole is thinking about spiritual measures for protection from the coronavirus. However, when we compare the three, i.e. prayer, mantra and chanting the Name of God, from a spiritual perspective, the outcome is not the same for the average person.

The table below provides a quick summary of the efficacy of the three spiritual tools in protecting oneself from the coronavirus.

Table on spiritual tools to overcome problems

Note 1 : Most problems, especially the more significant ones like the coronavirus pandemic, have their root cause mainly in the spiritual dimension. In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, it is primarily due to spiritual reasons, namely powerful negative energies and the adverse collective destiny of humankind in the current era. Such problems need a spiritual solution to overcome them or they will play out with maximum intensity. Physical or psychological measures will not be enough.

With this understanding, let’s look at each method separately in terms of the spiritual energy generated to counter the coronavirus pandemic and the ease with which an average person can follow them.

What is the effectiveness of coronavirus prayers ?

For any prayer to be successful there are two aspects to look at.

  1. The intensity of the problem
  2. The spiritual strength of the prayer

The stronger aspect generally wins, and this holds good for the coronavirus pandemic as well.

Intensity of the problem : In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, the root cause is primarily spiritual in nature. It is due to the adverse collective destiny of humankind which is of our own making. When it comes to collective destiny, whatever is destined to happen will happen. There is no getting around it and God does not intervene.

The spiritual strength of the prayer : This is directly proportional to the spiritual level of a person. One has to be of a very high spiritual level for their prayers to effect any change in the collective destiny of humankind.

The average person has a low spiritual level, which is approximately 20%. When an average person prays a negligible amount of spiritual energy is generated from his prayer. Hence this does not even begin to alter any suffering in an individual’s destiny, let alone collective destiny.

However, what if many people prayed simultaneously for protection from the coronavirus ?

The effect would be just the same. Many people with a low spiritual level praying is not enough to alter the collective destiny of humankind.

So, while a prayer is relatively easy to say, the lower spiritual level of society reduces its effectiveness.

Effectiveness of mantras in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic

Mantras, when said in an appropriate manner with the resolve of a higher-level Saint, can generate a tremendous amount of positive spiritual energy. Unfortunately, for the average person, reciting mantras is not easy. There are many rules and restrictions to be followed, which include the correct manner of pronouncing the mantras, the spiritual emotion of the priest and the spiritual level of the presiding Saint. Inability to follow the instructions in the recitation of mantras reduce their spiritual effect. Through spiritual research, we have found that mantras in Sanskrit are the most effective.

Mantras can generate a lot of spiritual energy to counteract powerful negative energies that are causing the coronavirus. This is especially so when mantras are recited during a sacrificial fire (yadnya). However, this is practically very difficult for an average person to implement.

Effectiveness of chanting in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic

Chanting the Name of God generates a lot of positive spiritual energy. One attracts the Divine energy of the Deity whose Name one is chanting. This spiritual energy has the power to burn an individual’s adverse destiny. While chanting cannot alter collective destiny, it can help to spiritually protect the person chanting. When chanting is done with spiritual emotion, it increases its effectiveness.

Through spiritual research with the help of an advanced sixth sense, SSRF recommends the following chant to be said for protection against the coronavirus. Its unique sequence of chanting the Names of certain higher-level Deities helps not only to spiritually protect one against the coronavirus but also spiritually purifies the environment.

The chant (made of 8 chants listed below) is to be repeated in the following sequence.

  • Shri Durgadevyai Namaha
  • Shri Durgadevyai Namaha
  • Shri Durgadevyai Namaha
  • Shri Gurudev Datta
  • Shri Durgadevyai Namaha
  • Shri Durgadevyai Namaha
  • Shri Durgadevyai Namaha
  • Om Namah Shivaya

Important note : To listen to the chant and for more details on how to go about chanting, read our article on – Coronavirus – Spiritual protection with healing chants (mantra).

Some key points to remember about coronavirus prayers vs. chants

  • In times of crisis, in desperation, people pray to God as a last resort for the protection of themselves and their families. However, the prayer of an average person does not have the spiritual power to stop the onslaught of adverse destiny.
  • Prayers with expectation of some material gain provide no spiritual benefit to the person praying. The best prayers are those made without expectations on a daily basis to ask God to help them make efforts to grow spiritually and to be in a state of acceptance and surrender to God.
  • Praying for others provides no benefit to the people concerned. At best, it helps one psychologically. An example of this is prayers being forwarded around on the Internet for the instant cure or protection from the coronavirus.
  • Chanting, on the other hand, attracts God’s Divine energy as a person repeats His Name.
  • While we may not be able to alter the collective destiny of society, by chanting we can at least protect ourselves.
  • Regular spiritual practice helps to increase one’s spiritual level, which results in one gaining the grace of God.

Coronavirus - A Spiritual Perspective



  • Thanks for the very valuable information !
    This is very helpful.

  • For some time now I had a strong feeling that something very bad was going to happen on this planet. The thought kept hounding me and I mentioned to a few people but most people simply thought it was my imagination. Since last October 2019, I have been meditating in general 2 hours daily while repeating OM at intervals. This has helped me to accept whatever happens as God’s decision.

    Peace & Love Be With You All!

    Your humble friend, Nicole Poirier
    Lakeville, NB, CANADA

  • Namasté.
    Health, light, peace and happiness from the mind and heart.
    Thank you

    • Dear Debbie, Welcome to SSRF site. We would like to welcome you to join some of the Online events that SSRF is holding currently to help seekers around the world. For example, Coronavirus: Group Chanting & Healing Session with the Guru is on 25th April, Maharshi University of Spirituality Online Course: Make Positive Changes in Self (Part 2) & Spiritual Research Studies Using Aura & Energy Scanners (14h CEST / 5:30 pm IST) is on 26th April, you can see and register of any of these on this link,
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  • I made a decision not to pray for the corona virus to be stopped as i was of the belief that whether it was intentionally or accidently leashed on earth that God had decided or high spiritual Beings/Universe had picked it up and ran with it to cleanse the earth of contamination in its many forms and any prayers to stop the virus would be interfering imo… i will not interfere with the plans or purpose of God.

  • If praying for others is not helpful to those prayed for, is giving to those in need necessary?

    • Dear Ivory, Praying for others is not helpful as we are not at high spiritual level so we lack in spiritual and subtle strength. Giving help at the physical level, the emotional level will always be of help, more important will be to understand the need to increase spiritual strength and making daily efforts for the same and also sharing with others about this importance in current times. Ultimately, The only way to survive the adverse times is by having Faith in God! Faith creates an unbreakable protective shield around us. It will be good to share this article with your contacts and friends for them to take benefit from this information and Chanting,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • What effects will the corona virus have in Nigeria/Africa considering their level of backwardness?

    • Dear Ivory, Welcome to SSRF site. Every country will have consequences to face based on the collective destiny as well as individual destiny. Taking all the possible measures to prevent the spread along with a change in attitude, with help of spiritual practice of chanting the Name of God, Prayers and helping others in whatever way possible will help. SSRF has been organising Online Collective Chanting sessions to helps seekers across the world in their spiritual practice if you wish to register, here is the link,
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  • This is very helpful,that every one can understand.we did not knew its differences but we shortly understood easily as collective prayer and low power prayer has a differences and it consequences is also have a differences. Thank you dear.many thanks .from Ethiopia.

    • Dear Girma, Welcome to SSRF site. We are grateful that this information helped your understanding further. SSRF has been currently holding many Online spiritual events as well as three-course workshops to help seekers across the world with their spiritual practice and to increase spiritual strength, in case you wish to benefit from these, you can register here,
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  • Saideepak Gopinath

    Very valuable information being shared which will help the society. Keep up the good work

  • Very useful information.
    I do believe in positive thoughts.
    There are many spiritual masters.
    Where science fails. Spiritually work.
    GURU is Guide to GOD.
    Sat GURU takes one out of darkness in to light.
    Healing to feeling. Trust in GOD have faith is useful Reamady.
    Also take Advice from government as directed.
    Be safe keep distance. Don’t get out
    unless its necessary.

    • Dear Chaman Sharma, Welcome to SSRF site. We agree with you and are grateful for all the help that we are getting. SSRF has been holding online workshops to helps seekers across the world to increase the spiritual perspective and persevere in the spiritual practice with collective chanting sessions. In case you wish to take benefit of any of these events, from the comfort of your home, here is the link,
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  • The worlds population are predominantly astrally polarised. The science of esoteric healing is infinite. Lack of soul connection or soul consciousness is the main cause for disease. All prayer, mantras, meditations, worship etc. begin to strengthen the antahkarana. In this case we refer to the cord connecting the incarnated soul to the higher soul. As this occurs then divine energies may downpour from the higher soul, part of the Oneness of the Paramatma to the Atma, thus assisting in the healing or in the transition of the soul to next dimensions in the case of death. ALL types of worship are equally beneficial, it is the intent, intensity, devotion, intellect and destiny of the individual that will produce the results. When worship is done in a family or a group, the energy is increased. OM Tat Sat.

    • Dear Jeremy Wheeler, We are grateful to read your comment. SSRF is helping seekers with steps of spiritual practice to follow, that will help purify the Antahkarana and help establish the communion with God principle by working on one’s personality defects and efforts of awakening spiritual emotion. We wish you the best in your efforts of spiritual practice. If ever you wish to be in company of Saints and seekers for your further growth, you can come to any of these Online spiritual events that are been organised by SSRF for benefit of seekers across the world. Here is the link to the events,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Uma Narsimha Pampala

    Thank you so much for the invaluable information. I think even to get the thought that GOD is the answer,one is in the ambit of GOD’S GRACE.

    • Dear Uma, In the current times, to increase one’s spiritual strength and spiritual level is essential to face upcoming times. The only way to survive the adverse times is by having Faith in God! Faith creates an unbreakable protective shield around us. Regular, daily efforts of spiritual practice, all the steps, such as Chanting the Name of God, working of one’s personality defects and making efforts to increase spiritual emotion ( in increasing our spiritual level which helps bring change in our thoughts, actions and attitude as well. Hope you are Chanting the Name of God, it helps at our subconscious mind level, as shared in this article,
      Also, to share SSRF has been holding Online Spiritual events and workshops for seekers to get maximum help in a current lockdown situation, in case you wish to register, here is the link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Thank you for this article! Now my question is, why on the one hand the importance of chanting the names of God was recommended and then, on the other hand, mantras are suggested which mainly worship Durga Devi? These mantras are originally from the vedic scriptures, and the vedic scriptures state clearly that Durga devi is only the personification of the material energy and acts only on the will of god, Krishna. Krishna says also clearly in Bhagavad-Gita, that who worships him, does not need to worship any demigods, as they are all just his representatives. So wouldn’t it make more sense to recommend the mantra for worshipping Krishna, which includes all the benefits of worshipping demigods ? Hare Krishna.

    • Dear Benjamin,
      Chanting is the foundation of spiritual practice. The divine knowledge that is accessed by the Saint of SSRF from Universal mind and intellect is shared with readers. The Chanting of three principles, Druga deva (Shakti), Lord Datta (Principle of sustenance) and Lord Shiva (Principle of dissolution) is needed in the current situation. Overall Lord Krishna principle is active in the universe. Here, depending on the forms of the energies that are necessary for one to easily access and imbibe for one’s spiritual protection against this particular obstacle (Corona virus) these particular chants are recommended by high-level Saint.
      Hope this helps.
      SSRF is currently holding online events on various spiritual topics useful in our daily spiritual practice, in case you wish to know about it, here is the link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

    • Shubham Preet Singh

      Bro its like a Generic Medicine V/s a specific medicine. Your Generic medicine is good for a wide range of diseases so as name of God, but taking specific medicines will be better as act sooner. Same is for specific chants.

  • I am regularly chanting your mantras for coruna virus protection and fully satisfied.

    • Dear Bibeka,
      We are grateful to God that you are inspired to make these efforts and experiencing benefits also.
      SSRF is currently holding online events on various topics useful to increase our spiritual practice, as well as collective chanting sessions which many are taking benefits of, in case you wish to register, here is the link,
      We hope you can join a few and experience benefit in your spiritual practice more and more.
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  • hello .these are very dangerous times that eventually or by 2024, World War III will turn into a nuclear war?

  • World is under huge pressure, WW3 no matter it happens are not, many people suffer a lot, it is painful to watch their sufferings. In ssrf i request all devotees to organize a online prayer for world peace so that we can all request the supreme almighty to revive the humanity and show the divine way towards moksha.

    God please help.

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